Development Policy Essays

  • Development of Foreign Policy

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    States, which was formed with the end of the American Revolution, there was no foreign policy for the American new found state. However, this changed with the formation of the same. The policy then consisted mainly on its regional interests and had no regards of the international scene. This however came to pass with the advent of the Spanish-American war. What however ought to be noted is that the regional policy had in its ideals an aim of creating an ‘Empire of Liberty’. The US had its first taste

  • Influence of legislation on the development of policies and procedures

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    Legislation, policies and procedures in the workplace are designed to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all individuals and employees. They provide a set of rules which should be followed at all times by everybody, so the actions of one person cannot negatively influence somebody else. If someone is found to be acting in a way deemed inappropriate by health and safety guidelines, this can be brought to the attention of supervisors with minimum hassle, as they have been found to be breaking a set

  • Why and How Do Policy-Makers and Practitioners Intervene to Encourage New Firm Formation and Development?

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    Why and how do policy-makers and practitioners intervene to encourage new firm formation and development? Intervention to encourage the growth of new firms is extremely common in the modern economy. The two main groups that intervene are policy makers and practitioners. A policy maker is defined as “a person responsible for or involved in formulating policies, especially in politics “ (Oxford University Dictionary 2013) in the case of firms formation this would usually be a government body local

  • The Policy Development Process

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    formal and informal rules that govern the interactions among different players. Political context shapes the way in which policy processes work” (Nash, R., Hudson, A., and Luttrell, C., 2006). It is important to understand the political context in which a social policy issue is embedded. When I think of context, I think of action. An advocate that is trying to influence policy would be concerned about political contexts because it would determine the likelihood, suitability, and capabilities of

  • Substance Abuse on Campus

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    Abuse Implications for Understanding Substance Abuse and Dependence in College Students. 3) POLICIES, PROGRAMMING, AND PREVENTION A…. Policy Development: An Essential Element in Addressing Campus Substance Abuse Issues. B…. From Reactive to Proactive Prevention: Promoting Ecology of Health on Campus. C…. Prohibition and Freshman Residence Halls: A Study of the Enforcement of University Alcohol Policy. 4) ASSESSMENT INTERVENTION, AND TREATMENT A)…. Assessing Alcohol Problems in Student Populations

  • Collection Development Policy

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    library or information unit must have a dedicated plan on having an organized Collection Development Policy, represents the guideposts of all types of library institutions. Collection development is the process of planning, selecting, acquiring and evaluating the library collections’ convenience to print and electronic collection developments. Thus, it is essential to have a written collection development policy, a statement of general collection building principles with desalinating the purpose and

  • Civic Engagement through Community Problem Solving

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    organizations are working to reverse the decline by increasing opportunities for youth to participate. Communities around the country are taking steps to engage young people through a variety of methods that allow youth to actually participate in policy development and take action on local issues. The effectiveness of such community programs on long-term civic engagement is not well documented, however. This paper presents preliminary research about the effectiveness of one community participation program

  • Collection Development Policy Paper

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    Collection Development Policy for Kirkendall Public Library Mission Statement “The mission of the Kirkendall Public Library is to provide equal access to information, materials and services within an environment that welcomes interaction and personal enrichment for all the people of our community.” (Kirkendall Public Library: Mission Statement, 2013) Purpose of the Collection Development Policy This written collection development policy is intended to provide staff and patrons with a clear understanding

  • National Security Structure Development in Steven Hook and John Spanier's Book, American Foreign Policy Since WWII

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    A Summary and Critical Evaluation of the Key Issues In Post-World War II National Security Structure Development Steven Hook and John Spanier's 2012 book titled “American foreign policy since WWII" serves as one of the most important texts that can be used in understanding the underlying complexities on American foreign policies. Like the first readings that are analyzed in class (American Diplomacy by George Kennan and Surprise, Security, and the American Experience by John Lewis Gaddis), this

  • Foreign Policy Development in the 20th Century

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    Foreign Policy Development in the 20th Century During the Cold War from 1946 to 1990 the United States had formed a policy called the containment policy which was adopted by President Harry Truman. The containment policy was a doctrine uniting military, economic, and diplomatic strategies to turn back communism and to insure that America would hold the leading role in world affairs. Many people felt that if Franklin Roosevelt had lived he could have settled tensions between the Untied Sates

