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  • English Composition Class And How It Helped Me Better Myself As A Writer

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    The question of the day is how was Barbara Bileks English composition class and how it helped me better myself as a writer. The class overall was a very informative experience and I feel as I learned a lot. Whenever the class started I considered myself a mediocre at best writer and thought that I would never improve. However, Ms. Bilek taught me to become a better writer by using many techniques that I did not know existed. In high school, we were not taught how to write academically because to

  • English 102: My Experience As A Writer

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    rule applies in education, in English 102, the writing and research that I did and also the revision process that I went through helped me to gain more knowledge and understand more of “academic writing and research”. It took me quite a while to figure out what I want to research on and the hardest step to my research papers was maintaining a controlling purpose. From here on, I

  • An Analysis of Milton's On His Having Arrived At the Age of Twenty-Three

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    An Analysis of Milton's On His Having Arrived At the Age of Twenty-Three John Milton is one of the most famous poets of the English language. Even though his works are not many, he is considered the greatest writer in English literature. In John Milton' s works we can see the problems of the English society and his own too. Such a poem is " On His Having Arrived At the Age of Twenty-Three" because it shows the concerns that Milton had about his career when he was young and still hadn't chosen

  • Critical Opinions

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    Critical Opinions Oliver Goldsmith, author of The Deserted Village, spent years as a hack writer, turning out books and articles on all sorts of subjects for London booksellers. Eventually, Goldsmith used his fluent pen to write himself out of obscurity and become one on the most characteristic and best English writers of the late 1700s, with his works The Vicar of Wakefield, The Traveller, and The Deserted Village. The Deserted Village is one of Goldsmith's acknowledged masterpieces, and probably

  • Charles Dickens

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    then left for good. He enjoyed reading and was especially fond of adventure stories, fairy tales, and novels. He was influenced by such earlier English writers as William Shakespeare, Tobias Smollet, and Henry Fielding. However, most of the knowledge he later used as an author came from his environment around him. 4 MIDDLE LIFE Dickens became a newspaper writer and reporter in the late 1820's. He specialized in covering debates in Parliament, and also wrote feature articles. His work as a reporter sharpened

  • George Orwell's Insights on Language Misusage

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    An Analysis of George Orwell’s "Politics and the English Language” (1946). Orwell’s article on the English language is on point because it defines how people have become lazy in how they communicate with each other. This type of “slovenliness” is part of the problem in terms of why the English language is often misused by the speaker: “The slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts” (Orwell para.2). Due to the speaker’s laziness, the language becomes confused

  • English Composition Essay Composition

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    In the beginning of English Composition 1 I had no idea how to properly write a paper in MLA format. Not only, was passing my goal for the class, I hoped to grow as a writer so I could be ready for college. After taking English Composition 1 it has taught me a lot about writing essays for English classes in college. Through out, English Composition not only have I grown as a writer I have grown as a person. The first essay I wrote in English Composition was the ad analysis. This essay was a five

  • My experience throughout English 101

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    throughout English 101 As writers, many students write to the expectations of their professors and not to their fullest potential. Throughout English 101 I had been writing only to please my professor or to fill the basic requirement to pass English. I always felt that my writing ability was never enough for my professors throughout the previous years. They always wanted clear and concise essays, which for some reason was unreachable by me. However, starting college and taking English 101 helped

  • The Composition and Rhetoric Field

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    and his newly hailed model. Traditionally, Murray explains, English teachers were taught to teach and evaluate students' writing as if it was a finished product of literature when, as he has discovered, students learn better if they're taught that writing is a process. For Murray, once teachers regard writing as a process, a student-centered, or writer-centered, curriculum falls into place. Rules for writing fall by the way side as writers work at their own pace to see what works best for them.

