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  • The Record Companies' Decrease in Sales

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    The Record Companies' Decrease in Sales The music business is experiencing a recession where record sales are reaching all-time lows. All record companies have in the last few years experienced a considerable decrease in sales. Finding the cause or causes of this has naturally become a major concern for all of them. Some blame the recession in the West in general, but that can hardly explain why one industry is losing out so much more than others. Music today is less from the heart

  • Abortion Reduces Crime

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    including New York, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, were also the first to experience a decrease in crime. For example, in states that legalized abortion in 1969 or 1970, the researchers found, the cumulative decrease in crime from 1982 to 1997 was greater than for the rest of the nation. The decrease in murder was 16.2 percent greater, the decrease in violent crime over all was 34.4 percent greater, and the decrease in property crime was 35.3 percent greater. Also, states with the highest abortion

  • Elephants

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    intriguing place to go on your vacation. If there were no elephants the amount of tourists would significantly decrease. Twenty eight percent of all tourist come to see the elephants. In the movie “Ivory Wars” the narrator says “ One of the few attractions for tourists is the African elephants that run wild and free across the vast plains of the continent of Africa.” When the amount of tourists decrease so does the money that they pay to see the elephants at a safari. Africa is obviously does not have the

  • How Osmosis Affects A Potato Chip

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    How Osmosis Affects A Potato Aim: - To See How Osmosis Affects A Potato Preliminary work Prediction: -I predict that the weight of the potato in the sugar solution will decrease and the weight of water will increase. I predict that the weight of the potato in the sugar solution will decrease when it reaches 3:1 (salt: water). In put Variables: -Molarity -Size of potato -Mass of Water -Molarity of Sugar -Length of time in the solution -Temperature of water Out put variables:

  • The Success of Tylenol

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    The Success of Tylenol During the 1900's, the McNeil company developed and established Tylenol into a well known and recommended analgesic. It has become recognized world wide as a safe brand of acetaminophen. The name Tylenol has become identified as a trusted, safe drug that people can easily purchase over the counter for their ailments. Tylenol is still recommended by doctors even though there was a cyanide scare in the history of the company. It has been discovered by my independent survey

  • Proper Meaning Superstition

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    Richards even felt that people were so misunderstood, that he developed remedies to conquer these communicative misunderstandings. His remedies included the usage of: Definition, Metaphor, Feedforward, and Basic English. These remedies can effectively decrease, if not eliminate, various interpersonal communicative misunderstandings, primarily those resulting in conflict, that occur in today's society. Unfortunately, as a result of his liberal viewpoints, I. A. Richards received and currently receives challenges

  • The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Respiration in Yeast

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    optimum temperature, after which, the rate will decrease until the rate is zero as respiration has stopped completely. Reason As temperature increases, rate of respiration increases, because particles move faster and with more energy, which in turn means more particles collide with enough energy to react. However, as temperature increases, enzyme stability decreases, so at temperatures above the optimum temperature, the rate will decrease, until all the enzymes have been fully denatured

  • Beetroot Experiment

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    colorimeter decreases. From information that I had already gathered I knew it would be around the 60°C mark to 65°C, hence which I decided to add a test at 63°C. This would help me make a more accurate estimate at what exact temperature the cell wall melts. My graph shows a decrease of transparency in the water between the points of 60°C and 70°C. From this I can make the prediction that between these two points the wall melts. Analysis The transparency of the water suddenly decreases between

  • How changing the concentration changes the rate of reaction.

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    going to time how long it takes for the liquid to turn cloudy until we can’t see the cross underneath the glass anymore. We are going to carry this experiment out a number of times but each time we will decrease the volume of Nitric Acid by 1cm³ and add 1cm³ of water. Each time we will decrease the Nitric Acid and increase the volume of water to see which one holds the fastest reaction. Our final amount of Nitric Acid should be 5cm³ and 10cm³ of water. I will repeat the experiment 3 times to

  • Factors Which Affect the Resistance of a Wire

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    increase as the electrons will have a longer distance to travel and so more collisions will occur. Due to this the length increase should be proportional to the resistance increase. 4.Wire width:If the wires width is increased the resistance will decrease. This is because of the increase in the space for the electrons to travel through.

