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  • How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth

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    well known teacher and conference speaker who has a burden to see the renewal of the church. Stuart is a seminary professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he teaches Old Testament studies. He also has expertise in biblical languages, exegesis, and interpretation. He serves as the senior pastor of Linebrook Church in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Stuart has authored commentaries and articles in journals and magazines. The authors acknowledge that many books have been written on this topic

  • The Bible and Understanding Scripture

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    The Bible and Understanding Scripture The Bible is God’s word to His people. Christians are taught to read and study the Bible daily. A new person in the body of Christ would understand reading and studying just as one reads a regular book or study material. Often Christians are not taught how to read and study, instead they internalize reading and studying as memorization of the Bible because most Christians can remember the word of God without a complete understanding of scripture. When Christians

  • Orthodoxy And Orthopraxy Essay

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    lives. This confusion gives rise to a fresh look at biblical exegesis and its relationship to orthodoxy, and orthopraxy. With the rise of contemporary thinking within the church, researchers can look at this dynamic, with the hopes of producing useful results to answer these questions. In order for researchers to assure accuracy in interpreting their results, they must consider the relationship of orthodoxy and orthopraxy with biblical exegesis, contemplate diminishing their personal biases concerning

  • Herm

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    HOW TO READ THE BIBLE FOR ALL IT’S WORTH Bibliography Entry Fee, G. D. & Stuart, D. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. 3rd ed. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2003. Introduction How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth is a book that takes a comprehensive and detailed look at how to arrive at the most exact understanding of the original authors intent. In this book Dr. Gordon Fee and Dr. Douglas Stuart take a thorough examination of how to dissect the Bible to more fully understand the inerrancy

  • Biblical Exegesis

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    Biblical Exegesis First I will give you a background of exegesis. Webster's New World Dictionary(1990), defines exegesis as, the interpretation of a word, passage, etc., esp. in the Bible. This definition is a worldly. To understand the true meaning and background I looked in John H. Hays book called, Biblical Exegesis, for the answer. He says that the term "exegesis" itself comes from the Greek word exegeomai which basically meant " to lead out of." When applied to texts, it denoted the

  • Exegesis Paper

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    35.After the parables, we see here Christ is shown as Lord of nature. God is seen as Lord and Controller of the natural world and natural phenomena. The God, who blew with an east wind and dried up the waters of the Red Sea before Israel, is now seen as making a path over the waves of Genesee for His disciples, the new ‘people of God’. Already, Mark has shown Him as One who sees heaven opened, upon whom the Spirit rests, responsive to the Spirit’s guidance, enjoying angelic ministry, and receiving

  • Essay On Exegesis And Hermeneutics

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    chronologically but rather by type, (Gospels, missionary, and revelation), stating vital significances between certain sections like The Gospels and Letters by other People. Exegesis and hermeneutics are the two main processes of studying the Bible as well as all of its content not only academically but philosophically as well. Exegesis is the study of the bible with the emphasis on the actual text. On the other hand, Hermeneutics is philosophical and reasoning study of the Bible focusing on the process

  • Exegesis of James

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    Exegesis of James I. Background The exegete of Holy Scripture in order to properly understand the full meaning of the passage must have a thorough knowledge of the background of the passage. It is important to know the author, intended readers and hearers, date, place of writing, occasion and purpose, and the literary genre of the passage. This paper will do all of these in a way that will give the reader a clear understanding of all that is necessary and important to know and understand

  • Hebrew Bible Exegesis

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    The translation and exegesis of the Hebrew Bible , have led to many versions of stories that we thought we knew, especially the book of Genesis and the first fall story . Hebrew words such as adam, and other significant words in Hebrew language will be the main focus on in this paper. These words can have very different meanings according to the exegetes and also of a person's belief system that is translating them. Thorough critical analysis of postexilic writings will cast doubt into believers

  • Exegesis Of Matthew

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    HOW ACCURATELY DID MATTHEW USE THE OLD TESTAMENT? Introduction The Bible contains two parts, which are the Old Testament, the so-called the Jewish Bible, and the New Testament. Though many different writers involved in writing the Bible, the two Testaments are not independent; they are cross-referenced to each other. Christians often treat the Old Testament not only as the historical documents or literatures of the Israelites, but also as an important element of the foundation of the New Testament