Ethnic Diversity Essays

  • Managing Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace

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    Diversity as an issue is new. It became an issue when three powerfully significant trends reached their own critical points at about the same time (Fernandez & Barr, 1993): The global market in which American corporations must now do business became intensely competitive. The makeup of the U.S. work force began changing dramatically, becoming more diverse. Individuals began to increasingly celebrate their differences and become less amenable to compromising what makes them unique. This inclination

  • Managing Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace

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    purpose of this paper, I will define what the term Diversity means, and then I will concentrate on the diversity as a result of geographic origin or ethnic diversity. I will look at how ethnic diversity is managed generally and then how my employer, deals with the diverse ethnic groups in its organization and what it needs to improve on. The first usage of ethnicity is attributed to the American Sociologist David Riesman in 1953. The word ethnic, however, is much older. It is derived from the Greek

  • Ethnic Diversity Case Study

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    One. NZ Ethnic Diversity. Some 15 years ago “bi-ethnic” may have been an appropriate expression for NZ’s ethnic makeup, but now “multi-ethnic” would now be a more accurate description due mainly to changing immigration patterns. Also, intermarriage has meant more dual-ethnicity. Our 2013 census showed our residential population to be European 71.2%, Maori 14.1%, Asian 11.3%, Pacific peoples 7.6%, Middle Eastern, Latin American, African 1.1%, other 1.6%, not stated or unidentified 5.4% (Index Mundi

  • Girls Like Us

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    Girls Like Us Girls Like Us is an intimate portrayal concerning four girls who grew up all with different ethnic backgrounds and various forms of parental guidence. Anna Chau is Vietnames with strict parents and good beliefs, Lisa Bronca is a Caucasion Catholic, De'Yonna Moore is African-American with strong goals who lives with her Grandma and Raelene Cox is a young white girl who comes from a broken home with little parental guidence. Girls Like Us shows examples of structural functionism, and

  • Affirmative Action - Is it Fair?

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    You have slightly better grades, both of you excelled in sports, you have more volunteer hours, and completed 2 foreign languages where he only has one. Applying affirmative action, you would not get the last position because of the need for ethnic diversity in the college atmosphere. Is that fair??? Is that right?? You clearly had a better dossier then him. If affirmative action is supposed to support the individual, why is it solely based on race and why doesn’t it apply to every situation based

  • Rent Control: Pros And Cons

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    it is the only way to protect lower-income tenants from landlords who overprice, and from being forced to move out of a neighborhood because they cannot afford the rent. Limiting the price that a landlord can demand helps maintain a city's ethnic diversity and prevents the creation of slums on the outskirts of the main city. Another thing that proponents say is that by linking rent prices to apartment maintenance and material improvements, rent control actually improves the state of housing

  • A Case Study of Campbell County, Kentucky

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    Campbell County was 85,034 with 82.4% living in urban areas and 17.6% living in rural areas. Most of those urban areas are almost suburbs of Cincinnati. The county is 152 square miles in area with 561 people per square mile. There is very little ethnic diversity in this county with 97.1% of the population white. The largest city in Campbell County is Newport with a population of 18,871. There is only one hospital in the county, St. Luke's in Newport, which is a major employer in the county. Due to its

  • Comparing the American Dream in My Antonia, Neighbor Rosicky, and 0 Pioneers!

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    urban European settings, face the vast and empty land of the plains. Guy Reynolds notes that "the massive outburst of America westwards was in part powered by the explosion of immigrants through the eastern seaboard and across the continent. Ethnic diversity was at the heart of America's drive westwards" (63). The land and land ownership shape the lives of these newcomers in powerful ways, giving them an immigrant experience that is in some ways quite unique. In "Neighbor Rosicky," 0 Pioneers!, and

  • Donald Trump-Super Supervisor

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    skills” (Terry, 2001, p.1). These executives also related, “Employers’ wish lists for new leaders include charisma, the ability to inspire others, the courage to take risks, awareness of one’s own strong and weak points, the respect of peers, ethnic diversity, and a zest for continuous learning” (Terry, 2001, p.1). There are many other traits that earmark a good supervisor; for instance setting a “good example,” being efficient, thorough, and dedicated. “Flexibility” is also important. It is necessary

