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  • The Driving Age

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    being able to drive at a younger age, but it is still unclear if they are able to handle it. If the legal driving age is lowered, are we endangering the lives of teen drivers, as well as the passengers with them? I believe most people want to drive as soon as they can. However, recently the government has been trying to pass laws that may change the current driving age of 16. There are positive and negative aspects to changing the laws that allow the driving age to stay at 16.There have been new

  • Essay On Driving Age Driving

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    Why students shouldn 't drive at young age Many young teenagers are now driving into the street. In that case, Teens are one of the main reasons of car wrecks. “ Most teenagers like to show off their cars by spending just to look cool but at the end they end up crashing” When young teens drive, they just put themselves in more danger by ending their life quickly. They need to understand the real consequences of driving onto the real world. Consequently, in fact, “ young teenagers are known to

  • The Driving Age

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    can drive on the wild road, it would be more beneficial to the world if driving age is changed from 16 years old to an older age. My concerns of the age group are the distractions as in technology, peers, and instincts. I consider that 16 to 19-year-olds should have at least a year's experience before qualifying for a full license to drive unsupervised. There will be mature people as well as fewer accidents if the legal age to drive would be raised to 20 years old. As technology becomes more popular

  • Driving Age Limit

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    Driving Limit Needs to be Increased In this essay, I will discuss the problems of teen driving. I will also propose a new law that increases the age limit for drivers. Currently, the age limit for drivers varies between states. Some states permit 15 year old drivers. Some allow 16 year olds to drive. Teens under the age of 18 are in a lot more risk than teens at 18 years or above. My law proposal is very beneficial to the U.S: The new driving age limit for every state should be 18. Increasing the

  • Essay On The Driving Age

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    "National Teen Driving Statistics" showed that 16-year-old teenagers are three times more likely to die in car accidents than the average of all drivers. More teenage drivers are involved in car crashes every year than any age group and are more likely to die. Many states grant 16 year olds unsupervised driving privileges, which many safety advocates argue it too soon. Many argue that teenagers are emotionally and psychological immature when facing other challenges. The driving age should be raised;

  • The Driving Age Controversy: Raising the Driving Age to 21

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    Driving Age Controversy Some people might argue that human’s brains aren’t fully developed until they are 21 years old, and that maturity and responsibility don’t start to show until you reach that age. Based on that opinion many people think that you aren’t ready to drive until you reach the age of 21, and those people are trying to have the legal driving age raised to 21. Well that would be ridiculous. You can’t derive someone’s maturity and responsibility from their age. That would be completely

  • Raising Driving Age

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    “Baseball is like driving, it's the one who gets home safely that counts.” - Tommy Lasorda. As implies, this quote could also be reversed and still prove to be true. A number of increasing car accidents have caused people to consider raising the driving age from 16 years of age to 18. The legal driving age should not be raised to 18 because the problem isn’t about age; it is about experience and decision making. When regarding the topic of raising the legal driving age, experience and poor decision

  • The Importance Of The Driving Age

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    Today in the world you see how driving has become an everyday thing, everybody uses a car to get to the destination they need whether it’s their job or just to go out. Many out have their driver’s license, while other are just starting to learn how to drive to obtain their driver’s license. Everybody has always had an issue with what the right age should be to allow people to obtain their driver’s license and drive. While some people don’t argue with the age that teenagers should be allow to drive

  • Driving Age Essay

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    Today in the world you see how driving becomes an everyday thing, everybody uses a car to get to the destination they need whether it’s their job or just to go out. Many out there have their driver’s license, while others are just starting to learn how to drive to obtain their driver’s license. Everybody has always had an issue with what the right age should be to allow people to obtain their driver’s license and drive. While some people don’t argue with the age that teenagers should be allowed to

  • Raising Driving Age

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    Raising the Driving Age Many parents view driving as freedom for both them and their teen, but should the driving age be raised? That question has been asked over and over. Both the government and parents have argued over the situation, but ultimately it never comes to a conclusion. Parents think that the driving age should stay the same mainly so they don’t have to chauffer their teens around, but the government thinks it should be raised for safety and many other reasons (Gerdes). Teens are often

