Ed Gein, Serial Killer or Murderer

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Is Ed Gein a serial killer or a murderer? The rule is that one must kill 3 or more people at different periods of time. Ed Gein has officially killed 2 women and they were over a small span of time, but officially this does not make him a serial killer. Though he has dug up bodies and has done unspeakable things with them, they were already dead. Then why is he considered an iconic serial killer? Why has this man been used as the bases in so many horror movies, if he wasn’t even known in the country during his crimes? Most serial killers are feared, known and sometimes idolized during their sprees, but this man slipped under the radar for many years. Robert Bloch sought out information on Ed Gein which inspired him to write a story based on the horrid crimes he committed which brought forth this evil man into the lime light.

Ed Gein, Serial Killer Hidden in the Shadows
Born August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Edward Theodore Gein Was raised by his over religious mother and timid alcoholic father. His upbringing was what lead him to the abnormal lifestyle he was later shunned and prosecuted against. His relationship with his mother was unhealthy and kept him from dating or having friends. Her preaching about the sins of carnal desire and lust kept him home with his mother till her death in 1945. After her passing he did not handle the depression well and began digging up graves from the nearby cemetery. He choose to go after recently buried females for body parts before returning the remaining of the body back to its grave (, 2014).
After a while of collecting body parts and using them for variety of things from clothes to furniture and decorations around the house. He even had a female body suit and was accus...

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