Ferris Beach Essays

  • Jill McCorckle's Ferris Beach - Search for Permanency

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    Ferris Beach: Search for Permanency Jill McCorkle's novel, Ferris Beach, fits perfectly into the popular genre of the bildungsroman. Ferris Beach tells the story of Kate Burns and her struggle to find her identity in a rapidly changing world. Kate looks for permanency in the swiftly changing environment of the New South. Kate's search for permanency forces her to deal with many of the other vital questions in her life. The struggle to deal with change, a central theme in most bildungsromans, certainly

  • To Kill A Mockingbird Essay: Parallels and Differences

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    To Kill a Mockingbird:  Parallels and Differences Jill McCorkle's Ferris Beach, a contemporary novel, shares numerous characteristics with Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, a novel written in the 1960's. Like To Kill a Mockingbird, McCorkle's novel documents the life of a young girl in a small southern town. The two narrators, Kate Burns and Scout Finch, endure difficult encounters. A study of these main characters reveals the parallels and differences of the two novels. Jill McCorkle duplicates

  • Panama Hotel Pool

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    This one morning while we were all on vacation at Panama City beach, we all woke up at the right time. We saw some dolphins passing by our window and it was so awesome. We watched them pass until we couldn’t see them anymore. Since we were all crowed up around each other I figured it would be a good time to tell my family the plans that I have for the day ahead. I told them that I wanted to go to the pool and so we went to our amazing hotel pool. I was too short to stand anywhere other than the 3-foot

  • Atlantic City Boardwalk Research Paper

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    Summer Days in New Jersey: A Description of the Atlantic City Boardwalk The Atlantic City Boardwalk is a place I look forward to going every year. Each summer my family and me travel to Atlantic City, New Jersey and have the best time of our lives. Swimming, windsurfing, and shopping are just a few of the things to do while visiting the boardwalk. The sight of it is breathtaking, and the mouthwatering food always makes my day.The Atlantic City Boardwalk has intrigued me with the ocean, its many people

  • Analysis Of Santa Monica Pier

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    the current pull the sand out from under my feet, lost in the vastness of the ocean. My date had to practically drag me out of the water to see the amusement park. I rode on the roller coaster several times, which was an amazing experience, but the Ferris Wheel was surreal, as I dangled up high over the ocean. I wandered through the rides, but all I really wanted to do was go back to the shoreline and bask in the sun and

  • Descriptive Essay About Santa Monica

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    tourists and travelers. This airport is about 2 miles away from the Pacific Ocean, and 6 miles away from the one of the famous airport in USA, LAX. What to see Santa Monica Pier (8) This famed Pier is the home of Santa Monica’s icon, the huge Ferris wheel. This is a long pier that has an old-fashioned amusement park, with cheap ride pricing, rides like a small roller coaster that is famous with kids. Santa Monica Pier also has restaurants, shops that are perfect for souvenir shopping, bars and

  • Power and Powerlessness of Individuals in ‘Brighton Rock and ‘The Third Man by Graham Greene

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    Power and Powerlessness of Individuals in ‘Brighton Rock and ‘The Third Man by Graham Greene The "Third Man" and "Brighton Rock" are texts that share similar characteristics in the sense that there are three central characters in both storylines. The characters can also be matched between the texts. Pinkie Brown is similar to Harry Lime, Holly Martins is similar to Ida Arnold and Rose is similar to Anna. The relationships between the characters are also similar. The characters of Pinkie/Harry

  • High Rise Movie Vs Book

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    J.G. Ballard’s High Rise was published in 1975. The novel follows Doctor Robert Laing as he moves into a new London high rise complex, in which, the residents eventually lose control and give in to their primal urges. The book was later adapted for the screen by director Ben Wheatley and writer Amy Jump. The film was release in 2015 and stars Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, and Luke Evans. Like the book, the film is also set in 1970’s England. During this time the United Kingdom was going through economic

  • Canary Island Essay

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    Have you dreamed of basking in the sun, smelling the salt of the ocean, or watching sunsets from a sandy beach? With 7 islands to choose from, the Canary Islands are your perfect destination for sunny seashores, high mountain tops, and a tropical climate that is sure to please. Traveling here may have once seemed daunting to folks with special mobility needs, but with a little planning, you’ll find that you can make your Spanish island destination dreams come true. Tenerife The largest of the Canary

