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  • Nightmare On Elm Street

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    many die hard Freddy fans who did not condone this remake, in fact I was heavily against it, but I always try to go in with an open mind no matter what my expectations are. This remake gave me pretty much what I expected. Unfourtantley Nightmare On Elm Street suffers the same fate that many of the remakes do now a days. For starters it relies way too much on phony jump scares that just don't do the trick for me, and it made the Cardinal mistake of picking an attractive cast instead of pure acting

  • Movie Industry: A Nightmare on Elm Street

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    this fear and people will go back for more, because they enjoy it. The Bogeyman will never die. He simply changes himself into a new situation. The Bogeyman is a personified consequence of any action that one takes. Works Cited 1) A Nightmare on Elm Street. Dir. Wes Craven. New Line Cinema, 1984. DVD. 2) Vidler, Anthony. The Architectural Uncanny: Essays in the Modern Unhomely. Cambridge, MA: MIT, 1992. Print. 3) A Bogeyman With Supernatural Powers. By: McCabe, Nancy, Newsweek, 00289604, 10/17/2005

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Nightmare On Elm Street

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    Then it was dinner and baths and deciding who’s house we were going to stay at. This Friday we were staying at me house which was my favorite because I got a bed and didn’t have to sleep on the floor since I was the youngest. We watched Nightmare on Elm Street that night, another thing that came with being the youngest; you never get to pick the movie. I hated scary movies, they gave me nightmares and I our dad worked nights so we were going to be home alone. He kissed us goodbye

  • Summary of Canin's Emperor of the Air

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    they hold to them are memories of those before us and moments in history that have passed. In the story, “Emperor of the Air” by Ethan Canin, an elderly man is forced to give up the one thing that his family has left behind: a two hundred year old elm tree. It holds the memories of his childhood and still shows signs of life that may still last for years to come. As the story begins, the narrator, introduces himself as “sixty-nine years old, [who] lives in the same house [he] was raised in, and

  • Imagery and Symbolism in David Guterson’s The Country Ahead of Us, The Country Behind

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    Imagery and Symbolism in David Guterson’s The Country Ahead of Us, The Country Behind In David Guterson’s anthology, The Country Ahead of Us, The Country Behind, characters are portrayed effectively and succinctly through the imagery of their surroundings. Many of his stories are symbolic in that they reflect relationships and feelings of characters. Guterson’s titles have a more complex and deeper connection to the story than is first apparent. They too are often symbolic of a main character

  • elm school

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    Reading to young students has become a daily routine in my job. I had learn how to keep myself calm while reading aloud to students. In the beginning, it was not easy reading to the students because the majority of them were between three and four years old. It was difficult to catch their attention because they were focus in socialized with each other or playing with blocks. It took the class weeks for them to follow a routine and learning to be quiet while the teacher or an adult spoke. When Mrs

  • Desire Under the Elms

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    Eugene O’Neill, an Irish American playwright wrote many delightful plays that contain much detail and thought. Desire Under the Elms is a great example of a play that captures the story of a widower, Ephraim Cabot who leaves his farm in New England to his three sons. These three sons that he has just like him to share his cupidity, but other than that they don’t like him. Two of his grown sons, Peter and Simeon are tired of him and the work he gives them so they decide to head out to California for

  • Desire Under The Elms

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    “Desire Under the Elms” In “Desire Under the Elms”, by Eugene O’Neill, many uses of both biblical and mythological allusions can be seen. These allusions help add depth to the plot of the play by linking the play to other similar, well-known stories. Three of the best allusions are seen in Cabot’s talk about how God is a strong god, his talk about God being in the stones, and his telling Eben that he is blind as a mole. Cabot’s talk about God being a strong god is important to the story. He tells

  • some

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    disrupted another ecosystem that is not of their own.” The main topic of this service learning hours project is the Dutch Elm Disease which is scientifically named Ophiostoma novo-ulmi, is a tree disease that is originally from Asia, and is classified as a sac fungi, the fungi get into the tree and poison the tree. In this service learning hour project you will learn how the Dutch Elm Disease (DED) destroys environments, how it came to America, how and who spread it, the trees that were affected, the

  • Analysis Of The Nightmare On Elm Street

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    One of my favorite film franchises is the Nightmare On Elm Street series. Freddy Krueger is one of modern horror’s most recognized, beloved and feared icons, with his trademark weathered fedora, burned skin, striped red-and-green sweater, and bladed glove. The lovechild of the late, great Wes Craven, Nightmare On Elm Street saved New Line Cinema from financial despair & was instrumental to their recovery, affectionately nicknaming the studio “The House That Freddy Built.” When you glimpse into this