  • My Writing Style

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    Writing is a universal way of expressing your feelings and telling a story. A writer is anyone with a story who chooses to publish it through writing. A writer does not necessarily have to be someone who has published a number of books, on the contrary a writer can be anyone who chooses to write about anything. Writers typically express their feelings through writing. Many writers choose to write poems or songs when they are feeling down. They use literary devices in order to express what they are

  • Importance Of Creative Writing

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    in college I took a Creative Writing class, and it was one of the greatest academic choices of my life, but it made me question a lot as well. From writing poetry to this last non-fiction piece I wondered if I’m was cut out for the life style of a writer. I began writing when I was young, around the time when my writing was still forming, the letters were slanting off the line, and my syntax worse than it is now. I wrote a “poetry” piece about something that currently escapes my mind. Yet, I remember

  • Writing Strengths And Weaknesses

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    As writers, we all have different strengths, weaknesses, and goals. As a writer my lists of strengths, weaknesses, and goals will never end; however, I hope that with time and practice my strengths will outweigh my weaknesses and I will not stop trying to achieve my goals. This Composition One class has taught me so much in such little time. My list of strengths has grown twice as long within only a couple weeks. Some of my strengths are my MLA formatting, transitions, use of sentence combination

  • My Writing Journey

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    continuously develop my skills as a writer. There are countless conditions that have molded me into the writer that I am today. I have become the writer that I am today because of my mom, my English teachers, and my lack of interest in reading. I have never been much of a reader. I never enjoyed reading as a small child and I am slightly disappointed to admit that I have continued

  • Response To Paulo Friere's Essay 'The American Scholar'

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    exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” Throughout my academic career, I have all ways struggled with writing. I have never been a person that could just write. It has took me 19 years to realize every writer has strengths and weakness. Entering your freshman year English 1101 class, I had the basic fundamentals of writing. I was very strong in following the writing process: 1.Brainstorming, 2.Rough draft, 3.First draft, 4.Final draft. However despite knowing the writing process I still

  • English Reflective Essay

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    This semester entering English 102 I thought of myself as a bad writer with a lot to say and no idea how to coordinate it or express it. A big reason why I took English stretch composition was to strengthen my writing skills. I feel like I have a better idea of where to put my ideas but I really need help with the technical writing and how to do research papers correctly. My concerns over the semester are not the same as they were at the beginning, they have changed. One of my concerns was that

  • College Writing Essay: My Experience With Writing

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    Experience with writing Is college writing painful and hard to come up with good ideas? English writing is different than other languages, we must follow a series of rules to complete an assignment. First, we need to understand the basics in grammar in order to use them properly in our writing assignments. If we excel in grammar, our essay will be much more lucid and logical to read than it was originally. Writing is a skill that must be mastered through practice; thus, one cannot be proficient at

  • Edmund Bergler Why Do Writers Block Exist

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    In today’s modern world, everyone is a writer. People of all trades and lifestyles use some form of writing in their everyday life. Students are constantly completing homework and college assignments, research papers and typing notes during lectures. People who are often passionate about creating content through written words pursue this passion by developing a career in the professional writing role. Such a career pathway has many outlets, such as online formats in blogging and news, writing for

  • Challenges International Students Face Studying in the UK

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    likely to structure their writing very well. Linn argues is completely true. A great number of students who are non-native speakers find difficulty when they attempt to make a plan for their essay. For instance, on account of the fact that writing in English has a particular structure depending on the que... ... middle of paper ... ...d be argued that the statistics are untrustworthy as result of using small numbers of students and the numbers of students in each group are not the same. In conclusion

  • Why Do Writers Need To Be A Reader

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    The eternal tale of becoming an accomplished writer; dream haunting thousands of aspirants who work hard to fulfill it. However, in one's initial quest towards the goal, it's not uncommon to stumble on a glaring lack of skill or knowledge of the craft. In many instances, this happens due to the lack of a reading habit. It is, therefore, pertinent to discuss and assess the importance of reading for a writer. Do Writers need to be Readers? A question mark hovering over many heads; however, this is

  • Becoming A Fictional Writer Essay

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    Fictional Writer Being a fictional writer can in some ways be a tough job career to get into. It is a lot harding getting into fictional writing rather than non fiction or if you write a biography about someone, because in the writing industry it is difficult to become a known writer. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”-Mark Twain. This quote is very true when it comes to writing, you have to start writing at a young age so when you are looking for someone to be your agent or publisher