The Driving Age Of 18

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There has been a constant debate between many groups over the issue of changing the driving age to 18. Although that idea appeals to some, not all agree to the fact that increasing the driving age to 18 is a safer and better age to drive than the current age of 16. The reasons behind peoples opinions to increase the age can easily be debatable and those opinions can be stated incorrect. Those who are in vote for the increase of the driving age may say that 16 year olds are not mature enough to tackle the responsibility of controlling a moving vehicle. Letting 16 year old teenagers drive gives them the responsibility to make mature and correct decisions. There are so many social pressures out there including texting and drinking. Teenagers know that they should not give in to these pressures due to the multiple programs and reminders. Teens can also make responsible decisions by deciding whether they are ready to drive or not. If the 16 year old is not ready to drive, they might wait a little longer to get more practice. So by categorizing that all teenagers are not mature enough to handle driving would be arbitrary. A learners permit helps teach and train the teenager to drive. With the learners permit, a teenage driver, as we know, must have a licensed driver to watch over the driver with the permit in the car. This way, the licensed driver can help teach the newer driver so that the new driver can safe on the road. The only way the licensed driver would have been able to be a guide to the new driver would be if they went through the same process of getting the learners permit. If the age was raised to 18, college students who are 18 would have a hard time getting time to work with an experienced driver due to distance be... ... middle of paper ... ... proving much. By moving the age up, laws are just postponing accidents, no stopping them. An experienced 16 year old driver is much safer than a new 18 year old driver, not due to maturity but once again experience. Crashes will happen no matter what age due to inexperienced drivers. There are Graduated Licence Program that helps limit distractions no matter what age. Instead of changing the age, states can possibly can imply more programs with slowly gives more privileges to teens showing safety and trustworthy acts instead of categorizing all 16 year olds into the immature and irresponsible group. As many vote to change the driving age to 18 rather than 16, there are many factors to consider before they take in the biased opinions of the public. This issue should not be treated as an immaturity, irresponsibility, or age issue but simply as an experience issue.
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