The Life Of Kaye Gibbons

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“Life puts obstacles in one’s way for a reason, so you can’t give up when there comes one you can’t fight through.” This quote was once said by a great grandpa to his granddaughter. The main point of the quote is that life is full of challenges and one has to find a way to move around it or defeat it. Kaye Gibbons, an outstanding author, suffers from a disorder call bipolarity. Even though the creative, thinking outside the box, and intelligent author fought through many obstacles throughout her life she still managed to never give up, accomplish her goals, and make the best out of her disorder.
Childhood is described as the early stage of existence of something. Bertha Kaye Batt Gibbons was born on May 5, 1960, she lived in an old broken down home that lacked heat and electricity (Snodgrass p35). Kaye was born in Nash County in North Carolina. She was the youngest child of her family; however, she was mainly raised by her grandmother, Martha. Kaye was raised by her grandmother because in March 1970, her mother committed suicide by an overdose of pulse suppressing drug digitals (Snodgrass.p35). Her father was not much better than her mother, because he was a self-beating alcoholic. Kaye’s mother killed herself soon after she found out she was suffering from cyclical bipolarity, which is a manic depression (Snodgrass p35). When Kaye was eight she got put into a foster home because her grandmother was extremely ill and the doctors did not think she was going to make it. A woman named Mary Lee, became Kaye’s selected mother (Snodgrass p35). At the age of twelve Kaye was working in tobacco fields and attending the Childrens Bible Mission Camp at Falls of the Neuse River (Snodgrass p35). Kaye was never one to put herself out ther...

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... and make the best out of her disorder. Kaye Gibbons, the woman she had become throughout her childhood years, her struggling adulthood, and now, she had wrote amazing novels even when she was bipolar. In this research, one has learned a million facts about Kaye Gibbons. One learned that it is never too late to keep fighting to accomplish your goals and to make miracles happen. Kaye lived a rough life; however, she managed to pick out positives of her disorder. Even though, she went down hill with the painkillers she was prescribed, and prescribed herself, she put them to the side and lived her bipolar eating life the way she should even if there was an obstacle in her way she still goes around it and fought through it because she knew what the right thing to do was. Til this day, Kaye Gibbons is still writing outstanding novels and putting herself out there.
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