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  • Ed Gein Biography

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    Psychological Profile and Biography of Ed Gein On August 27, 1906, Edward Theodore Gein was the second son born to his alcoholic father George Gein, and his religiously fanatic mother Augusta Gein in La Crosse, Wisconsin. His older brother, Henry Gein, was 7 years older than him (BBC, 2008). Despite the children and Augustans contempt towards George, who was drunk and unemployed most of the time, they stayed together as divorce was not an option because of the family’s religious beliefs. Augusta

  • Ed Gein

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    This paper is based on the life of Ed Gein. He was an unusual character, born on a farm, and raised by a religious crazy, domineering mother. In the space of a few years his entire family passed away and he was left to take care of his farm all by himself. In the next few years he became a grave robber, a necrophiliac, a cannibal, and also took up arts and crafts in body parts. He is known as one of the weirdest serial killers of the twentieth century. He also inspired movies like Psycho, Silence

  • Ed Gein, Serial Killer or Murderer

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    Is Ed Gein a serial killer or a murderer? The rule is that one must kill 3 or more people at different periods of time. Ed Gein has officially killed 2 women and they were over a small span of time, but officially this does not make him a serial killer. Though he has dug up bodies and has done unspeakable things with them, they were already dead. Then why is he considered an iconic serial killer? Why has this man been used as the bases in so many horror movies, if he wasn’t even known in the country

  • The Legend of Ed Gein and His Filmic Rebirth

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    The Legend of Ed Gein and His Filmic Rebirth So you want to hear a legend hmm? Well, I'll give you what you want, but taint nothin' ‘bout it fiction. Now, you one of them scholarly types ain't ya–college and libraries and all that crap, right? Well, college kiddy you may think you know it all, but I know a thing or two about a thing or two. You haven't seen nothin'. You don't know a damn thing until you step right into the path of a cold-blooded killer. ‘Til you look that crazy sumabitch right

  • Edward Gein

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    Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The son of an alcoholic father and a very religious mother, Gein grew up alongside his older brother, Henry, in a household ruled by his mother preaching about the sins of carnal desire. With an effeminate demeanor, Ed Gein became a target for bullies. Classmates and teachers brought up mannerisms from the past, such as seemingly random laughter, as if he were laughing at his own personal jokes. His mother scolded him whenever

  • Why Is Edward Gein Insane

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    Edward Gein was an insane person. It all started when his mother Augusta Gein died in December 29, 1945. Edward was really attached to his mother, which was not healthy at all. Augusta always told him things that weren’t basically true about the world. Edward believed it all because he looked at his mother as if she was a “saint”. Ed’s behavior was psychotic, he was also very antisocial. He was shy. The primary motive he killed woman was because he had a psychological and sexual desire. The snapping

  • How Edward Theodore Gain Became a Serial Killer

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    their own depraved purposes. It is nearly impossible for them to feel any sort of sympathy. Ed Gein raises the question in my mind, “Are monsters born, or are they created?” In this case study, I am going to explain who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s, and how’s of Edward Theodore Gein. Edward Gein was born August 27, 1906, in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. He was the younger of two boys. His father, George Gein, was a worthless, good for nothing man who had drinking problems and could not keep a stable

  • Edward Theodore Gein

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    November 17, 1957 police arrived to the house of Ed Gein, they had suspected him of robbing the local hardware because he was found loitering around the store and being the last person seen at the store. When the police entered the house they found chairs, couches, lampshades, bowl made from a skull, a belt of female nipples and a costume made from human skin. “Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin”( A+E Networks). Ed never really had a normal childhood, a childhood

  • The Silence Of The Lambs Analysis

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    The Chicago murder rate has risen rapidly since 2013. The murder rate peaked in 2001 with 23.0 per 100,000 residents and has more than tripled New York City’s rate of 7.0 per 100,000 residents (“Crime Rate in Chicago, Illinois”) while in 2015, the murder rate was 17.5 per 100,000 residents (“Crime Rate in Chicago, Illinois”). Seeing that the Midwest is the second highest region for violence crimes in the United States, it’s clear where Thomas Harris, the author of the Hannibal series, found his inspiration

  • Henry Gerber Research Paper

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    Henry Gerber spent his life working to create an equal environment for himself and his fellow homosexuals. Henry Gerber was born under the name of Joseph Henry Dittmar on June 29, 1892 (“Henry Gerber”). He was born in Passau, Bavaria, Germany (De la Croix 73). It was described in his military profile that Henry Gerber had brown hair and blue eyes (De la Croix 73). As a child, Gerber was raised as a Catholic, but as he got older, he thought himself to actually be an atheist. At the age of 21, he

