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  • The Concept of Efficiency

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    The Concept of Efficiency This article aims to give an analysis of the concept of efficiency. The importance of such an analysis lies in the fact that the role which efficiency plays in different sectors of our society leads to opposite evaluations resulting in a clash of opinions concerning this role. In order to clarify this situation, I first trace the historical roots of the concept. This brief historical reconnaissance shows that ‘efficiency’ is not a unitary concept. Moreover, I also argue

  • Declining Efficiency of Investment

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    Declining Efficiency of Investment It may be useful to put the discussion of performance constraints of the Thai economy briefly in perspective. Over the past 2 decades, the Thai economy has been one of the best performing economies in the world, characterized by sustained high growth rates, averaging 10.3% 1985-90, and 8% in the years prior to the crisis (1990-96). This growth was accompanied by a dramatic decline in the incidence of absolute poverty, from 57% in 1962 to 14% in 1992, with per

  • Investigating the Efficiency of Different Pulley Setups

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    Investigating the Efficiency of Different Pulley Setups Aim In this experiment I will be investigating the efficiency of five different pulley setups. These are shown below. Background on pulleys A pulley one of the simplest mechanical powers or machines consisting of a grooved wheel/roller(s) for a cord or string to pass over a mounted block this is used for lifting a mass or changing direction of power. A pulley is a force multiplier, when x number of pulley(s) are setup with

  • Investigating What Factors Affect the Efficiency of Siphoning

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    Investigating What Factors Affect the Efficiency of Siphoning I have chosen to investigate siphoning because as a kid I was always intrigued and puzzled by this "phenomena" when I used to clean my fish tank. The difficulty factor also played a major role. I wanted to do something which could be carried out comfortably in a relatively short time. An investigation, which is not so demanding on the practical side to allow more time for processing of the data captured. ===================

  • Segmental Reporting

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    always contain information that is as usual and valuable as the information provided by aggregated financial statements. 2.2     Market efficiency theory According to Fama (1970), three kinds of efficiency can be distinguished, depending on the available information: (1) weak form efficiency, (2) semi-strong form efficiency, and (3) strong form efficiency. A market is efficient in the ‘weak form’ when all past prices are reflected in today's price. A market is efficient in the ‘semi-strong form’

  • Efficiency And Workflow Efficiency

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    The hospitality industry relies on workflow efficiency. Restaurants, a section of the industry, demonstrate this aspect clearly. This paper discusses and analyses the importance, as a restaurant manager or owner, to have a sound understanding of the principles of restaurant and kitchen design and layout as it affects the success of the restaurant. Additionally, matters such as ambience and physical comfort, including lighting, smell and colour choice, will be explained as to why they are crucial

  • The 7 Levels Of Change

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    things outside of the box. II. Level 2: Efficiency - Doing things right – After mastering the way things are done on the job (level 1/effectiveness), you are able to move into level 2, which comprise of rules, guidelines, standard operating procedures and time. At this phase efficiency is the foundational thinking; “thinking that produces ideas with a minimum of waste, expenses, energy and unnecessary effort. Time management plays a major role in efficiency. Suggested tools such as a “to do list

  • Efficiency

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    I am an efficiency expert. An efficiency expert is someone who is able to accomplish a goal in the least amount of time with the most effective effort and ends with the highest quality result. A lot of people like to procrastinate. Those people end up waiting until the last possible minute to get things done. I am not one of those people. I live by the motto “Do it now, now it's done.” Instead of just thinking about writing this paper for the next week, I am writing it now so I can enjoy the rest

  • Home Sweet Home

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    A belief that people share, regardless of their cultural or ethnic background, is "Home Sweet Home". This saying implies that our home town, province, or village is usually the sweetest place, since it is bonded with the most beautiful and unforgettable memories of our childhood. This belief is most meaningful to people who have to live in exile or have do a lot of traveling. People usually have the same comment when asked about their feeling towards their hometown, "There is no place like home

  • Market Efficiency

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    Market Efficiency In simple Microeconomics Market efficiency is the unbiased estimate of the actual value of the investment. The stock price can be greater than or less than true value till the time these deviations are arbitrary. Market efficiency also states that even though investor has got any kind of precise inside information will be unable to beat the market. Fama (1988) has defined three levels of market efficiency: 1. Weak-form efficiency Asset prices instantly and completely reflect

  • What Is An Efficient Market?

