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  • The Television Episode Barbie Life in the Dream House

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    parties and her friends are American girls not a crazy mouse or any other talking animal. Her description makes it sound like the perfect example to American girls, however, the television episode Barbie Life in the Dream House portrays an unrealistic life, a false idea of beauty, lifestyle and relationships. The episode begins with a beautiful camera shot of the Barbie “Hollywood” sign while a happy summer song plays on the background. The camera angle focus on a single pink convertible driving through

  • An Episode of Moonlight by Trevor Munson and Ron Koslow

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    different episodes. The entire television series was about the immortal private detective Mick St. John that uses his keen senses of the vampire to solve difficult case to help the victims rather than sucking their blood. Mick was turned to a vampire 60 years ago by his wife Coraline when she bites him. Even through now Mick has the body of immortality, and he was always young but he always wanted to be a real human instead of a vampire. My favorite episode of this television series was episode twelve

  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

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    away....Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace began. In 1999 an American epic space opera, film was released to the public. It became the highest-grossing film of 1999, the highest-grossing Star Wars film, and is currently one of the highest-grossing films in North America. The filmed is loved by people of all ages and continues it's saga today. Everyone should watch the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace because it has a cutting edge cast, props and effects. "Star Wars Episode I is based upon

  • Review of Star Wars Episode One

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    Review of Star Wars Episode One As I sat in the huge theater awaiting the movie that I had been awaiting so long to see, seen so many trailers before just about every other movie released this year. The previews before this movie seemed ten times more boring than they usually were, then like a thunderous cloud on the horizon the opening scroll began to fly up screen and the traditional Star Wars theme began to play, my mind was racing a mile a minuet awaiting all the action

  • An Episode of Flight

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    Soon after the rumor had spread, Isabel began hiding her jewelry she acquired from her mother, who acquired them from her mother, by sewing them in articles of clothing: inside the pocket lining of Luis’s pants, Niño’s sock, and in her unmentionables. They have been preparing for it but did not know it might be coming this soon. Day after day, Isabel would visit their wardrobes, and the piles of garments would grow smaller as she would, one by one, pull out different clothes and put them in knapsacks

  • Episode Of Hands

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    Episode of Hands The unexpected interest made him flush. Suddenly he seemed to forget the pain,- Consented,-and held out One finger from the others. The gash was bleeding, and a shaft of sun That glittered in and out among the wheels, Fell lightly, warmly, down into the wound. And as the fingers of the factory owner's son, That knew a grip for books and tennis As well as one for iron and leather,- As his taut, spare fingers wound the gauze Around

  • Analysis Of How I Met Your Mother

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    very well throughout the programme. There’s the first serious rekindling of the concept of romance between Ted and Robin. In series 1, Episode 11 Barney said to Natalya “You need a mint.” after she drunkenly says she loves him. There are many English Language features included within the script of this show. For example foreshadowing, during the earlier episodes of the season there are many speeches that foreshadow events which will take place in the future. For example when... ... middle of paper

  • Bad Girls’ Club: It is Morally Wrong

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    and intelligent; yet, none of them showed this” (Cruz). By making this statement, one can assume that the author is not in favor of this show. Thus, leading to the question, “Why is Bad Girls’ Club such a horrific show?’ After evaluating all of the episodes in each season, negativity was displayed in the house from the beginning of the show and continuing to its present season, Season 6. Even in an interview conducted by Daniel Manu, Kayla Carter, who wa... ... middle of paper ... ...w by Daniel

  • Breaking Bad

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    We've come to a point where television has become so loaded with “vampire-this” and “werewolf-that,” that each show has begun to look like the reruns of another. Luckily, this definitely isn't the case for creator Vince Gilligan's, Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad follows the life of Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), an ordinary high school chemistry teacher. With a loving wife and teenage son at home, over time, Walter has formed an exceedingly mundane routine for his life. After soon discovering

  • The Pros And Cons Of Crime Entertainment

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    Over the years, I have seen numerous crime shows and movies, both fiction and nonfiction. While many people find the fiction crime entertainment more enjoyable, I much prefer the real story. The fiction side of the crime entertainment available today is widely popular. New shows and movies are continually being produced to fuel this interest the public appears to have developed semi-recently. Psychologically, it makes sense why so many people are interested in this type of entertainment. All people