Software Development Methodology Of Fuzzy Logic And Project Management

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Project management has been firmly established as a concept for organizing, innovative as well as strategic endeavors. Software development organization follows some process when developing a software product. A key component of any software development process is the software development methodology on which the process is based. The particular methodology can significantly affect overall life cycle cost associated with a software product. The selection of the methodology is also based on the some predefined basic characteristics of the product under design. In this paper a fuzzy logic based approach is presented to assist organizations in making the decision regarding which software development methodology to select from Rational Unified…show more content…
During this research only three methodologies wiz Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Extreme Programming (XP) are considered. The paper is divided into 6 sections. Section 2 & section 3 describe about the basics software development methodologies (RUP, XP, RAD) and Fuzzy Logic respectively. In section 4, our proposed approach is discussed while section 5 concludes the…show more content…
The origins of fuzzy logic based techniques can be traced in fuzzy set theory. These techniques have found mass appeal in various computational and manufacturing engineering domains. Fuzzy logic have been successfully used to solve variety of problems in system identification, signal processing and control [10]–[12]. Recently a lot of attention is being paid towards application of fuzzy logic in various software engineering processes and artifacts such as project management, quality assurance, software testing and traceability etc. A fuzzy model structure can be represented by a set of fuzzy If-Then rules [13]. It serves as a conceptual framework which works to cater to the uncertainty in the knowledge representation. Fuzzy Logic is basically a multi-valued logic that allows intermediate values to be defined between conventional evaluations like yes/no, true/false, black/white, etc. Notions like rather warm or pretty cold can be formulated mathematically and processed by computers
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