Grandpas House

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The House of Being My grandpa’s house may seem like just another house, but it actually explains an entire existence. It has every component of a typical house, but there is something about his that makes me think of life and how brief it really is. There are the flowers and the garden in the backyard that have characteristics of one’s childhood and the development process. His house has the look of defeat, telling me that life will soon be over, and its time is up. Finally, near the backyard there is a garage where everything from his life has been permanently stored. In one visit to Grandpa’s house, I can experience something that takes most people an entire lifetime to experience. His house reminds me of age and how it affects one’s life. Just outside the garage is the backyard, which is akin to one’s childhood. This is where I remember spending my days running around in the waist-high grass pretending that I was in a jungle. Surrounding the yard are daisies and tulips, which every spring, bloom and provide beauty for the entire season. In the center of the yard is a large satellite dish. It is a large black ominous monstrosity, which seemed to turn of its own free will. Next to the satellite dish on the right side is a sandbox my grandpa and I had built one summer. On the other side of the yard near the house stands a crabapple tree that has been there for as long as I can remember. Behind the garage is the garden, which in the summer is flourishing with fruits, melons,...

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