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  • Discipleship

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    Discipleship Teachers around the time when Jesus lived thought that learning was such that the people who wanted to learn should come to them to be taught. But Jesus felt differently and rather than waiting for people to come to him, he went out to find them and then chose them to be his followers. He called them disciples and this word means one who learns. But Jesus chose his disciples carefully as we are told in Mark 1:16-20 and also in Mark 3:13-19. In the first passage, Jesus appoints his first

  • Discipleship Essay: What Is Discipleship?

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    What is Discipleship? The early close followers of Jesus were known as His disciples, he had many other followers as crowds followed Him wherever he went, yet He had twelve close disciples. So, what is discipleship really? The definition of a disciple, according to Merriam Webster is, “one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.” The twelve disciples certainly fit into that description. They believed the words of Jesus and His teachings, then after Jesus left earth to return

  • Explaining Discipleship

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    Explaining Discipleship A disciple is somebody who wants to learn from and follow another. In the New Testament, the word disciple was used to describe the followers of Jesus, the twelve in particular. There are still disciples in the world today who lead lives following God and spreading His word. Examples of these people who we call modern day disciples are Jean Vanier and John Paul II. In Mark's gospel, we learn that faith is an important aspect of discipleship. Faith is the belief

  • The Work of Discipleship

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    The Work of Discipleship A disciple is ‘one who wishes to follow and learn from another’. A disciple believes in and helps to spread the teachings of another. Jesus gathered disciples around him to help him with his mission. The number of disciples he chose, twelve, is significant. Jesus links the twelve disciples in the New Testament and the twelve tribes of Israel in the Old Testament. This is the connection between the Old and the New Covenants When Jesus called them, they instantly

  • The Meaning of Discipleship

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    The Meaning of Discipleship Discipleship revolves around following Jesus both physically and spiritually. Both the first disciples and Christians today are followers of Jesus. A disciple of Jesus would be expected to respond immediately to Jesus, love his neighbour, be willing to forgive sins, show generosity, accept persecution and live their lives using gospel values in everything they do and say. The first disciples of Jesus were expected to give up everything to be real followers

  • The Meaning of Discipleship

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    The Meaning of Discipleship In this piece of coursework I will be writing about the meaning of discipleship for the first disciples, and for Christians today. A disciple is someone who believes in and helps to spread the teachings of another. A disciple of Jesus is a follower of Jesus

  • Personal Theology of Discipleship

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    Personal Theology of Discipleship Just what is theology? This question can have a wide variety of answers, from irrelevant facts about God thought up by men centuries ago, to complicated theories discussed by scholars. Typically, the average 21st century man does not consider theology as relevant. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Theology by definition has the characteristics of both expounding the truth, and impacting the believer with that truth (Himes, 2011). Therefore,

  • Evangelism And Discipleship Essay

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    of evangelism and discipleship is to make Jesus Christ our Lord. While these terms involve two different steps, they are the same process. One does not take precedence over the other; both are required for the believer. Thusly, evangelism is more so a term that is engulfed over the magnitude of discipleship, as coming to know God is to follow him. Also, Jesus did not say to make Christians, or converts, but to “go and make disciples” (Matt. 28:19)! In this process of discipleship, one cannot be a

  • Importance Of Biblical Discipleship

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    Biblical foundation for millennial discipleship The church must strive to have in place a biblical foundation to discipleship that relates to the millennial generation. All of the churches discipleship efforts should strive to build and foster authentic relationships. We are at a precarious point in the life of the church where the Christian community must come to a conclusion to rethink the efforts to making disciples. “Some (though not all) ministries have taken cues from the assembly line, doing

  • The Cost Of Discipleship Summary

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    A favorite among small, Christian, liberal arts colleges, Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship exposits what it means to follow in the Christian tradition. The book was published in 1937, at the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany, thus making it a very politically charged book. He works through the Sermon on the Mount account as indicative that the church is a manifestation of Christ on earth and it must follow him accordingly – which he too exposits. The book is bold, certainly, as indicated by

  • The Catechumenate: Discipleship In The Church

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    THE CATECHUMENATE: THE KEY MISSING INGREDIENT OF DISCIPLESHIP IN THE CHURCH A leaders last words and commands to his followers encompass the heart of his message and mission. Jesus’ final command to his disciples in Scripture was to, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19-20 ESV). This emphasis on disciple making was the impetus for the development of an organized disciple-making program for new believers during the Patristic period called the Catechumenate. Jesus charges his disciples