  • Human Rights in the European Union

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    Introduction The development of a human rights policy in the EU has been a long and often undocumented journey. The sectoral approach of the Paris Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in 1951 had an economic and functional intention, lacking a declaration of fundamental rights, as seen in national constitutions. It was not until the 2000 Nice Summit that the European Union first established a written charter, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, explicitly stating

  • Reproductive Technologies

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    Throughout the past several years, the gap between technological change and policy development has continued to grow at a rapid pace. As this gap continues to widen, Canadians continue to face important questions involving the social, legal and ethical issues involving newly developed technologies. Canadians are concerned with how these technologies will impact society as they are faced with the situation of technology developing at a faster pace than the issues they raise can be addressed. Many

  • Housing And Urban Development: A Social Policy Analysis

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    Introduction The nature of the social policy that is addressed is Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which is defined by DiNitto in Social Welfare Politics and Public Policy as the federal government’s main agency for helping low income Americans find housing (p.132). There are families, elderly people, and disabled individuals who live below the poverty line and are affected by the issues with Housing and Urban Development. According to the text there are 1.2 million families who live within 14

  • Social Policy Development In Hong Kong Case Study

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    Social policy developments, and the main factors, in Hong Kong before 1997 1. Introduction Before 1997, the Britain Colonial Government governs Hong Kong, and thus the social policy was also established by it. Yet, there was an important event happened to Hong Kong in 1997, which is the change of sovereignty. In this short essay, the development of social welfare in Hong Kong before 1997, as well as the main factors will be examined. Generally, the social policy development in Hong Kong before

  • Decentralization Policy in Timor-Leste´s Status

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    The decentralization policy that was presented by the Ministry of State Administration is considered a remedy. At the outset of decentralization draft in 2006, Timor-Leste’s national leaders, local leaders, such as sub-district and district administrators, and government agencies have been working together to implement decentralization. This essay focuses on brief details of the decentralization policy in Timor-Leste, the importance of the policy, and issues regarding the policy. The implementation

  • Evidence Based Policy Making

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    use of a knowledge-based approach to policy making (also known as evidence-based policy-making) has been promoted by the British government since the time of the Blair administration (Wilson et al,. 2007). This has been done in an effort to replace ideologically driven policies with rational decision making (Sutcliffe and Court, 2005). Many scholars (see Segone and Prone, 2008; Davies, 1999a, Sanderson, 2002) propose that the use of evidence to influence policy can greatly improve the relevance, efficiency

  • Importance Of Mineral Resources In Pakistan

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    Mineral resources in any form are gift from nature in the countries where they are found. Almost every country depends largely on exports of its mineral resources, earning a major portion of their foreign exchange from these exports. Pakistan is gifted with significant mineral resources and emerging as a very promising area for exploration of mineral deposits. Pakistan has great potential in the metallic minerals like copper, gold, silver, platinum, chromites, iron, lead and zinc, a fact confirmed

  • Canadian Education System PPM

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    education lies in respecting the pupil.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Introduction On June 24, 2009, The Ontario Ministry of Education introduced Policy/Program Memorandum (PPM) No. 119, titled Developing and Implementing Equity and Inclusive Education Policies in Ontario Schools. Throughout this paper I am going to take a critical look at this policy using a combination of policy analysis approaches. Through my analysis I am hoping to examine, both the intended and unintended effects that may or might have resulted

  • Child Protection In Jamaica And Indonesia Case Study

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    This essay central focus is to compare and contrast child protections policies in Jamaica and Indonesia it will measure policy implementation and development. The perception that children have the fundamental right to be free from, abuse, or any action that would adversely impede their quality of life, or compromise there safety, is a basic concept. Leading experts in the field of child protection, UNICHEF (2007) states: “All children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfil their potential -

  • Rosenbaum Review

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    Rosenbaum’s Environmental Politics and Policy is one of the better resources for learning about the developments in the environmental movement in politics as well as providing information about the major problems that face environmentalism today. Chapter by chapter he goes through the problems that face the air, hazardous materials, energy, public lands, and climate change. Not only is he going the historical developments to show how America came up with the policies that we currently follow, but also