Drag Queen: Informative Speech

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Topic: Drag Queen
General Purpose: to inform
Specific Purpose: to increase the audience knowledge on drag queens
Thesis: Drag is big and larger than life, anyone would want to be a queen for a day, man or woman.
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: Fierce, fabulous, and glamorous are a few words to describe this woman on the screen. So would it surprise you all to know that she is in fact a he?
B. Purpose Statement: My goal is to increase your knowledge about drag and educate you guys on the subculture of drag queens.
C. Credibility Statement: I have watched 7 seasons of Rupaul’s Drag Race to enhance my own knowledge about drag, so I want to pass that knowledge on to you guys.
D. Thesis: Drag is big and larger than life, anyone would want to be a queen for a day, …show more content…

Preview: Today I discuss the origins of the term drag queen, types of drag queens, drag lingo, and drag queen names.
Transition: First, let’s discuss the origin of the term drag queen.
II. Origins
A. A drag queen by dictionary definition is typically a male who dresses in drag to exaggerate the features of a woman for public entertainment.
B. The term drag is a reference to the female clothes worn by a male performer in William Shakespeare’s plays when the boys played the girls roles.
C. The term queen is a reference to the man’ flamboyant and feminine personality and antics while in drag.
D. Another term for drag queen is female impersonator but it is regarded as inaccurate because not all drag queens are trying to become women.
E. Drag queens are known for stage performances that include lip syncing, live singing, dancing, cabarets, and they also participant in beauty pageants.
Transition: Now that we discussed origins, let’s talk about the types of drag queens.
III. Types of Drag Queens
A. Beauty Queens embody high fashion and elegance while looking the most like a woman while in drag.
B. Pageant Queens gear their act toward winning titles and prizes in drag pageants that rival Miss

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