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  • Bliss decreases with Understanding

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    Bliss decreases with Understanding Certain factors and things in the world begin to lose their value and appreciation as time progresses. A child perceives the world as a safe playground full of fun and new exciting adventures waiting for them to explore. When a child gets ready to explore this world, they approach it with a blissful ignorance of not knowing the reality and truth behind many things. This very world the child lives in is viewed differently by an adult. As one grows into an adult

  • The Decrease in Puma Population

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    The decrease in Puma population causes great changes in our ecosystems. Pumas are close to extinct in South Carolina. There are only a few if the come here from the west which “holds most of the puma population in North America” (Panthera). There are many causes that band together to cause their extinction in South Carolina. This can affect our community by hurting our ecosystems. An ecosystem will go out of balance if a major predator is taken out of it, such as the puma. The decrease in puma

  • The Decrease of Sharks and Its Effects

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    The Decrease of Sharks and Its Effects The more the better--- so true. If only people believed this worked for sharks. Ever since you’ve been a child, you’ve been told that sharks are impregnable. Not true. Sharks don’t like to attack unless they are forced to. Movies and other media, like Jaws, make us think sharks are monstrous killing machines. Actually, sharks are helpful. They keep the ocean in order, not letting the balance fall. At the head of the food chain, sharks are the strongest, most

  • As Salt Decreases, Your Blood Pressure May Also Decrease

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    As Salt Decreases, Your Blood Pressure May Also Decrease Many studies have shown the effects of salt, also known as sodium chloride, can have a toll on ones body. It can increase your blood pressure as well as cause congestive heart failure. We look at salt to provide us with many different functions in our everyday life. For instance, we use salt to give a stronger taste to food or even just because the recipe calls for it. We also use salt to convert fresh water fish tanks to salt water

  • The Decrease of Women in India

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    The Decrease Of Women In India . . By Cierra Briscoe & Crishell Hall What do you think about when you think about India? You might think about India’s large democracy, it’s festivals, and how they dress. But beyond the surface, there is much more than that going on in India, such as the declining rate of women in India. India has had a falling number of women in India since 1961. There are multiple reasons for this. Baby girls are being killed, women are being raped and killed and women are killing

  • The Record Companies' Decrease in Sales

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    The Record Companies' Decrease in Sales The music business is experiencing a recession where record sales are reaching all-time lows. All record companies have in the last few years experienced a considerable decrease in sales. Finding the cause or causes of this has naturally become a major concern for all of them. Some blame the recession in the West in general, but that can hardly explain why one industry is losing out so much more than others. Music today is less from the heart

  • The Decrease in Voter Turnout

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    The United States presidential election of 2012 was the 57th presidential election. The election was held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The Democratic political leader was the incumbent President Barack Obama, and his candidate was vice President Joe Biden. Throughout this election the proportion of eligible voters who cast ballots shows that the rate was lower than in the past two presidential elections. Voter turnout decreased from 62.3 percent of eligible citizens voting in 2008 to an estimated

  • Smoking Decreases Life Expectancy

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    “Smoking decreases a person's life expectancy by 10 - 12 years” (Newman). Smoking cigarette is a substance that burn and is tasted, inhale or both. Smoking is also as addictive and harmful as cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and many other injurious drug. Smoking cigarette is bad for health, however it can be stopped by higher taxes, smoke-free places, and laws that prohibit smoking when there are children around. Smoking is injurious to health which can cause anyone deadly diseases. “Tar in cigarette

  • Regulation of Food Production and Decrease Contamination

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    getting transferred into the meat (Daluiso). This bacteria is clearly very harmful to the human body. After the death of this child, his grandma and mother tried very hard to get a law passed that would better regulate the production of food and decrease contamination (Metzger). Kevin’s law is: To protect public health by clarifying the authority of the Secretary of Agriculture to prescribe performance standards for the reduction of pathogens in meat, meat products, poultry, and poultry products

  • Factors Affecting A Decrease in Battery Life

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    time calculated to times long after the emitted light output is useful (down to the last photon). Petzl clearly states it operates a policy whereby it ceases to consider a light effective when the lighting level (for standard hands-free lighting) decreases below 0.25 lux at a distance of 2 metres. This figure is selected as an approximate equivalence to the lux value generated on a dark night by a full moon. They consider this light output the minimum level that a hands-free lighting device should