Analysis Of Ed Gein: Responsible For The Killing Of Worden

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Over time, the famous Chainsaw Massacre murderer has brought questions from individuals. Many wonder who slaughtered Bernice Worden and their reasoning behind it. This case is still known as an unsolved murder mystery; but after specific research, Ed Gein is responsible for the killing of Worden. Bernice Worden was born in 1899 and murdered on November 16th, 1957. Worden owned a store named after her last name, this is where she was working and last seen the day of her death ( There is no real proof of exactly what Bernice Worden was killed with but there is evidence where she was found. Local police went to Gein's house due to suspicion and they found Worden dead inside of his house. This was not even half of the gruesome…show more content…
It appears that he also enjoyed cannibalism, but there is no exact proof to back this up. When searching Gein’s house, the officers found a lot of junk that they had to go through to get the evidence of many dead women throughout his house that they needed to see (Montaldo). For example, “The police officers raided through piles of garbage and an unfathomable amount of junk with only oil lamps to guide them” (Montaldo). This explains how eerie it was inside of Edwards house, not only did they have to move his trash to get from room to room inside of his house, but they never knew what was going to be under the garbage inside of the house…show more content…
The quote here explains only half of the imagery that they saw that day (Buchanan). These instances that have occurred did not trace back to history for Gein. He was a quiet man who did not have any past arrests or charges until he started killing women and local people in the town realized that he was off. Ed had never really been in trouble growing up through life (Mckendry). First, he was not allowed to leave the house other than for school for the time that he attended school. Edward was an outcast to the rest of the world, but still with no charges or arrests against him the world did not think much of him being a murderer or the man that he turned into
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