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  • Drainage

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    Drainage Introduction The main objective of agricultural land drainage is to remove excess water in order to improve the profitability of farming the land. There area periods on most land when excess water occurs. However, these need not be too harmful provided the quantities are small, the periods of occurrence are of short duration or the excess occurs during a non critical season. Most land also has some natural drainage which assists in the removal of a certain amount of the excess

  • The Environmental Impacts of Drainage Water

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    water table and salinity problems .Drainage installation whether subsurface or surface with different types can be an appropriate option to manage water table and salinity. Nowadays, planner reattempted to develop drainage systems using modern techniques and advanced. However, the introduction of drainage operation has conserved or improved millions of hectares of land for cultivation. (oghli, 2009) reported the drain water result from subsurface drainage system has low water quality. To minimize

  • Essay On Tile Drainage

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    environmental problems such as agricultural flooding has a catastrophic impact of great concern to farmers so tile drainage has been suggested to more or less improve the problem. Flooding in the Midwest is expected to increase in the upcoming future, therefore farmers should try to find the solution before it’s too late and they start losing more agriculture. Installing tile drainage systems on farming land isn’t a bad idea at all considering that the investment pays off in the end because it prepares

  • Ethiopian Roads Authority Drainage Design Manual

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    a road drainage design manual in 2002 under a credit from the International Development Agency (IDA). This technical note has been prepared for Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) as a result of a brief review of the above manual published in 2002. The brief received from ERA required me to review the drainage design manual referred above and make comments and recommendations if any. In preparing this technical note, I have read the ERA drainage design manual-and various road drainage design

  • River Tees Drainage Baisin

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    River Tees Drainage Baisin The river Tees flows from the Pennines in Cumbria, northwest England, to the North Sea via Tees Bay. Its length is 130 km / 80 miles. Its port, Teesport, handles in excess of 42 million tonnes of water per year. Its main tributaries are the Lune, Balder, and Greta. There are many factors affecting the drainage baiins of the River Tees, many of these are human factors. Water Barrage and Watersports: Much of the water nearing the sea is polluted with industrial

  • Magnetized Wetlands and Acid Mine Drainage

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    Magnetized Wetlands and Acid Mine Drainage Acid mine drainage is a problem that affects many states, specifically being an extremely large problem in Pennsylvania. Target ores often contain sulfides, which react with the air and water to form sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid, being one of the six strong acids, completely dissociates and dissolves harmful metals in the surrounding rock. These harmful metals include arsenic, copper, iron, etc. The dissolved metals sink to the bottom of ponds, rivers, and

  • The Cause And Effects Of Acid Mine Drainage

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    The Cause and Effects of Acid Mine Drainage INTRODUCTION Imagine going fishing on a cool Autumn day, the trees are all different shades of orange, brown and red and the birds are singing their beautiful songs, but their is a serious problem because when you arrive at the river all plant and animal life are gone. This is by no means a recent phenomenon. This is due to the effects of acid rock drainage (ARD). This is a problem that has been occurring since ancient times, but it was not until the

  • History of Acid Mine Drainage in South Africa

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    The history and beginning of increased acid mine drainage: Mining has been a cornerstone of South Africa’s economy. It was the basis for which one of its main cities, Johannesburg, was built around. Today, gold mining in the Witwatersrand basin has been one of the main contributing factors to mining in South Africa. An estimated 98% of all gold mined in South Africa has been mined from the Witwatersrand basin. South Africa’s total mining reserves have an estimated worth of R20. 3-trillion, giving

  • What’s the Big Deal About Acid Mine Drainage? Diagnosis, Treatment, and Perspective

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    getting worse while people don’t know? This is acid mine drainage, the minerals in abandoned mines chemically react with the water run off to create acids that pollute nearby streams and rivers. This pollution only spreads over time, kills wildlife, and even dissolves machinery. Acid mine drainage has been known for centuries, but treatment was scarce then, only recently has it been evolving. In this essay the I will explain what acid mine drainage is, the key treatments from the past 100 or so years

  • Road Drainage

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    of the most important factors in building a road is drainage. If every other aspect of the road design and construction is carried out properly but the road drainage is not well planned, designed and constructed, the road structure will inevitably lead to a premature failure. Erosion control is an integral part of road drainage. Excessive erosion may plug culverts leading to saturations of the road pavement structure and failure of drainage systems, and finally leading to the pavement failure