Ethical Standards Essays

  • Ethical Leadership In The National Organization For Human Services Standards

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    quote basically sums up my ethical leadership policy! The action is the most important factor in my philosophy because one can not be a leader if one does take action to become a leader. I feel that as the years go on I will gain enough knowledge and wisdom to become a great leader. Acquiring leadership skills is something that I hope to continue to attain in order to become a leader. The National Organization for Human Services Standards helped me to create my ethical leadership policy in which

  • Ethical Standards

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    Ethical standards are extremely valuable because when no guidelines set in charge there would be all categories of people who can poison the criminal justice system. "If no standards are set the ponds within the system that are upheld to carry out justice", would be able to run ramped and just do whatever, now when we put in charge a checks and balance system every person is held accountable for their own action. If we enforce the ethics, and set standards for all levels then all people would be

  • Ethical Standards

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    This paper will look at some of the ethical standards from the Standard 9: Assessment section of the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, which is written to assist and guide psychologists in multiple forms of professional conduct (American Psychological Association [APA], 2010). An analysis of four ethical standards that pertain to testing and assessment will be undertaken, and attempts will be made to incorporate real-life examples. Additionally, possible suggestions for improvement

  • Code of Ethics in Management Accounting and Financial Management

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    management, practitioners look to the 'standards of ethical conduct' for practitioners of management accounting and financial management. While looking at ethical standards one has to look at four different areas they are competence, confidentiality, integrity, and objectivity. These four areas are the backbone of what management accounting and financial management are made. When faced with a possible violation within this backbone of the ethical standards one should ask themselves two questions

  • Relativism: The Tangible Theory

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    with reasoning, in an attempt to find a universal set of rules, or a way to distinguish right from wrong. Some theorists believe that this question is best answered by a single moral standard, while others debate if there can be a single solution. Cultural Relativism explores the idea that there can be no one moral standard that applies to everyone at any given time. The Kantian theory, on the other hand, states that a universal sense of duty, would most benefit humankind. I believe that the Cultural

  • Brave New World 3

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    the 30’s. In the 1930’s, the high ethical standards people maintained and the limited amount of scientific knowledge did not allow for the acceptance of the types of ideas found in Brave New World. These values include abstinance, family structure, and life-long marriages- issues that had little to no importance in the Brave New World. As we begin the new millenium, our increasing scientific knowledge has taken our curiousity beyond ethical consideration, and Huxley’s novel has become

  • The World of Technical and Professional Writing

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    common discipline, complicated questions concerning ethical standards seem to present themselves more frequently. Much of what is written by a technical writer will need to appeal to individuals of varying situational backgrounds, and in this day of intense political correctness and moral responsibility, it is important to remember the ethical and other cultural issues associated with writing for diverse groups of people. Perhaps the foremost ethical question that presents itself to technical writers

  • Public Schools Should Teach Morals and Ethics

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    Public Schools Should Teach Morals and Ethics Jonathon Kozol writes, "Public schools in the U.S. do not exist to educate an ethical human being…Schools do exist to educate defeated, unprovocative, well-balanced human beings…". This statement is certainly true, but should public schools be required to teach students ethics and morality? I would argue that an education devoid of ethics and morals is detrimental to our society. Scholar Joao Coutinho writes in the Harvard Educational Review, "Education

  • Freedom, Patriarchy, and Racial Oppression

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    the choices they make and how they interpret the meanings of their decisions. When existentialism was introduced in the United States, it challenged Americans to access their ethical standards from a different perspective. America is associated with being "The land of the free". However, the American society has set standards on women's roles and racial castes and until these oppressions are eliminated the entire society will never have freedom. What is freedom? Freedom, as defined by Krisnamurti

  • The Ethical Structure Behind Human Experimentation

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    The Ethical Structure Behind Human Experimentation The history of medical research in the twentieth century provides abundant evidence which shows how easy it is to exploit individuals, especially the sick, the weak, and the vulnerable, when the only moral guide for science is a naive utilitarian dedication to the greatest good for the greatest number. Locally administered internal review boards were thought to be a solution to the need for ethical safeguards to protect the human guinea pig

  • Existentialism

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    freedom of choice, responsibility, alienation. Fundamental to understanding existentialism is the conception of moral individualism. Existentialism rejects traditional ethical endeavors. Philosophers since the time of Aristotle, circa Third-Century B.C.E. (before the common era), have held that everyone should aim for a common peak of ethical achievement. Aristotle argued for the existence of a divine being, described as the "Prime Mover," who is responsible for the unity and purposefulness of nature.

