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  • Work Injured Employees

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    Work Injured Employees Accidents happen all the time and can happen to anyone. When an accident happens on the job, the employee has rights concerning his or her care. Employees also have responsibilities when injured. This paper discusses what is considered on-the-job injuries of employees., the rights of these injured Second employees and the supervisors who must investigate the accidents that occur to cause them. Third, the responsibilities of both the employee and the supervisor when an accident

  • Health and Welness for the Employees

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    There are many reasons for the employees to get involved in a wellness program. Whether they like it or not overall wellness will affect their everyday life, at home as well as at work. The fact of the matter is that people that are in good health are usually more coherent and are able to enjoy more out of life. With more incentive going towards corporations paying subsidies to encourage employee participation there is increasing demand by employees to have a wellness program implemented. A study

  • Workplace for Disabled Employees

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    Workplace for Disabled Employees A person with a disability, or handicap, can be defined as someone with a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial or long-term adverse affect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities (Employment 2). Handicap workers face many challenges in the work place that the average person overlooks. Also, many special arrangements and alterations have been made to the workplace for people with handicaps. Accessibility, transportation

  • Wal Mart's Motivated Employees

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    Wal Mart's Motivated Employees When Sam Walton died in 1992, some industry insiders doubted that the Wal – Mart chain that he had founded some 30 years earlier would retain its prominence as a discount retailer. Lost for good they feared, would be the “magic spark” that Walton used to light fires under the chain’s 1.3 million associates. And, as Wal – Mart stock failed to enjoy the same bull – market growth as many other companies in the mid – 1990s, the pundits appeared to be correct. Today

  • How to Select The Right Employees

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    How to Select the Right Employees Hiring and keeping competent employees is critical to business success. However, you must develop a strategy to discover them. With the right employees you can accomplish many organizational goals. Fortunately, when a conflict arises in an organization, a good business team will know how to handle the situation. Whether a person is a manager, subordinate, or president, it is very important that you avoid a bad hire. The recruitment process must be handled

  • Components of Compensation paid to Employees

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    1992). Compensation shows employees how much they are appreciated and worth. The most important differentiating element between jobs is the effort involved in performing a job (Biesheuval, 1985). • Objectives of pay systems (Harzing and Van Ruysseveld, 1999): Objective: How to achieve it. To attract employees: Job salary To keep qualified employees: Bonus or incentive to stay e.g. shares To stimulate effective performance: Payment by results To teach employees new behaviours at work:

  • What Motivates Employees

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    must have managers who can delegate to employees. Effective managers have the ability to get things done through other people. This is accomplished by motivating employees to accomplish tasks. A manager must be able to delegate these tasks to employees. The technique a manager uses to motivate employees to work for him, will either motivate or dissatisfy employees. Motivated employees will work with the manager to achieve company goals. Those employees who are dissatisfied will work against

  • Service Employees Pension Fund Case Study

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    Service Employees Pension Fund Case Study I chose to write this paper on the organization that I am employed with, the Service Employees Pension Fund of Upstate New York (SEPF/fund). I focused my paper on the main office which is located in Syracuse, NY. I am employed at the Albany location. This gave me the opportunity to look at the office as an outsider seeing as I only make a trip to Syracuse a couple times a year. Interviewing with the fund manager also helped me to get an idea of how

  • How Employees Affect Consumer Behavior

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    How Employees Affect Consumer Behavior Summary I am going to discuss how employees affect consumer behavior and what I believe are the best ways to improve their effectiveness. I will be drawing upon my experiences as a consumer and working in a retail environment. Comments No one fulfills your corporate philosophy or promotes your products and services more than your employees. They are like ambassadors representing the United States when the president can not be there in person. You need them

  • Employees at Sonora Foods are organised into teams. These include:

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    Employees at Sonora Foods are organised into teams. These include: production, hygiene, and maintenance. Sonora Foods Ltd. 2 Describe how Sonora Foods Ltd is organised. 2 Identify and explain the roles and working arrangements of three different employees in the same functional area from the following list: Manager, Supervisor, Operative and Support Staff 2 Explain how the organisational structure affects communication between employees. 3 Compare the different working arrangements