  • Ethnic Diversity In Canada Essay

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    immigrants. The cultural and ethnic diversity of the current population, combined with exceptionally well-maintained immigration records, provides ample evidence to support this claim. In spite of Canada’s current standing as a bastion of tolerance and multiculturalism, there exists a detailed history of discrimination towards newcomers and minorities in Canada. This research project will examine Canada’s discreditable actions towards landed and would-be immigrants from ethnic minorities in order to expose

  • Urbanization and Ethnic Diversity in Congo

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    and Southern Africa. The Bantu originated from Nigeria and Cameroon and migrated to Southern Africa 2,000 years ago. In present day Congo, non-Bantu tribes account for only 3% of the population. The Bantu include 74 peoples belonging to different ethnic groups such as the Kongo, the Teke, the Mbochi and the Sangha. The Bakongo live in the south from Brazzaville to Pointe-Noire on the Atlantic coast. The Bakongo include the Lari around Brazzaville, the Vili near Pointe-Noire, the Yombe in the Mayombe

  • Lack Of Ethnic Diversity In Disney Movies

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    Disney films are being criticized by the public because of the lack of ethnic diversity; this lack of ethnic diversity can be illustrated through the film titled Tangled. In 1995, Disney gave us Pocahontas and in the year of 1998 Disney had released Mulan. This showed the public that, Disney was in fact capable of creating films in which the lead protagonist was not white, however it wasn’t till more recently that racial diversity truly had taken stand when The Princess and the Frog (2009) was released

  • Understanding Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Individuality

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    usually dismissed individuality of cultural and tend to put everyone with similar background in the same category. Recognition cos ethnic group has to rely on each other to voice out opinion on the matter and educated the history of personal culture. Life experiences allow individual to grasp the meaning of culture, people in our surrounding, and value the ethnic diversity into our society. Culture consists of the knowledge people use to live

  • Global Music

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    An awareness of the diversity within our national boundaries that has contributed significantly and beneficially to the cultural richness of our land. The diversity of musical styles that exist in the United States includes Western European “classical” music (art music) and a number of “popular” music styles derived largely from Western European ways of making music. These styles include pop, folk, country, and rock. Other styles, including jazz, blues, and various ethnic music, are the result

  • Reading Moby-Dick as Ethnic Allegory

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    Reading Moby-Dick as Ethnic Allegory At a time when images of the white settler conquering the "savage" frontier were prevalent in antebellum America, depictions of racial polarization and, alternately, co-existence among different ethnic groups had already begun to find expression in various artistic mediums, from painting to literature. Today more than ever, such works continue to elicit critical re-examinations where race relations, colonization, and literary representation are concerned

  • Diversity Among People

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    Diversity Among People "Each person's map of the world is as unique as the person's thumbprint. There are no two people alike. No two people who understand the same sentence the same way . . . So in dealing with people, you try not to fit them to your concept of what they should be." (Milton Erickson) We are all distinguished and united by differences and similarities according to our gender, culture, language, age, race, our sexual identity, and in many cases income level. There are these

  • Diversity in Video and Computer Games

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    Diversity in Video and Computer Games Ever since the Pong and Atari 2600 consoles became commonplace items in the American household in the 1980s, video games have been part of the world culture. One may be challenged to find a college dorm room without at least one (if not all three) “next generation” video game systems. Yes, video games are common methods of entertainment among college students regardless of race. So it seems logical that, since the games are played by all races, they should

  • contemporary diversity in the structure of the family

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    Q: Examine the sociological evidence concerning the idea that there is contemporary diversity in the structure of the family. The family is often seen as the corner stone of society. In pre-modern and modern societies alike it has been regarded as the most basic unit of social organisation and one that carries out vital tasks, such as the socialisation of children. Functionalists’ approaches to the family are based on the assumption that society operates on the basis of consensus and that there

  • Assimilation vs. Diversity

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    Assimilation vs. Diversity The United States of America is a strong country with its own general culture. At the same time, it is a country in which many unique and different cultures are represented. Having a general culture with many unique cultures mixed in has helped make America the country that it is. Immigrants should assimilate to American culture, but should be allowed to keep certain aspects of their original culture. During my lifetime, I have had experiences with three friends

  • Multiculturalism In the United States: Demographics, Diversity, & Divisions

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    Multiculturalism In the United States: Demographics, Diversity, & Divisions Introduction One of the most unique aspects of the United States is the diversity of its people. The Statue of Liberty states, “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and America has indeed become an amalgam of people of different races, religions, and creeds. In order to better respond the needs of its assorted citizens, the American government has sought to learn about the