  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

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    handle the situation or call the Helpline. Team members who violate the standards in this Code will be subject to disciplinary action. If you are in a situation that you believe may violate or lead to a violation of this Code, follow the guidelines described in Section 12. 1. Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations Obeying the law, both in letter and in spirit, is the foundation on which this Company's ethical standards are built. All team members and directors must respect and obey the laws

  • The Brutality of Capital Punishment

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    which is a universal command or rule that states that society and individuals "must act in such a way that you can will that your actions become a universal law for all to follow" (Palmer 265).  There must be some set of moral and ethical standards that even the government can not supersede, otherwise how can the state expect its citizens not to follow its own example. Those who support the death penalty believe, or claim to believe, that capital punishment is morally and

  • Appleton Police Department

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    quality of life in our communities. Commitments They have a few commitments to professionalism, community, to progress and to its employees. Their professional commitment is as they are professional police officers they all adhere to the ethical standards of their profession and to place their concerns for the welfare of their community and the citizens of the town above their own personal concerns while doing their police services. They all go by the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. The community

  • The Plague as a Metaphor in Shelley's The Last Man

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    ambitious and experimental work. Necessitating that a plague, which decimates mankind, is justified in its pursuit, Mary Shelley creates a world where utopian ideals can cause the destruction of mankind, if they are not checked by moral and ethical standards. Published in 1826, the novel was widely pilloried by a public who found it's gloomy tone and high Romanticism to be 'out of touch' with a more progressive society. Mary Shelley's concept of humanity decimated by a deadly plague affronted progressive

  • Exploring Social Patterns in the Renaissance Through Fashion

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    interests. The strong merchant class will always know how to push the richest and most expensive materials into the mode. And thirdly is personal artistic expression. Fashion is dictated by many factors such as geography, time, and social and ethical standards. But superseding these is the influence of strong personalities, the brave people who will don the unthinkable, and in doing so, create the latest trend. Personal expression and creativity will only be found in the bravest, and usuall... .


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    herself in a professional manner at all times and the importance of ethics and values. Ethics and values need to be ingrained into the recruit from day one so that they know how important it is for an officer to maintain their high moral and ethical standards. Another area of importance that needs to be covered is the professional development of the recruit and the continuation of this development as a police officer. Physical conditioning and emotional health are a necessary aspect in an officer’s

  • Goodman Ethical Standards

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    Mid-Term Thesis: Ethical standards in medical research should be universal, not based on the economic circumstances of a region. Agree. A great deal of Ellen Goodman’s fervor and support for her argument comes from an ethical standpoint, a point that comes in conflict with what is argued as the more pragmatic side of the debate on whether the ethical standard of care is a universal right, or if it is adaptable country to country based on need and funding. Ethics and logic are closely intertwined

  • Counseling Ethical Standards

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    The Importance of Ethical Standards Ethical standards equates to moral standards of behaviors and actions, as it relates to how one handles others. They consist of the accepted actions of a particular group or various cultures. All counselors are bound by ethical standards and practices of the counseling profession. There are several ethic codes that are to be recognized and upheld on a regular basis when counselors are performing their duties. Whether or not the counselor is performing in a group

  • Psychological Ethical Standards

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    the development of ethical decision making (British Psychological Society, 2009). The BPS aims to maintain the highest standards of professionalism; uphold ethical attitudes, behaviour, and judgements in order to keep the public protected. At the same time encouraging and developing standards of values and principles which will help advance the understanding in the psychological field (British Psychological Society, 2009). This essay will include why we need ethical standards and examples of psychological