  • Discipleship and Mark's Gospel

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    Discipleship and Mark's Gospel Mark's Gospel can tell us the entire truth about discipleship, telling Christians about the faith, responsibility, and sacrifice involved in following Jesus. Some may even say that we glimpse a harsh reality of what it really means to be a true Christian disciple and to have complete faith. Although in saying this, it is important to note that Mark's Gospel does also cover the rewards and the actual meaning of discipleship. This is important to include as Mark's

  • The Importance Of Christian Discipleship

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    When thinking about Christian Discipleship, it is important to look at the fact that it is completely possible to be a Christian, without being a Christian Disciple (Willard, 4). I personally think of Christian Discipleship as taking a step beyond knowing and accepting Christ as a personal savior, and going out into the world to help transform others lives to be in accordance with God. Greg Ogden describes it best, in his book Transforming Discipleship: Making Disciples a Few at a Time, when he

  • Discipleship: James and Paul

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    Ed. R.C. Sproul. Liqonier Ministries, 2012. Web. 11 Apr. 2014. Goodrick, Edward W., and John R. Kohlenberger. "2240." The Strongest NIV Exhaustive Concordance. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2004. N. pag. Print. Hull, Bill. The Complete Book of Discipleship: On Being and Making Followers of Christ. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 2006. 43-44. Print. MacArthur, John F. "Grace To You." Born to Holiness. Grace To You, 14 Sept. 1986. Web. 11 Apr. 2014. . MacArthur, John F. "Grace To You." Dead Faith.

  • Discipleship: The Process Of Discipleshhip

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    Leader as Mentor Discipleship is the process of making disciples; students or followers of someone (Oxford Dictionaries, 2016). Although discipleship existed long before Jesus, the disciple-making process as expressed by Jesus is the most impactful example for Christianity. The following is an analysis of discipleship as it was applied to Jesus’ ministry, Jesus’ discipleship model in light of modern leadership theories, and a discussion of what can be gleaned from Jesus’ discipleship model. Levels

  • Discipleship in Mark's Gospel

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    Discipleship in Mark's Gospel Primarily the definition of a disciple is a person or a group of people who learn from a religious leader/teacher and live according to his/her teachings. By divulging and studying the hidden realms of St. Mark’s Gospel, we can conclude that a “Christian” disciple is someone who learns from Christ and lives according to his teachings. And from this conclusion, and a more detailed insight into the many hidden meanings in St. Mark’s Gospel I can say that mark’s

  • Analysis Of Mere Discipleship

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    while growing up in church. After reading Lee Camp’s Mere Discipleship, I find that a lot of what I believe to be considered a part of being a disciple is in fact true, but I also find my knowledge about the topic to be greatly expanded and mostly cleared up from what I understood before. After reading through this book, I feel that my thoughts on what Christian discipleship should be have been reinforced and somehow cleared up. Discipleship is central to Christian faith and practice because it is

  • St. Luke and Discipleship

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    St. Luke and Discipleship I have already previously defined the meaning of a disciple. So we know a disciple is a follower of someone. There are two different disciples, one is a follower of someone religious such as Jesus and the other is a follower of someone with an inspiring talent like a singer. I have also described biblical examples of Jesus' call to his first disciples. From this we learnt about the importance of trust and priority (that the Lord is the most important of all things)

  • Mark’s Gospel and the Nature of Discipleship

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    Mark’s Gospel and the Nature of Discipleship Discipleship is an initial theme in Mark’s Gospel. It was important to the early Christians and is till for Christians today. Christian disciples are followers of Jesus Christ. They learn from his teachings and way of life. True disciples must be committed and put God first. Christians should aim to be a good disciple in all aspects of life to do this they need to take in account what Mark said about discipleship. Mark tells the story of the

  • 5 Stages Of Discipleship Essay

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    Next, it will identify the current stage of discipleship that I am in, while identifying the spheres that I need to submit to in relation to the centrality of Christ. Finally, this paper will conclude with what it means to be in submission to Christ. The 5 Stages of Discipleship Spiritual growth requires followers to experience a change from the time the gospel is shared to the acceptance of Christ. Christian