English Composition Essays

  • My Struggles with English Composition

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    My Struggles with English Composition “…As for all the seniors, I want you to challenge yourselves this year and don’t think you’re going to cruise through to graduation.”-Mrs. Smith, County High School. Although some seniors in high school refuse to take a hard schedule, I decided to take a challenging composition course my last year of high school and learned more than ever before from it. My teacher, Mr. Bacz, focused mostly on vocabulary, grammar, and how to right an essay. Each one of

  • The Importance Of English Composition

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    English Composition II Composition is “the act or process of composing or a piece of writing” (Webster). English Composition is a form of writing that incorporates the English language in to a proper arrangement. The arrangement can come in the forms of essays, poems, stories, or other types of literature. The word English Composition gained popularity during the late eighteen hundreds due to higher education. English Composition should be the foundation of any education achieved. Most universities

  • English Composition Class And How It Helped Me Better Myself As A Writer

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    The question of the day is how was Barbara Bileks English composition class and how it helped me better myself as a writer. The class overall was a very informative experience and I feel as I learned a lot. Whenever the class started I considered myself a mediocre at best writer and thought that I would never improve. However, Ms. Bilek taught me to become a better writer by using many techniques that I did not know existed. In high school, we were not taught how to write academically because to

  • English Composition Essay Composition

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    In the beginning of English Composition 1 I had no idea how to properly write a paper in MLA format. Not only, was passing my goal for the class, I hoped to grow as a writer so I could be ready for college. After taking English Composition 1 it has taught me a lot about writing essays for English classes in college. Through out, English Composition not only have I grown as a writer I have grown as a person. The first essay I wrote in English Composition was the ad analysis. This essay was a five

  • English 1113 Composition

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    University of Oklahoma. ENGL 1113 Principles of English Composition is the basic academic writing class for all the students at the OU. According to the First-Year Composition, English 1113 focuses on the language of power in two ways “the power of language” and “the relationship between power and language “( First-Year Composition). English 1113 helped students learn how to use language analyzing and understand reading materials. More than that, English 1113 teach the format of the essay which is MLA

  • English Composition Course

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    In the beginning of the English Composition 1 course, I felt as if I was not a very good writer. A lot of what I learned in high school was completely different than that of my college English course. Over the course of this semester our class worked on several different types of essays which include scholarly discourse, discourse community analysis, a persuasive paper, and finally a critical reflective essay. After almost completing the course, I feel like I have grown to become a more prepared

  • Reflection On English Composition 101

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    This semester in english composition 101 we have learned many techniques to master the writing process. From the first day I walked into the class I definitely feel that techniques and goals that were set definitely have been accomplished. Peer editing to the workshops and many more activities done in class is what 's made my writing skills improve. The larger idea that i 'm taking from english composition 101 is the importance of the significant steps in the writing process. Having the opportunity

  • English Composition Course Reflection

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    I am truly getting a charge out of the Veterinary course. My English Composition course, in any case, has been a major of a battle. The readings for this course require my complete consideration. I discover the written work assignments in the English course fascinating and appropriate to my future profession, yet the measure of exertion I should put into each paper is depleting. I require no less than a

  • English Composition Class Analysis

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    and was able to develop as a writer. When I found out that I was scheduled to be in English Composition I, I was very nervous as I have always felt that writing was one of the skills that I needed to improve on. Although I usually received good grades on my essays, I did not like writing them since it would always take me more than five hours to write a one page essay. If I wanted a good grade in English Composition I, I knew that I was definitely going to have to improve on my grammars. The main skills

  • Reflection On English Composition 2

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    English Composition II has unexpectedly improved my writing into an academic level. As I studied various English reading and writing courses, this class “English Composition II” did not immediately caught my eye. However as I researched about the concepts of this class, the decision to make was not so difficult since I was lacking in critical thinking and the interpretation of works. Also as a Business Major, it made sense that the subject of English would be of interest to me and as a career requirement

  • English Composition 1101 for Life!