  • The FLSA: Exempt Vs. Non-exempt Employees

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    The FLSA: Exempt Vs. Non-exempt Employees President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted the FLSA on June 25, 1938. It was signed in as a federal labor law to provide criteria for governing general labor practices such as overtime, minimum wages, child labor protections and equal pay. The Fair Labor Standards Act is a long and extensive document in and of itself. It defines many exceptions and exemptions. For purposes of this paper the portion of the FLSA that will be concentrated on is the difference

  • The training and development of employees in William Hill is imperative

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    development of employees in William Hill is imperative for the performance or the company as they are in a competitive market. William Hill has to inform workers to be aware of surroundings in the area that they work. Training and Development Training Training is essential for both employees and employer if they want to be effective within the organisation and also for a company like William Hill to stay competitive within their market. The reason why training is important to employees is to

  • Remote Employees Work From Home Challenges And Issues

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    Remote Employees Work from Home Challenges and Issues The workplace today goes beyond just the walls and ceilings that surround an office environment or office building. According to the International Telework Association and Council, 44.4 million Americans worked from home at least part of the time in 2004, up 7.5% from just on year earlier (Earthweb, 2005). Though it may be very convenient to work from home, the choice can bring its own set of problems. There are financial reasons, efficiencies

  • Role of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Managing and Motivating Employees

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    Role of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Managing and Motivating Employees The following paper deals with the American psychologist Abraham Maslow, born in New York, who stated that every human being has 5 differently categorised needs that need to be fulfilled in order to provide healthy and happy living. In daily work managers need to respect and follow these needs so that employees will work most efficiently and effectively. Following these needs and trying to execute them is the best instruction

  • Leadership In Action

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    made him a “difficult to cope with” leader is that he enforce his employees with his own Eight Commandments, that his employees have to follow. If they don’t follow these commandments he will fire them. An example of his Commandments is “I will tell you only one time”. It’s a very strict commandment and you can expect many employees to follow some unreasonable statements. Another example of his bad leadership style is that his employees can’t obey him and the sure thing they can’t disagree with him

  • Tata Steel

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    positive Company and to continue to improve the quality of life of its employees and the communities it serves” This statement clearly states that Tata Steel will continue to develop the excellence of employees and the communities it serves. Also group Purpose underscores the Tata values on Nation building. The company believes in returning back to the society that they have earned by developing trust among the shareholders, employees, consumers, and communities. Tata Steel has identified in balancing

  • Business Law Case Analysis

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    Bouraq Indonesia Airlines Case Background The defendant is an Airlines Company that had 900 employees. The economic crisis followed with monetary crisis gave bad effects to the defendant. They should decrease the number of their airplanes form 9 to 2 airplanes. They also had to do the efficiency on their employees to 700. On the efficiency process, there was an agreement between the defendant and employees representation on October 30 1998. The agreement stated that they would bring Independent Public

  • Goal Setting

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    helps employees know where they need to go and how they should go about getting there. It also helps employees manage themselves. Employees should set goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Goals represent expectations and if employees have higher expectations then employees will have improved performance as long as employees achieve their goals. Most of the time, what employees need is motivation, meaning, and purpose in their jobs and if employees set worthwhile

  • Human Resources: Training

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    advertising. This is because HR knows that they can train the employees to work at the requirement they are set for their specific job. There are several important reasons why all new staff should be trained. Here are a couple:- * New employees need to be made familiar with organisational methods of working that may have been different from their previous jobs. * New health and safety requirements need to be taught to new employees. * They may need extra training for their specific job

  • Aims of Training and Development

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    can be teaching employees new skills that are relevant to their current job position or refreshing the skills that they already possess. To have a good training and development programme enables firms to develop individual employees and the organisation itself as training is one of the best forms of motivation. Employees are able to broaden their knowledge and become more valued within the firm. Having a well-trained workforce is greatly beneficial for a company as employees are likely to be