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  • Drag: The Media's Perception Of Drag

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    I. Introduction “I always say “we’re born naked and the rest is drag.” Any performer who puts on an outfit to project an image is in drag. Everything you put on is to fit a preconceived notion of how you wanna be seen. It’s all drag. Mine is just more glamorous‟ (RuPaul, Baker 1994:258). In this research paper I will examine pop icon Lady Gaga’s portrayal of her alter ego 'Jo Calderone' as s/he displays drag as a critical intervention into the media’s claims of the real. Through her status

  • Drag Case Study

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    Introduction Drag is one of the most fascinating concepts in the aviation industry today. Dating back to the late 1930s, near the World War II, the concept was given much importance since scientists were working on ways to make flight and aerial combat more effective. As time progressed, various methods to reduce drag were introduced since it can influence the future of aviation. Drag reduction methods have many positive ramifications like higher operational range, fuel consumption reduction,

  • The World of Drag

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    The intention of this research is to clearly define the roles that drag performers fill in our society. With that objective, the key issues that must be clarified include offering what the distinction of a drag performer is compared to other individuals that may be mislabeled or misrepresented by such a title, and what education is lacking by those who challenge the concept of drag. In society it is a common theme to fear or demonize an idea we feel is taboo, even when we have a very weak understanding

  • The Art of Drag

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    For centuries, drag queens and kings have been a source of entertainment for many people around the world. Much like theater, drag shows are purely for entertainment and require an abundant amount of time and energy. Although many of the performers are homosexual, there are many misconceptions in regards to their lifestyle, sexuality, and morals. The art of drag is very versatile and represents much more than just dressing up. For hundreds of years, men have been on stage dressing as women

  • The Drag Coefficient on Kinder's Egg Container

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    the drag coefficient on Kinder’s egg container which is quite similar to the cylinder. Particularly that cylinder is experiencing the flow over its flat face. Its drag coefficient is going to be measured in fluid of air wind. The airflow would be supplied by ordinary hair dryer. The velocity of air wind will be measured by the help of anemometer, which we would construct by ourselves with improvised materials such as plastic cups, pencil, pin and straws. Particularly the coefficient of drag is going

  • Drag Regression Analysis

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    Drag has been used as a way of healing for some, it allows an individual to create a new self of self and draw on their own strengths (Yee, 2011). By entering the world of Drag it is opening a world of possibilities for an individual, and allows them to make close relationships with others within the Drag world (Yee, 2011). This was the case for Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova, or Katya for short. Katya is a beautiful drag persona of Brian Joseph McCook (Runyon, 2017). Katya competed in seasons

  • Drag Race Show

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    On Season 3, Episode 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, popular drag queen, Mimi Imfurst, fought to stay in the competition during the Lip Sync for Your Life elimination performance. In the middle of the number, Mimi Imfurst ducked underneath fellow queen, India Ferrah, picked them up on their shoulders, and carried them on the stage. At the end of the performance, RuPaul eliminated Mimi Imfurst and said famous quote, “drag is not a contact sport.” How is manliness exemplified when cisgender, queer men are

  • Analysis Of The Drag Queen

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    RuPaul Charles, the professional drag queen whose speech style I examined, is one of the more famous drag queens – both in terms of public consciousness and in sociolinguistic research. Sarah Jenkins’s analysis (2013) explores her use of falsetto and intonation changes, the use of empty adjectives and crude sexual humor, and references to gay icons. Findings include the “use of pronouns to titles in order to indicate and support the fact that she [the drag queen] is, indeed, passing as a woman” (Jenkins

  • Push, Pull or Drag in....Another Misleading TV Commercial

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    Push, Pull or Drag in....Another Misleading TV Commercial Have you ever been watching TV and seen a car commercial that says, “ Come on down to your local Ford Automotive, and you can get a car of your choice for just $129 a month (Spitzer, 2003).” Some have even used lines like, “Do whatever you have to do push, pull or drag your car in, and drive away in a brand new car” (Spitzer, 2003). The commercial may never stop to give you the details of the qualification requirements for the cars. So

  • Drag: Trans-Gender Analysis

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    “It's a sort of piss-take on culture, because a drag queen is a clown - a parody of our society. It's a sarcastic spoof on culture, which allows us to laugh at ourselves - but in a way that is inclusive of everyone.” (Ru Paul) “Drag queen” is another term for a female impersonator, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as, “A male entertainer whose performance consists of dressing and acting like a woman” (OED 2015). The term ‘drag’ originated in the 19th century, when men performing as women

