The Bible and Understanding Scripture

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The Bible and Understanding Scripture
The Bible is God’s word to His people. Christians are taught to read and study the Bible daily. A new person in the body of Christ would understand reading and studying just as one reads a regular book or study material. Often Christians are not taught how to read and study, instead they internalize reading and studying as memorization of the Bible because most Christians can remember the word of God without a complete understanding of scripture. When Christians are taught the history of the Bible and how the Bible should be interpreted, they will be able to understand the message God is relaying to them. Understanding the Bible was written as an entire literary book will unfold all the messages throughout the Bible. A reader of the Bible can pertinently understand the words of scripture; once the foundation of interpretation and forms of the different types of literature are understood with a solid form of biblical translation available.
Correct interpretation of the Bible is of extreme importance to understand the Bible.
When a person reads the Bible they begin to internally interpret the Bible. Interpreting the Bible independently is not an issue, but allowing who we are as the reader to overshadow the word of God can be an issue. It is the same as listening to a story without pictures and imagining the images in our heads. The images in our heads may be completely different from reality. Sometimes Christians gain incorrect interpretation from pastoral leaders who defer the true meaning of the Bible to support non- biblical truths they teach. Christians must ask God for wisdom to understand the literary work of the Bible and discernment in order to accept good interpretation or to shy ...

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...are gifted with must start with a solid foundation. If people continue to teach Scripture foolishly, people who are interested in becoming a Christian may not be convinced to respect a doctrine of inconsistency. The inconsistency has nothing to do with God’s word, but the lack of labor and effort in understanding Scripture. Reading the epistles can be difficult due to several reasons. I believe the biggest issue is cultural relativity. Often traditions, culture, and human beliefs interfere with Scripture and cause confusion among everyone involved. The epistles were not written for people in today’s world. The writer and the reader could communicate with one another because they were in the same era. When reading the Bible the reader should be concerned with what it for certain; meaning understanding what the Scripture is saying and not reading between the lines.

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