Evangelism And Discipleship Essay

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The purpose of evangelism and discipleship is to make Jesus Christ our Lord. While these terms involve two different steps, they are the same process. One does not take precedence over the other; both are required for the believer. Thusly, evangelism is more so a term that is engulfed over the magnitude of discipleship, as coming to know God is to follow him. Also, Jesus did not say to make Christians, or converts, but to “go and make disciples” (Matt. 28:19)! In this process of discipleship, one cannot be a disciple without becoming a sheep. The sheep follows the shepherd. While the shepherd Psalm is recognized for its individualized account of God, the irony exists in that the sheep doesn’t exist outside of a flock. The sheep is innocent,…show more content…
The size has the potential to severely limit fellowship, and this has been my experience. The foyer is flooded by a sea of people that quickly disperse elsewhere. Fellowship is not the product of the foyer, but it can function as a gauge for the fellowship a church has. I understand this example is narrow in scope and fellowship does not happen at set intervals or specific times, it is lived, which by very nature suggests fluidity and informality. But church, then, cannot just be an event, it needs to be lived. There are three problems that suggest this is not the case. There is immaturity, impracticality, and laziness amidst my church. Immaturity among my age group oozes from the church. I would define this as the inability to discern what is of God. The normal bible study of our church is a watered down version of lectio divina, where a passage is read and people tell of what it means to them. This is not a problem on its own, but it constantly displays the illiteracy of my generation. This is also the highlight of many people’s spiritual fervor since they do not practice such matters on their own. The cyclical nature of this pattern suggest comfortability, which in this case, contends with true…show more content…
The hardest part about doing this is clearing up misconceptions concerning what discipleship is, says Dave Treat. The Gospel is not something that we believe to get into heaven, nor is Jesus all that we need. Yes, scripture is important to understand, and no, attending church does not make you a believer. These misconceptions hinder the ability to create genuine relationships with our father in heaven, since they misunderstand him above all. In a Western Post-Christian society, this is the biggest issue, but Brad Taylor stresses that the impactfulness of these D-groups is not so much in the program as it is in the relationships. Relationships are everything, and this is exists for every believer. If he is a part of the kingdom of God, then he is not isolated in the process. He is surrounded by a body of believers. In this community is where the process of sanctification begins, which is why relationships are of utmost importance. My church is less interested in creating a program, and my interested in creating sincere communities of believers that learn, share, and serve together. So one would
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