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    This paper is based on the life of Ed Gein. He was an unusual character, born on a farm, and raised by a religious crazy, domineering mother. In the space of a few years his entire family passed away and he was left to take care of his farm all by himself. In the next few years he became a grave robber, a necrophiliac, a cannibal, and also took up arts and crafts in body parts. He is known as one of the weirdest serial killers of the twentieth century. He also inspired movies like Psycho, Silence

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    Ed Gein The people of Plainfield, considered Ed Gein a gentle man who everybody trusted. Ed had a very strict childhood. His father died when he was very young. His mother then decided that she would raise her children and not marry or be involved in any relationship. Mrs. Gein told Ed and his brother Henry that all women were bad and that sex would lead to heart breaks and diseases. Later in life, Ed confessed he felt his mother was good in every manner (deranged,wierd,sick, http.//www.deranged

  • Ed Gein Research Paper

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    Ed Gein is one of the most notorious serial killers in Hollywood. Details of Ed Gein’s atrocities were used to create some of the most sickening movies, including, “Psycho”, “The Silence of the Lambs”, and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, which portray disturbing scenes filled with gore. Edward Theodore “Ed” Gein was born August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin to George and Augusta Gein. He had one older brother named Henry. George, Ed’s father, was a weak alcoholic man. Augusta wore “the pants” in the

  • Ed Gein, Serial Killer or Murderer

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    Is Ed Gein a serial killer or a murderer? The rule is that one must kill 3 or more people at different periods of time. Ed Gein has officially killed 2 women and they were over a small span of time, but officially this does not make him a serial killer. Though he has dug up bodies and has done unspeakable things with them, they were already dead. Then why is he considered an iconic serial killer? Why has this man been used as the bases in so many horror movies, if he wasn’t even known in the country

  • Analysis Of Ed Gein: Responsible For The Killing Of Worden

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    Over time, the famous Chainsaw Massacre murderer has brought questions from individuals. Many wonder who slaughtered Bernice Worden and their reasoning behind it. This case is still known as an unsolved murder mystery; but after specific research, Ed Gein is responsible for the killing of Worden. Bernice Worden was born in 1899 and murdered on November 16th, 1957. Worden owned a store named after her last name, this is where she was working and last seen the day of her death (Biography.com). There

  • The Legend of Ed Gein and His Filmic Rebirth

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    The Legend of Ed Gein and His Filmic Rebirth So you want to hear a legend hmm? Well, I'll give you what you want, but taint nothin' ‘bout it fiction. Now, you one of them scholarly types ain't ya–college and libraries and all that crap, right? Well, college kiddy you may think you know it all, but I know a thing or two about a thing or two. You haven't seen nothin'. You don't know a damn thing until you step right into the path of a cold-blooded killer. ‘Til you look that crazy sumabitch

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    Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The son of an alcoholic father and a very religious mother, Gein grew up alongside his older brother, Henry, in a household ruled by his mother preaching about the sins of carnal desire. With an effeminate demeanor, Ed Gein became a target for bullies. Classmates and teachers brought up mannerisms from the past, such as seemingly random laughter, as if he were laughing at his own personal jokes. His mother scolded him whenever

  • Edward Theodore Gein - America's Most Infamous Murderer

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    Edward Theodore Gein - America's Most Infamous Murderer Although tallying just two deaths, Ed Gein is one of America’s most infamous murderers. His notorious killings are remembered as being among the most perverse of any this century. His lunatic atrocities were magnified by the number of victims who fell prey to his sick deeds and who also fueled his numerous habits of cannibalism, necrophilia of women, and his obsession with the female body, especially his mother, Augusta Gein. Although clearly

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    November 17, 1957 police arrived to the house of Ed Gein, they had suspected him of robbing the local hardware because he was found loitering around the store and being the last person seen at the store. When the police entered the house they found chairs, couches, lampshades, bowl made from a skull, a belt of female nipples and a costume made from human skin. “Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin”( A+E Networks). Ed never really had a normal childhood, a childhood


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    SERIAL KILLER EDWARD GEIN Serial murder is viewed as multiple murders within a given period of time. In United States of America, serial killing is neither a unique aspect nor new to the population. Since history, serial killers have been recorded around the globe. For a number of years, intellectuals, law enforcers, media and mental health professionals have thoroughly conducted investigation regarding serial killing. These groups have for a long time tried to understand the multifarious issues