  • E. Ed Gein: A Serial Killer

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    ankles were merely just a glance of the bigger picture. There were wastebasket made of human skin, bowls made from human skulls, leggings made from human leg skin, and masks made from females heads. This is the home of famous murder and body snatcher, Ed Gein. His case was unique, he didn’t murder in anger, revenge, or financial plesaure but on the emptiness left by his mother. The one question that dwells on every psychologists, criminologists, and scientists mind is whether killers like him were born

  • Early Childhood Research Paper

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    Ed was born in 1945, he grew up in a small town in the Midwest, Davenport, Iowa. He grew up with 1 older brother and 1 older sister. Both of his parents died before he reached the age of 8. He experienced immense loss from a very early age. Ed was raised by his older brother and sister, who took the best care of him as they could for being teenagers, but his socioeconomic status was below the poverty line at some points. He even lived in a car at one point in his life. Eventually he was taken in

  • Edward Theodore Gein - America's Most Infamous Murderer

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    Edward Theodore Gein - America's Most Infamous Murderer Although tallying just two deaths, Ed Gein is one of America’s most infamous murderers. His notorious killings are remembered as being among the most perverse of any this century. His lunatic atrocities were magnified by the number of victims who fell prey to his sick deeds and who also fueled his numerous habits of cannibalism, necrophilia of women, and his obsession with the female body, especially his mother, Augusta Gein. Although clearly

  • Analysis Of Ed Gein: Responsible For The Killing Of Worden

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    Over time, the famous Chainsaw Massacre murderer has brought questions from individuals. Many wonder who slaughtered Bernice Worden and their reasoning behind it. This case is still known as an unsolved murder mystery; but after specific research, Ed Gein is responsible for the killing of Worden. Bernice Worden was born in 1899 and murdered on November 16th, 1957. Worden owned a store named after her last name, this is where she was working and last seen the day of her death (Biography.com). There

  • Eddie Gein

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    Edward Theodore was born on August 27, 1906, to Augusta and George Gein in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Eddie was the 2nd of two children. Eddie's mother was a fanatically religious women, who was determined to raise the boys according to her strict moral code. Eddie's mother repeatedly warned her sons of the immorality and looseness of women, hoping to discourage any sexual desires the boys might have. ( In the Beginning) Augusta was a domineering and hard woman, while her husband George, was a weak man

  • Psycho, The Movie

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    on their senses. The violence and bloodletting of PSYCHO may look tame to those who have grown up on Jason and Freddy Krueger, but no one had ever seen anything like it in 1960. Inspired by the life of the demented, cannibalistic Wisconsin killer Ed Gein (whose heinous acts would also inspire THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, 1974 and DERANGED, 1974), PSYCHO is probably Hitchcock's most gruesome and dark film. Its importance to its genre cannot be overestimated. PSYCHO's enduring influence comes not only

  • Case of a Serial Killer: Albert Fish

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    Serial murder is defined by the National Institute of Justice as a "series of two or more murders, committed as separate events, usually but not always, by one offender acting alone. The crimes may occur over a period of time ranging from hours to years. Quite often the motive is psychological, and the offender's behavior and the physical evidence observed at the crime scenes will reflect sadistic, sexual overtones." This definition perfectly describes serial killer Albert Fish. Albert Fish is the

  • Marilyn Manson

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    formed a band. Their names were changed to Marilyn Manson and Daisy Berkowitz. The names would come from different tabloid TV shit. By 1990, Marilyn Manson became Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. Manson was singer, Daisy the lead guitar, Gidget Gein as bass, Madonna Wayne Gacy on the keyboards (he replaced the original keyboardist: Zsa Zsa Speck), and a drum machine. They opened for NIN, and Trent was very impressed with them and would help them in the future in many different ways. In 1991

  • The Truman Show: Hero's Journey

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    Group Members: Tyler Paul, Nathaniel Stack, Harjot Gurm, Stephen Coleman The Truman Show - Hero’s Journey/Allegory of the Cave Directions: Please write a short essay explaining the hero’s journey in The Truman Show, and explaining how the story is influenced by the Allegory of the Cave. Essays should be 3-5 paragraphs long and contain a minimum of 450 words. A man born into a reality show about himself, Truman Burbank lives in “Seahaven Island” a world created to revolve around Truman

  • The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck

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    Steinbeck: Behind The Discontent When reading The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck, several of the themes, motives, and characters spark an interest in the story’s background. The novel, concerned with the struggle between man and morals, constantly refers to the corruptness of American society, which is precisely indicative of the author’s actual experiences. In fact, Steinbeck’s epigraph states, “Readers seeking to identify the fictional people and places here described would do better