The Spit Essay

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This report thoroughly details the present and future uses and management of The Spit and how these developments may affect the Gold Coast community, culturally, economically, politically, environmentally and socially. Throughout the report, primary and secondary evidence will be provided justifying if the Queensland Government made the right decision of rejecting the ASF Integrated Resort proposal. This report will discuss existing countermeasures used to preserve the Spit, natural and man-made.
Located on latitude -27.941 and longitude 153.426 on the northern end of Queensland’s Gold Coast, The Spit is a coastal landform that is particularly popular with numerous stakeholders due to the sheer numbers of tourist it attracts. (Postcodes-Australia, 2017) The ASF Consortium proposals included construction of accommodation facilities, recreational facilities and protection of the Spit. (Development, 2016)
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Landscapes that have been naturally formed include the Main Beach, sand dunes and grassland/bushland. Fundamental in preserving the natural beauty of the Spit from erosion and weathering are human management development. The Sand Bypass System, which was constructed in 1986, pumps an estimated 500 000 cubic metres of sand along the southeast Queensland coast annually. (Technology, 2017) The Southport Seaway, which was implemented to allow a safer method for boats to travel onshore, it additionally protects inland from the weathering and deposition of the wind and waves. The Federation Walk is a tourist attraction that helps tourist understand the cultural importance of the Spit and its beauty. Other development that boosts the Spit’s annual tourist attraction consists of theme parks, accomodation facilities, shopping centres and etc. (Ltd,

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