  • Minimum Driving Age

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    road, eventually you just learn how to drive on it.” Teens start to drive at the age of sixteen through school or outside programs. The controversy now is should teens be driving at sixteen or older. Most adults want the driving age be raised to the age of eighteen. The minimum driving age should stay the same at sixteen because teenagers are able be more experienced and gaining responsibility. The minimum driving age should stay the same at sixteen due to the fact that most teenagers have much experience

  • Raising Driving Age

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    "16-year-olds have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age" (11 facts about teen driving). This is a current problem because it is raising the death rate and putting other people in danger. Another reason this is a current issue is because teenagers take for granted the power of freedom given to them. They do it every time they drink and drive or text while driving. They do not think of the consequences. Two main reasons the driving age should be raised is because they are mentally undeveloped

  • Raising The Driving Age

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    “Congratulations, you’ve passed the driving test.” At the age of sixteen people can receive their driver’s license. Many think that this age is too high but many more think it is too low. The leading cause of death for sixteen year olds is motor vehicle crashes. Raising the drivers age to even just eighteen can reduce the risk of accidents with being more experienced, more mature, and parents being able to educate teenagers more than at sixteen.     Motor Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of

  • Legal Driving Age

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    Many youth ages sixteen to eighteen are audacious, they mostly want freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility and most young adults lack this. They want to have fun before they turn into adults.There are too many problems with minors when it comes to driving. Can we risk the safety of Canadians for juvenile teens? Can we let them rampage through our streets for entertainment? Youngsters are known for partying, sneaking out, drinking; when it is illegal and we can not have people like this causing

  • The Driving Age Of 18

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    constant debate between many groups over the issue of changing the driving age to 18. Although that idea appeals to some, not all agree to the fact that increasing the driving age to 18 is a safer and better age to drive than the current age of 16. The reasons behind peoples opinions to increase the age can easily be debatable and those opinions can be stated incorrect. Those who are in vote for the increase of the driving age may say that 16 year olds are not mature enough to tackle the responsibility

  • Increasing Driving Age

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    driver. The man gets ready for work as he does every day, but on this particular day he ends up in the hospital in critical condition. One of the greatest risk for any driver out there is driving near a distracted driver and couple that with being a teenager can lead to disaster. Therefore, increasing the driving age to twenty-one versus sixteen may help alleviate some of the most devastating car accidents faced with a teenager. Teenagers for the most part are still immature and almost feel indestructible

  • Raising The Driving Age

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    In recent years, the legal driving age has become a topic of heated debate. There are many supporters that advocate for raising the legal driving age to eighteen or twenty-one. However, raising the driving age would cause some major problems. Sixteen should remain the legal driving age in most states and areas because the economic burden would be extremely large and the problems related to young drivers would not be adequately solved by simply rising the legal driving age. This essay will outline the

  • Lowering The Driving Age

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    Many people think about wanting to change the driving age. Doing this would not be a good idea because lowering it would put irresponsible people behind the wheel of a dangerous vehicle. Driving is one of the most dangerous things that most people don’t even think about, but they do it every day. In many senses the driving age should get higher. Many drivers are not responsible or mature enough to operate a vehicle. One of the highest percentages of deaths happen in teenage car crashes. This is either

  • The Driving Age Should Be Increased

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    The Driving age should be increased to eighteen According to federal driving license laws in the United States, the current legal minimum driving age to obtain a restricted driver’s license varies from state from fourteen years, three months in South Dakota to as high as seventeen in New Jersey. Many high school teens by this time are out and about in their vehicles, adjusting and learning the rituals of the road. But, it is also a time when many teens are at higher risk of danger due to many activities

  • Raising The Driving Age Essay

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    Teenagers have the highest average of annual traffic violations than any other age group in the U.S. (Teen Drivers:Get The Facts). This may be one reason why over 100 countries, including most of Europe, have a minimum driving age set at 18. Although the debate over raising the driving age to 18, in the U.S, has been an ongoing argument for many years, researchers have found that raising the driving age would drastically impact the U.S in a positive way. (McBride). Parents say that this would be