  • Coast Guard Essay

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    onto a desolate shore on U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Marines aboard leap to their feet dawning M240Bs and rucks filled to the brim with three days’ worth of essential field gear, and file toward the bow of the boat jumping onto the beach. Their amphibious landing of a tactical insertion is successfully accomplished. The Coast Guard of Joint Task Force Guantanamo and Marines assigned to NSGB conducted a joint operational amphibious training exercise, July 26. “The Marines requested

  • How Does Resonance Affect The Shape Of The Coastline

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    1. Resonance is the reason that the shape of the coastline affects the tides. What Resonance does is it changes the normal tide oscillations. When it does this it affects the way of the tides and how they form. This is not a minor affect either the way the coastline is shaped can lead to quite large tide changes. There are three major types of tides the first is Diurnal Tides: This tide is your standard single high and a single low tide which occurs each day. They usually occur in various areas when

  • West Covina

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    West Covina, California is a vibrant city in Los Angeles County that is perfectly situated for residents to enjoy all the arts and culture on offer in Greater Los Angeles. Just 19 miles from downtown LA, it is close to some of the top museums, galleries and other venues of world-class art exhibitions and the performing arts. West Covina living offers an elegant and informal lifestyle that is close to some of the best shopping and facilities in the area. Here are just a few of the many things to do

  • Write An Essay About The Bahamas

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    A possible getaway location is The Bahamas where people can have a blast just sitting on a boat or on the beach. For example some things people can do there are go cove snorkeling, sightseeing, cruises, island tours and many more find out more just keep reading. The author from the Britannica website has stated that “The Bahamas has one of the most popular beaches one of the beaches is 243 acres long and has a 5 star rating. it is one of the best places to visit from the reviews”. This information

  • California Coastal Zone Case Study

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    Unobstructed views of the Pacific’s vibrant blue water, unfilled wetlands, open-access to beaches, and agricultural lands that remain untouched are all attributes that make up the iconic, beautiful, and diverse California Coast. The protection and land-use decisions throughout the entirety of the California Coastal Zone is entrusted to the California Coastal Commission (CCC), which is widely considered one of the most powerful land-use authorities in the country. When hundreds of people made the

  • Beach Erosion Research Paper

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    process of beach erosion. The tides become more powerful and more and more sediment is washed out to sea. Global warming has also been connected to the development of more irregular weather patterns such as stronger hurricanes and greater instances of flooding. These two extreme weather conditions heavily affect coastal environments due to the fact that they are right at sea level. C. Changes due to Prevention There are several preventative measures which have been used in efforts to stem beach erosion

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Florida

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    warm and beautiful beaches. I pictured the ocean as being a place of peace and serenity. It was my first time visiting the ocean, and all I hoped for was the ocean to be as beautiful as the pictures I had seen of it. As we arrived at Clearwater Beach in Florida, the eagerness of seeing this peaceful place was rising. I couldn’t wait to smell the fresh salty air, and feel the soft sand between my toes. I jumped right in, walking barefoot in the sand, and enjoying the beautiful serenity before me

  • The Spit Essay

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    Landscapes that have been naturally formed include the Main Beach, sand dunes and grassland/bushland. Fundamental in preserving the natural beauty of the Spit from erosion and weathering are human management development. The Sand Bypass System, which was constructed in 1986, pumps an estimated 500 000 cubic metres

  • Turks And Caicos Research Paper

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    relaxed my mind, the steaming hot white sand burned the bottom of my feet, and the place where I can relax and only see good in the world. This is the beach. My experience exploring Turks and Caicos opened my eyes to a world I did not know existed. When we arrived at Providenciales in Turks and Caicos islands, the first thing I did was run to the beach. I went up to the water’s edge of the Caribbean Ocean and looked down at the crystal clear blue seawater. I felt like I could see the seafloor for miles

  • Importance Of Seawall

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    Firstly, wave reflection induced by the wall may result in scour and subsequent lowering of the sand level of the fronting beach. Secondly, seawalls may accelerate erosion of adjacent, unprotected coastal areas because they affect the littoral drift process. The design and type of seawall that is appropriate depends on aspects specific to the location, including the surrounding

  • Descriptive Essay On Zanzibar Snorkeling

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    Zanzibar snorkeling is fantastic for anyone who loves adventure and interacting with turtles, dolphins, and tropical reef fish while taking in pristine beach scenery. The area is a wonderful place to snorkel with several breathtaking snorkeling sites. When to Visit for Zanzibar Snorkeling? The best time to visit Zanzibar is between July and September, but this is also when the area is most crowded. If you don’t want to share the water with many other snorkelers, you may want to consider traveling