  • Car Statistics Coursework

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    Car Statistics Coursework I am trying to work out what factor makes a car decrease in value the most. I have chosen a large sample of cars which have had a service history and erased some of the factors that I think I will not need. The factors I am not using are make and model, colour, engine size, fuel, MOT, tax, insurance, doors, style, seats, air conditioning, gearbox and airbags. I have also got rid of the cars that do not have all of the sufficient information. I am using how

  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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    really differ without them? According to Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury assembles a civilization that is affected in three ways from having a lack of books: more brutality is among people, preternatural relationships cultivate, and intelligent capabilities decrease. First, cognitive ability degenerated because of the banning of books. Visiting Faber, he said to Montag “That was the year I came to class at the start of the new semester and found only one student to sign up for Drama from Aeschylus to O’Neill”

  • River Process

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    A Study of the Changes in River Processes This is a study of the changes in river processes along the long profile of a river. To study this we will use a sample river. The river the study will be based on Loughton Brook, which is a river situated in Epping Forest in Essex and is also a tributary of the river Thames. A journey will be made to the river and measurements will be made at three different sites. The measurements that were taken will be studied so conclusions

  • Investigation of Positively and Negatively Charged Electrons

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    the cathode, the mass of the anode decreases whilst the mass of the cathode increases. I can support the point I've made above by faradays law which is: Faraday's Second Law of electrolysis states that: "The mass of an element deposited by one Faraday of electricity is equal to the atomic mass in grams of the element divided by the number of electrons required to discharge one ion of the element." Hypothesis: The mass of the anode should decrease whilst the mass of the cathode should

  • I Will Be a Writer

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    thoughts is a dying art. Nowadays, every book and story has to be turned into a movie, presumably so that the masses do not have to invest any time or intellectual energy in actually reading something enjoyable. While I attribute this partially to a decrease in the attention span of successive generations of Americans, it is also due to an increase in the desire for immediate rewards by writers. It is not enough to write a good book; it must be a bestseller, with a movie deal, an audio book, a book tour

  • Telecommuting

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    home will allow for any task in which being alone is not a hindrance. Throughout the United States there are over eleven million people working at home at least part-time. In cities such as New York, federal legislation put into effect required a decrease in the amount to commuters that drive the city's streets during rush hour. Forced to make changes, Merrill Lynch decided to give the telecommuting program a try. Merrill Lynch started a program where potential telecommuters working at the firm, go

  • Effects of Melatonin Treatment

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    person's internal clock, will fluctuate between a 23-25 hour a day cycle. Therefore, our Melatonin levels decrease and increase with the rising and setting of the sun, which aid to putting an individual on a 24 hour awake/sleep cycle.(1) The actual effects of taking Melatonin orally have been disputed for quite some time. Some facts that I had picked up were that Melatonin levels decrease with age. This decline can account for the difficulty many elderly people have with falling asleep. As the

  • The South China Tiger

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    hunting, deforestation of their habitats for timbers, reclaiming of agricultural lands, and pollution from chemical fertilizers”. A combination of human encroachment and habitat destruction resulted in both a decrease in the numbers of South China tigers in the wild as well as a decrease in the habitat in which they were able to live. The Ministry of Forest of the Peoples Republic of China combined its efforts with the World Wildlife Federation to conduct a study of the South China Tiger from

  • Punishment as a form of behaviour modification

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    Introduction Punishment is a process through which “the consequence of a response decreases the likelihood that the response will recur” (Gray, 2002, pp.115). Further, punishment can be seen as an effort to decrease the response rate to stimuli by either removing a desired stimulus or presenting one which is undesired (Gray, 2002). Recent studies suggest that punishment can be an effective method of behaviour modification. However, as reported in Lerman and Vorndran (2002), there are a number of

  • The Effect of Osmosis on Potato Chips

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    concentration of sugar than the solution. Prediction: The potato chips will decrease in mass. Reasoning: Since the potato chips have a lower concentration of sugar, the water molecules from the potato chips will diffuse into the solution until they are both at the same concentration. Summary of Hypothesis The potato chips will increase in mass in solutions of lower sugar concentrations but will decrease in mass in solutions of higher sugar concentration. The Experiment --------------