The Art of Drag

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For centuries, drag queens and kings have been a source of entertainment for many people around the world. Much like theater, drag shows are purely for entertainment and require an abundant amount of time and energy. Although many of the performers are homosexual, there are many misconceptions in regards to their lifestyle, sexuality, and morals. The art of drag is very versatile and represents much more than just dressing up.

For hundreds of years, men have been on stage dressing as women. This can be dated back as far back as the thirteenth century, when the church disapproved of women actors but allowed males to disguise as the opposite sex. Forms of transvestism are rooted in the dawn of the theater and have been spotted in all corners of the world, particularly in China and Japan. Not every male who dresses as a woman is a drag queen. There are other categories, such as transvestites and cross-dressers, who ordinarily are straight men who wear female clothing for erotic purposes, pre-operational transsexuals, and transgender people. Drag queens are generally gay men who dress as women and perform. Even though it is not often noted, women have also been impersonating men on stage for centuries.

Although the term “drag king” was coined in 1972, women were performing in men’s attire long before then. However, it wasn’t until the mid 1990s that drag kings obtained some of the attention and fame that drag queens have long received. In today’s society, many women wear men’s apparel for strictly fashion reasons; these women are not considered drag kings. Despite drag kings being a large phenomenon in lesbian culture, not all drag kings are homosexual.

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When a women is transforming into a drag king the body enhances aren’t nearly as intense. However, binding, is very important. Binding is the acting of suppressing the breast, in attempts of achieving a flat chest. Binding can be done by tightly wrapping ace bandages around the upper body. Binders can also be purchased. These two methods are sometimes combined. Some women also go as far as binding their hips. Many drag kings also apply facial hair. This may be done with makeup or with actual hair pieces.

Although drag requires an excessive amount of work, in the end it is well worth it. Drag is very much like theater. It is an art in its own and represents much more than just men and women cross-dressing. Drag is empowering and exciting.
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