Discipleship and Mark's Gospel

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Discipleship and Mark's Gospel

Mark's Gospel can tell us the entire truth about discipleship, telling

Christians about the faith, responsibility, and sacrifice involved in

following Jesus. Some may even say that we glimpse a harsh reality of

what it really means to be a true Christian disciple and to have

complete faith. Although in saying this, it is important to note that

Mark's Gospel does also cover the rewards and the actual meaning of

discipleship. This is important to include as Mark's Gospel was

written at a time when Christians endured much persecution. They may

have wondered why they should tolerate this treatment without any kind

of reward and so Mark included this in his gospel.

Mark does include what it means to be a disciple in his gospel,

particularly, why Jesus chose disciples to be with him. When Jesus

sends out the apostles for missionary work, he gives them three things

that they must do. They must preach repentance, cast out devils, and

anoint the sick.

The preaching of repentance was particularly important for the

disciples as they were to spread the good news which was that if one

does truly repent, then they will be welcomed into the Kingdom of God.

16:16- "Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved; whoever does

not believe will be condemned". Today, the tasks of the apostles have

similar meanings. To cast out devils is to fight injustice and do the

will of God and to anoint the sick is basically to care for them.

Modern disciples will still try to preach the gospel and spread the

word of God.

Another meaning of discipleship was to be a companion to Jesus, 3:14-

"I have chosen you to be with m...

... middle of paper ... the age to come, eternal life. But many who are first will be

last, and the last first.' "

Also, the rewards of discipleship can be felt in life, one's sacrifice

as a disciple will be valued by God aswell as earning the fellowship

of the Church.

Generally, Marks Gospel teaches that discipleship is not a social

status. It is not intended for a life of prestige and power but of

humble service. Throughout the gospel, the disciples are shown to be

imperfect, misunderstanding, and occasionally foolish. Discipleship is

not shown in glory, and so the acceptance of it becomes an even more

noble act aswell as reassuring modern day Christians that imperfection

is forgivable and that even Peter, who denied Jesus, could go on to

live the ideal life of a disciple, and now holds significant status in

the Christian Church.
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