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  • Software Development Methodology

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    There is many software development methodologies exist that is used to control the process of developing a software system. No exact system was found which could help the software engineers for selection of best software development methodology. This paper present the framework of expert system combined with Likert scale. With the help of Likert scale we create a rule based model and assign some weighted score to each methodology and develop a tool named as ModSet which will help the software engineers

  • Importance of Software Development Methodologies

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    Importance of Software development methodologies The ultimate objective of software engineering is to produce good quality maintainable software within reasonable time frame and at an affordable cost. This is achievable only if we have matured processes to produce it. For a mature process, it should be possible to determine in advance how much time and effort would be required to produce the final product. Software development organizations follow some method when developing a software product

  • Agile Development Methodology

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    Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Agile development methodology 2 Agile development methodology Agile Manifesto 3 Agile Manifesto Advantages and disadvantages of agile software development 4 Advantages and disadvantages of agile software development Conclusion 5 Bibliography 6 Agile development methodology Agile development is a system development strategy where the system developers are given the competence to choice from a wide selection of appropriate tools and techniques that can

  • The Phases Of Software Development Methodology

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    A software development methodology is a framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system. There are different software development methodologies which are used for different reasons. There are different software development methodologies but we will look at 4 methodologies here and they are: - 1) Waterfall Development Methodology is a traditional development methodology which consists of phases (requirements, design, implementation, integration

  • Systems Development Methodology Essay

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    Systems development methodology is a framework that is used to develop and control the systems development process. There are many different methodologies for information systems development. The most widely used methodologies is the Systems Development Life Cycle(SDLC). Conduct a research study for other systems development methodologies that are suitable for information systems development. Question 1 : With the aid of diagrams, describe the stages / phases of any three types of systems development

  • Rational Unified Process

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    particularly applicable to larger software development teams working on large projects. Rational Unified Process (RUP) Rational Unified Process (RUP) is an object-oriented and Web-enabled program development methodology. RUP would be taken like an online mentor that provides guidelines, templates, and examples for all aspects and stages of program development. RUP is a comprehensive software engineering tool that combine the procedural aspects of development (such as defined stages, techniques, and

  • Case Study: Software Development Iterative Methodology

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    NTT DATA Corporation 100 City Square Boston, MA 02129 Tel: +1 800 745 3263 Fax: +1 617 241 9507 Email: Software Development Iterative Methodology (White Paper for NTT Data Gold Club) Ashesh Kumar BMS Version 10.01 STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY / DISCLAIMER This document is the property of NTT Data and is produced in response to your request. No part of this document shall be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying

  • Exploring Software Development Methodologies: From Waterfall to Agile

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    Software methodology development processes developed to streamline associated software development process, with the Waterfall methodology being the first such process in 1970. After the said such time, many new development methodologies such as Agile and Spiral methodologies developed to facilitate the shortcomings of Waterfall. As the Spiral methodology is an iterative development module, where methodology continuously cycles through phases. The Agile Method is an incremental development methodology

  • Software Development Methodology Of Fuzzy Logic And Project Management

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    concept for organizing, innovative as well as strategic endeavors. Software development organization follows some process when developing a software product. A key component of any software development process is the software development methodology on which the process is based. The particular methodology can significantly affect overall life cycle cost associated with a software product. The selection of the methodology is also based on the some predefined basic characteristics of the product under

  • Ethical Considerations when implementing OSS

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    practical projects. The fundamental difference between the two movements is in their values. For the Open Source movement, the issue of whether software should be open source is a practical question, not an ethical one. Open source is a development methodology, whereas free software is a social movement. In other words, Open Source Software is not absolutely free, non-free software is optional. For the Free Software approach, software should be free. However, the official definition of "Open

  • A Project Management Overview Of The Xp Software Development Methodology

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    A Project Management Overview of XP Software Development Methodology This paper will discuss at a high-level how software development projects are run when implementing the extreme programming (XP) methodology, and explain during which step, XP covers the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) process groups, and management knowledge areas (MKA) [9]. After the XP process is discussed, XP’s unique way of developing code, its documentation management, and user-centric approach are explained. Since

  • Formal Concept Analysis: Formal Concept Analysis In Software Development Methodologies

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    Recently, the agile methods become the most widely used software development methodologies. Most agile methods try to minimize risk by developing software in short time boxes, called iterations. While agile methods are in a wide spread use but there are few research trying to mine or visualize the degree of agility between the agile methods. In this paper, formal concept analysis (FCA) is used as data mining tool to visualize the degree of agility in six agile methods, by building formal concepts

  • Time Horizons

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    Defining the research methodology to be used is fundamental for the researcher, since it guides and allows the most appropriate strategy planning to reach the objectives of the dissertation project. The research methodology can be seen as a set of multiple layers (Figure 9), starting with the research philosophies, followed by approaches, strategies, choices, time horizons, and techniques and procedures. Philosophies According to the authors, practical considerations influence the philosophy to adopt

  • Technology Outside The Classroom Essay

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    Nicole and Draper (2009) brought home the point that one of the largest impediments to institutional adaptation of technology-enhanced learning is the institutional culture, and the general lack of educator expertise in adapting to new teaching methodologies enabled by application of

  • Research Methodologies

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    problems and possible solutions for research and study as we continue into the 21st century. However, research methodologies and the availability of information offers opportunities into understanding and gaining knowledge pertaining to leadership, management and the culture as it pertains to the organization. This paper will delve into the qualitative aspect of research methodology and the methods of literature reviews and surveys as tools for gather information, knowledge, cause and effect of

  • action research Differentiation

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    ASSIGNMENT BRIEF This assignment is designed to help you focus your study as early as possible. You will present an outline proposal for the study in which you will clearly identify the topic to be studied, the methodologies you propose to use and at least one additional learning outcome that you hope to meet whist engaged in the study. The proposal will also review your developmental process in terms of selecting your study so, for example, you might indicate what your initial idea was, how you

  • Impact Of Distance Education In Nigeria

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    provided by the known institutions of Britain. However, this foreign distance educational process was stopped once the country got its freedom (Ojo & Olakulehin, 2006). Then Nigeria began to restructure its internal establishments and brought about developments in different sectors including education. So, in the year 1959, the declaration of the first official distance learning by the country was made and as per the Ashby Commission, University of Lagos was established that also had a department for

  • Historical Methodology

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    Historical Methodology The Strange Career of Jim Crow, by C. Van Woodward, traces the history of race relations in the United States from the mid and late nineteenth century through the twentieth century. In doing so Woodward brings to light significant aspects of Reconstruction that remain unknown to many today. He argues that the races were not as separate many people believe until the Jim Crow laws. To set up such an argument, Woodward first outlines the relationship between Southern and

  • Protagoras

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    skip over it lightly;(2) an anthology may omit it entirely.(3) However, I claim that the passage is more than mere literary entertainment, and has significance beyond the methodology of Socratic dialogue. In this essay I would like to give a reading of the passage which shows it to be not only a dispute about philosophical methodology but also a parable for politics. I will then go on to show that this political parable, placed as it is at the center of a philosophical work in which education is explicitly

  • Caribbean History

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    Caribbean History I. A Note on Historical Methodology: The conventional method of studying history consists of a chronological process. For example, the history of the ‘New World,’ or in particular the history of the Caribbean seems to originate in 1492, the year Columbus mistakenly landed upon Hispanola. Not long after the discovery of the New World, the age of European colonialism in the Americas emerges. This condensed version of the first several decades of European influence in the New