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    Taking ENC 1101 this fall has taught me a few valuable components in regards to composition and college life. These past few months I have learned how to participate in an argument, source my research using MLA format and how crucially important it is to submit assignments ahead of time. Prior to taking ENC 1101 I could not participate in an argument because I wasn’t able to support my points with valid evidence. However now I can continue engaging in a debate and sometimes even win! One of the assignments

  • Exploring Rhetorical Situations in English Composition

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    English Composition 1 with Lab has been helpful to me, and I have learned to think more about my writings. With the six objectives in mind, I have successfully achieve them; although, there are areas to be improved. I wrote multiple writing projects, which involved many genres and media, in my English Composition 1014 course. Each of these projects had different rhetorical situations, which had different impacts on the audience. The rhetorical situation also depended on the medium I had to use.

  • Letter of Motivation

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    interests - English, Mathematics, International Studies, Legal Studies, and Economics. I excelled in International Studies and was awarded Academic Merit. Upon my return to Surabaya at the start of year 1999, I attended IBMT (Institute of Business Management and Technology), an International University which follows the United States curriculum, at which I majored in International Management. The subjects I took were: Accounting I and II, Sociology, Psychology, World Civilization, English Composition, Public

  • The Loss of the Creature by Walker Percy

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    Congratulations on being admitted to State College! I am glad that you have made your decision to come here. State College has numerous great opportunities to offer its students. You also told me that you are enrolled in English Composition 101. One of the pieces of literature you will encounter in this class will be "The Loss of the Creature", by Walker Percy. For your preparation to the class I can summarize and give you my explanation of "The Loss of the Creature". Throughout the essay Percy

  • Human Nature in Bartholomae and Petrosky's Our Time, Theft, and Music of the Swamp

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    Human Nature in Bartholomae and Petrosky's Our Time, Theft, and Music of the Swamp Why should college students read the stories that are assigned in English courses? Other than to satisfy the professor, what is the purpose of reading these difficult writings of people we don't know or care about? Many of these students find themselves asking, "What is this writer talking about?" Confused, some quickly give up trying to understand the story and make reading something just to get through, diminishing

  • Reflecting on My Journey in English Composition 2

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    English Composition 2 has been an engaging and interesting class. As an online course, though it was void of face-to-face interaction, it was engaging and consisted of many opportunities to interact. I felt challenged in a subject that I have previously felt confident in. Though I lacked experience in MLA format, I initially felt secure and very prepared to do exceedingly well. I quickly learned that I had significant deficits in my writing abilities. I developed new writing skills including a better

  • Service Before Self

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    English Composition/ Illustration Final Draft Service Before Self The day I finally signed up to join the military I knew I was taking a risk in my life. I believe it is important to take risks in life to move into bigger and better things. My first huge decision I made in my life was to join the United States Air Force. My uncle was the main person who put the idea in my head but my dad and my friends thought otherwise. My parents were divorced when I was young and I didn’t have the privilege like

  • My Reflection For My English Composition Class

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    Reflection Relief, worry, and doubt are only three words that run through my head as I write this final exam for my English Composition class. As I entered the class I felt as though it was going to be an easy A for me, because I did so well on my COMPASS test I thought I would do well in this class. Then I quickly realized I am not as good at writing as I thought I was. This class is intended to turn a not so good writer into a decent writer and to enhance the skills of writing all together. As

  • Internet and Cultural and Historical Diversity of Style in Composition

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    Internet and Cultural and Historical Diversity of Style in Composition The technological revolution of the late twentieth century has arguably caused some of the greatest changes in the global society. Few realize the full effects of the computer age. The Internet in particular has brought the corners of the world closer together. Even in the most remote areas of the globe, such as Katmandu, one can see an advertisement for e-mail (Stefik 235). One might begin to wonder what the social consequences

  • Mastering English Composition: My Freshman Year Journey

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    My English Composition Study In my freshman year, ENG class was always an important class. As we all know, when you are learning a foreign language, the most difficult thing is to write a paper with this language. Our school is an American style school, so we need to use English whenever we write papers. However, it is a little difficult for beginners to learn the pattern of American essays and to form our own papers. ENG class teaches us how the native English speakers develop his academic papers