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    Center stage in Kaye Gibbons’ inspiring bildungsroman, Ellen Foster, is the spunky heroine Ellen Foster. At the start of the novel, Ellen is a fiery nine-year old girl. Her whole life, especially the three years depicted in Ellen Foster, Ellen is exposed to death, neglect, hunger and emotional and physical abuse. Despite the atrocities surrounding her, Ellen asks for nothing more than to find a “new mama” to love her. She avoids facing the harsh reality of strangers and her own family’s cruelty towards

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    Ellen Foster The majority of families were once considered perfect. The father went to work everyday, while the mother stayed at home and cared for her two children, “Henry” and “Sue”. The children never fought and the parents were involved in all the community events. Our society has grown to accept that there is no such thing as a perfect family. Eleven-year-old Ellen from the book Ellen Foster, by Kaye Gibbons, grows up in a household where her father is an abusive alcoholic and her mother

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    attention and care. However, Ellen, the main character and protagonist of the novel Ellen Foster, exemplifies a substantial amount of independence and mature, rational thought as a ten-year-old girl. The recent death of her mother sends her on a quest for the ideal family, or anywhere her father, who had shown apathy to both she and her fragile mother, was not. Kaye Gibbons’ use of simple diction, unmarked dialogue, and a unique story structure in her first novel, Ellen Foster, allows the reader to explore

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    Ellen Foster Ellen Foster is the compelling story of a young girl who is thrust into reality at a very early age. Written by Kaye Gibbons, the novel is a documentary of the saga of growing up. It is a recurring theme, growing up, depicted through many events over the course of this girl^s childhood. This growing up theme is evident through the experiences she has, as well as the many hardships she faces. Ellen^s awkward situation of two dead parents forces her to lose her innocence

  • Ellen Foster Character Analysis

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    for 11 year old Ellen Foster, who was forced to make those demanding choices that you endure later in life. In Kaye Gibbons’s novel, Ellen Foster, the main character, Ellen, is forced to care for herself and her household due to her father’s alcoholism. Leaving her to make it her mission to generate a better life for herself. In Ellen Foster, Ellen journeys through the novel with determination

  • Theme Of Ignorance In Ellen Foster

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    Within the novel, Ellen Foster, the story of a young girl is told by none other than herself. The story tells of how young Ellen endures life with an ill mother who eventually passes away and a drunken father, whom she is left with and basically takes care of herself, amongst paying bills, cooking, cleaning, and everything else one would normally see a parent doing for a child. After Ellen’s teacher notices a bruise on her arm, Ellen is sent to live with the school’s art teacher, Julia, and her husband

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    Ellen Foster "When I was little I would think of ways to kill my daddy." [P.1], says eleven-year-old Ellen. Thus the young narrator begins her life-story, in the process painting an extraordinary self-portrait. “Ellen Foster” is a powerful story of a young girl growing up in a burdensome world. As one reads this work presented by Kaye Gibbons, a chill runs down their back. Ellen, the main character is faced with a hard life dealing with endless losses, with the deaths of both her parents and

  • Life In Kaye Gibbon's Ellen Foster

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    I am better off now than when he was alive” (Gibbons 1). Kaye Gibbons novel Ellen Foster starts out with the excerpt above which introduces us to the main character and protagonist Ellen Foster, an eleven year old girl who has been abused, orphaned, and sent to live with unwelcoming relatives until she finally finds a place that welcomes her. Kaye Gibbon based some of the story of her life as child. She said “Ellen Foster is emotionally autobiographical.” With her growing up in rural Nash County,

  • Ellen Foster and Catcher in the Rye

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    Ellen Foster and The Catcher In The Rye Ellen Foster by Kayne Gibbons and The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger have some elements that are similar. These elements are used to express the development of Holden and Ellen throughout each novel. One of these elements is characterization. According to Dictionary.com, characterization is the description of qualities or peculiarities. Characterization is mostly used in three ways in each novel; Style of Clothes, Style of Speech, and the Search for a

  • The Secret Life Of Ellen Foster Sparknotes

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    girl name Ellen Foster who is ten years old. Her mother committed suicide by over dosing on her medication. When Ellen tried to go look for help for her mother her father stopped her. He told them that if she looked for helped he would kill them both. After her mother died she was left under her fathers custody. Her father was a drunk. He would physically and mentally abuse her. Ellen was forced to pay bills, go grocery shopping, cook for herself, and do everything else for herself. Ellen couldn't