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    Question 3: The information efficiency of stock markets is one of widely debated subject matter in the financial management theory and it has been a subject of many scientific studies for the past few decades. There is combination of popularity, controversy and criticism can indicate that an idea of interaction between information and stock market prices is multiple-valued. What does an efficient market mean? On an absolutely efficient market currant value of security share always equals to investment

  • Green Architecture

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    resourceful use of materials, to careful consideration of function, climate, and location. The concepts about green architecture can generally be organized into several areas of application. These areas include sustainability, materials, energy efficiency, land use, and waste reduction. Green buildings are not only designed for present use, but consideration is also been given to future uses as well. An adaptable structure can be "recycled" many times over the course of its useful life. If specific

  • Essay On Efficient Market Hypothesis

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    The concept of Efficient Market Hypothesis has weak bases. The efficacy of these assumption depends upon strength of one of the three situations. Coherent investment decisions, liberated irrational investment decisions, and arbitrage. In practice, none of these three conditions are valid. An alternate method, to explain capital market performance, based on psychology is gaining significance in the field of finance. The concept of 'efficient market hypothesis' was introduced by Eugene Fama in mid-1960s


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    employees’ efficiency in performing their tasks. This paper will concentrate on how organizational structure affects the efficiency of work done by employees’. Six key elements of an organizational structure will be followed by three common organizational structures. Efficiency of employees will be brought about relating to the above mentioned. “An organizational structure defines how job tasks are formally divided, grouped, and coordinated” (Robbins, Judge and Campbell, 2010, p.429). Efficiency means

  • Productive Efficiency and In Efficiency of a Production Possibility Frontier

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    Productive Efficiency and In Efficiency of a Production Possibility Frontier (PPF) Introduction The production possibility frontier is also known as the (PPF) in the economics world. It is simply a graph or diagram that does clearly show the production rate of two goods and/or services that an economy does produce efficiently or inefficiently over a given period of time. It accurately shows the production levels of the maximum to the minimum amounts produced in a uniformly drawn curve. This is usually

  • Energy Efficiency

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    Energy is an essential element that humans need to conduct their daily work. The world relies on generated energy, even though nuclear power develops harmful gases that damage the Earth’s atmosphere. Without power, the ability to operate simple devices that perform essential daily task could become useless. Energy is just so vibrant today, that having a week without energy could create a conflict between people to acquire power, so they could be able, to store their food in a refrigerated and safe

  • electric cars speech

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    •     13 lead acid batteries, different in detail from conventional automotive batteries, but not fundamentally so. The batteries provide for a very low center of gravity. •     Fiberglass body for keeping the weight down while increasing the energy efficiency considerably. I'm averaging .16KwH/mile or thereabouts for my typical commute. •     110v charging that takes about 8 hours. However, in my typical usage, I get to 80+% in less than 2 hours, and recharging stations are nearly *everywhere* however

  • To the Slaughter in The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson

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    Screaming, yelling, and screeching emerge from Tessi Hutchinson, but the town remains hushed as they continue to cast their stones. Reasonably Tessi appears as the victim, but the definite victim is the town. This town, populated by rational people, stones an innocent woman because of a lottery. To make matters worse, no one in the town fathoms why they exterminate a guiltless citizen every June. The town’s inexplicable behavior derives from following an ancient, ludicrous tradition. With the omission

  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis

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    The efficient market hypotheses also know as the joint hypothesis problem, asserts that financial markets lack solid hard information in making decisions. Efficient market hypothesis claims it is impossible to beat the market because stock market efficiency causes existing share prices to always incorporate and reflect all relevant information . According to efficient market hypothesis stocks always trade at their fair value on stock exchanges, making it impossible for investors to either purchase

  • Efficient Market Theory

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    inefficient "human" factors in the market equation is necessary in order to account for the flaw in Efficient Market Theory. Efficient Market Theory: A Contradiction of Terms Efficient Market Theory (EMT) is based on the premise that, given the efficiency of information technology and market dynamics, the value of the normal investment stock at any given time accurately reflects the real value of that stock. The price for a stock reflects its actual underlying value, financial managers cannot time