The Importance Of Christian Discipleship

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When thinking about Christian Discipleship, it is important to look at the fact that it is completely possible to be a Christian, without being a Christian Disciple (Willard, 4). I personally think of Christian Discipleship as taking a step beyond knowing and accepting Christ as a personal savior, and going out into the world to help transform others lives to be in accordance with God. Greg Ogden describes it best, in his book Transforming Discipleship: Making Disciples a Few at a Time, when he states “There is a vast difference between being a Christian and being a disciple. The difference is commitment”. This commitment is not only to help others grow in Christ, but also to allow oneself to be transformed daily through actively participating…show more content…
Holy Love shows us that God is both Justice and Grace, as we see through the incarnation of The Son. Second, we see prevenient grace as an attribute of God as we all have the ability to know God, despite the fact that we were all born with sin in our lives. Lastly we can come to know the essence of God through free will. Free will is God initiating a relationship and humans having the ability (but not forced to)…show more content…
The overall purpose of christian discipleship is to have God work through you to help Him in the process of transforming the lives of others. Not every Christian decides to participate in Christian Discipleship and that is fine, it does not make them a “bad Christian” by any means.
Individuals find their calling to be in Christian Education through various forms. Some find it through the church telling them they see something in them, others have a direct encounter with God, and others feel the spirit working in their lives. However, someone could be a disciple without being called to do so. It is important to remember that, one does not need to be a pastor or work in a church to be a disciple.
The target for Christian Discipleship or Christian Education works through the understanding theology shapes our educational practices, while our practices influence our theology. With that comes the transmission aspect and how one communicates scriptures through values and beliefs about God. While knowing everything that has been stated before now, it would be impossible to be an effective Christian Disciple without putting into practice a Christian
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