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    In the story Ellen Foster, Ellen was a great example of a dynamic character. Ellen had a very tough life. Ellen’s life was like a rollercoaster going up and down dramatically not knowing what was going to happen next. Ellen was a racist child at the beginning but changes her opinion after going through many challenges throughout the story. First, Ellen is born influenced by her parents to be racially prejudiced. Due to the time period Ellen’s mother and father were racist. After Ellen’s mother died

  • Racism In Ellen Foster

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    Ellen Foster; Overcoming Racist Programming in Early Childhood “Children are not blind to race. Instead, like all of us, they notice differences” and the character of Ellen Foster is no exception to the rule (Olson). Ellen Foster is the story of a strong willed and highly opinionated and pragmatic child named Ellen, growing up in the midst of poverty and abuse in the rural south. Her life is filled with tragedy from the death and possible suicide of her mother to the abuse she endures at the hands

  • Ellen Foster Analysis

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    The book that I have chosen is Ellen Foster, written by Kayne Gibbons. Ellen Foster depicts the hardships that young Ellen Foster faced before her time in foster care. The story opens to the life of Ellen Foster in the past and the present. The story begins as Ellen expresses her deep hatred for her father. After her mother 's suicide, Ellen was forced to live on her own, care for her father and perform the duties of the house. With her father’s drinking habit, Ellen was forced to become an adult

  • Eng Comparison Essay

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    the dreams and allusions each identity performs and has a reality to people and society. Within the three novels, Ellen Foster, A Virtuous Woman, and A Cure for Dreams, all written by the author Kaye Gibbons, each character from different novels struggles to face reality and find the correct path that will lead them to the right direction in life. While coping with the endless pain, Ellen, Jack, and Betty have only hope to lead them into the direction they encounter to approach. A fate in their lives

  • The Life Of Kaye Gibbons

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    better than her mother, because he was a self-beating alcoholic. Kaye’s mother killed herself soon after she found out she was suffering from cyclical bipolarity, which is a manic depression (Snodgrass p35). When Kaye was eight she got put into a foster home because her grandmother was extremely ill and the doctors did not think she was going to make it. A woman named Mary Lee, became Kaye’s selected mother (Snodgrass p35). At the age of twelve Kaye was working in tobacco fields and attending the

  • Ellen Foster Birth Home

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    be born there? In Ellen Foster, Kaye Gibbons uses the misery and pain that Ellen suffers in her former home contrast the happiness, love and refuge she gets from Starletta’s home, thus illustrating another home truly loving Ellen more than her own, even though she was not born there. For instance, in Ellen’s birth-home, her miseries start with two unloving parents: a frail mother with rheumatic fever who has no control over her own family, and a bullying father who abuses Ellen and her mother verbally

  • Anna Guzman's Wings

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    Anna C. de Guzman Grade 7 Period 6 Author of Dear Sierra Death. Life. Wings? Reviewed by Anna C. de Guzman, Friday, December 5th Everyone has their problems, I have mine. School, boys, and all that. We always hear about how other have it worse. Well, these kids have it worse. Their school was a science lab where they were created. Boys, reckless, in love, and one of them was created specifically for her. Literally, he’s a clone with a hormone or something telling him to love her. Yep, life is

  • Ellen Foster Me And Emma Essay

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    relationships (Quick). The novels Ellen Foster by Kay Gibbons and Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock both follow the stories of girls who are impacted by parents and guardians who do not show them proper love and affection. The former is about Ellen, a girl who experiences abuse from her father and is forced to

  • Abuse In 'Ohana' By Lily Owens And Ellen Foster

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    As Lilo said in Lilo & Stitch, “‘Ohana’ means ‘family’. ‘Family’ means ‘no one gets left behind’.” Lily Owens and Ellen Foster have both lost their mothers and deal with abuse every day, whether it’s physical or verbal. This makes the characters strong, but even when this causes strength, they are scared to act against their father. They both ran away when they were in their preteens or a little younger and have a fiery personality. They face not wanting to stay in what should be home to them or

  • Edith Warton's The Age of Innocence

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    Within In Edith Warton’s novel, The Age of Innocence the main character Newland Archer has a complex personality that is filled with hidden desires and ideas; some of these ideas are controversial in the society that he lives in. The arrival of Ellen Olenska and the harsh realization of living in a boring society help expose these unseen traits. Newland Archer seemed like the typical wealthy New York bachelor. He took part in all of the proper etiquette that was expected of him. He made a limited