  • Drag Queen: Informative Speech

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    Topic: Drag Queen General Purpose: to inform Specific Purpose: to increase the audience knowledge on drag queens Thesis: Drag is big and larger than life, anyone would want to be a queen for a day, man or woman. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Fierce, fabulous, and glamorous are a few words to describe this woman on the screen. So would it surprise you all to know that she is in fact a he? B. Purpose Statement: My goal is to increase your knowledge about drag and educate you guys on the

  • Free Narrative Essays - Drag Racing Dreams

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    Drag Racing Dreams The heat was unbearable as I pulled up to the starting line.  The smell of exhaust gases and burned rubber filled the air.  The starting light received my fullest attention, zoning everything out of my conscience. 3...2...1...green light!  I stomped my foot on the accelerator as I side stepped my clutch.  Shifting into second gear, I flipped the switch to my nitrous oxide system.  Instantaneously I was thrown back into my seat.  All of a sudden a loud pop disturbed

  • Informative Speech On Drag Racing

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    you on a lot of the amazing facts about the nitro powered dragsters of the NHRA. First, i'm going to inform you on how drag racing started and on how drag racing works, then how the dragsters work. Following that i'm going to explain how the equipment keeps the drivers and workers safe, finally I will explain how the sport is evolving, The History of Insanity The sport of drag racing started back in 1951, when a man by the name of wally parks created the NHRA(Wikipedia). Wallys dream was to have

  • Drag Racing Research Paper

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    me stories of him drag racing, and how fast his old Chevelle was. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born at the time he had it. Drag racing is a huge part of American history, it dates all the way back to around the late 1940s and early 50s. After World War 2 drag racing became very popular among the American people. It mostly started on dry lake beds around the country, this gave the cars they were using enough room to get up to speed. Just like how NASCAR was created from bootleggers drag racing had a little

  • Persuasive Essay On Drag Racing

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    Have you ever been into the fantabulous sport of drag racing (even though it's kind of illegal )? Have you ever wanted to witness the wildness of a stellar car on a smooth track with the sun beating down on you while hundreds watch in awe as your ride explodes with power? Well if you have, these are some things you need to know. First of all, It is fun it is to watch the cars in action. When at a drag race, make sure you wear earplugs; the cars are so noisy if you don’t have them on, your ears will

  • Pasadena City College Drag Show

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    April 17th at 7 p.m., Pasadena City College held the Fourth Annual Drag Show in Harbeson Hall. About fifteen people from the campus dressed in drag and were ready to sashay up and down the catwalk. The performers did lip-synching performances and runway shows as with other drag shows. Finger food, music, and a roomful of excited people ensured a joyful event. However, I wondered if people were actually excited because of the same reason. While I peering slowly around the crowded hall, I noticed that

  • How to Calculate the G Forces in NHRA Drag Racing

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    How to Calculate the G Forces in NHRA Drag Racing In the sport of professional drag racing gravity takes on an entirely different meaning while accelerating these monsters down the track at speeds in excess of 330 miles per hour. The force exerted on the driver is known as G force. In this short journey down the track, the formula to calculate the forces exerted on the driver will be demonstrated. Next the forces exerted on the driver in the individual classes of cars. Then at the end of the

  • Drag History

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    October 2017 The History of Drag Gender can be interpreted in many different ways. One interpretation is Drag. Drag is an artform that has been since Ancient Greece. Through the years, drag has changed a lot from its eEarly sStages to 50’s,60’s, 80’s,90’s and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Drag has also maintained a consistent, and at times rocky, relationship with the LGBT+ Community. Drag is a popular form of self-expression that breaks the boundaries of gender Funnily drag did not n’t start out as a form

  • Air Pressure effects the Speed of Falling objects

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    falling in a vacuum, this would be the only force acting on the object. But in the atmosphere, the motion of a falling object is opposed by the air resistance or drag. The drag equation tells us that drag is equal to a coefficient times one half the air density (R) times the velocity (V) squared times a reference area on which the drag coefficient is based. The motion of a falling object can be described by Newton's second law of motion, Force = mass x acceleration. Do a little algebra and solve

  • Physics of Paper Airplanes

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    different designs of paper airplanes and that different designs could affect the physics applied to it. If one paper airplane used a second set of wings or had a tail like a real airplane, those items would have more physics applied to them like extra drag. Up, Up and Away! So your paper airplane takes to the air and glides gentely to the ground but you still don't understand how it is able to glide. Your paper airplane uses lift to carry it through the air and to its landing area. Now you are interested