Descriptive Essay On Zanzibar Snorkeling

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Zanzibar snorkeling is fantastic for anyone who loves adventure and interacting with turtles, dolphins, and tropical reef fish while taking in pristine beach scenery. The area is a wonderful place to snorkel with several breathtaking snorkeling sites.

When to Visit for Zanzibar Snorkeling?
The best time to visit Zanzibar is between July and September, but this is also when the area is most crowded. If you don’t want to share the water with many other snorkelers, you may want to consider traveling in March. Flights are cheaper, the weather is still warm and there is an increased chance to see sharks, turtles and whales. Temperatures range between 20°C and 38°C (68-100°F) throughout the year, so you can really visit anytime.

What Are the Best
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This island is privately owned, and can only be accessed from land if you are staying in the local resort. Thankfully, you can snorkel a couple hundred meters out from the shore, and many charters and snorkeling tours will take you there. There is a 7-kilometer long coral reef along Mnemba Island. This island offers you some of the best chances for spotting dolphins, whale sharks, humpback whales, and turtles, since the water is a bit deeper here. You can also see Lion fish, stingrays and moray eels clamoring around the reef. There are also many migratory birds that come to the island, so when you pull your face out of the water, be sure to take in the views of the flocks of birds flittering through the air above you.

Another good Zanzibar snorkeling site is Chumba Island Marine Sanctuary. To keep this area protected and beautiful, it is accessed by permit only. The great thing about this restriction is that you can snorkel right off the beautiful, sandy coast without facing anchored boats or fishermen. The reef here is shallow, which makes it great for seeing the gorgeous underwater world. Since the marine life here is protected and do not feel threatened, the fish are also calm around humans and some batfish are even known to follow you around as you explore the
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Located northwest of Unguja, the island stretches 8 kilometers, and is encircled by a gorgeous reef. The island and waters surrounding it are mostly untouched, so you can easily spot healthy, vibrant corals clinging to the reef. There is also an abundance of tropical fish swimming through the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. You will need a permit to snorkel here, but if you take a snorkeling tour, they will have a permit that applies to the entire boat.

If you have exhausted all other opportunities, then you can try some Zanzibar snorkeling at Kendwa Reef. The reef has taken a toll over time and is not as pristine as it once was, but there is still some great snorkeling to be had. There is the added benefit of having the gorgeous Kendwa Beach as a backdrop while you snorkel the calmer waters here. This beach is one of the best in Zanzibar and great to visit if you are looking for somewhere to spend the day. You can easily alternate between snorkeling and enjoying a picnic on the beach!

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