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  • Web Resources for Grief

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    Websites on Issues Relating To Death & Dying The web can be as useful or meaningless as you want it to be. I have found it to be a wealth of resources when it comes to needing information on anything. I guess part of that depends on whether or not a person can decipher between sites that are credible, and sites that are not. I have compiled ten sites that I have either known about through my personal experience as an active member in the death care industry, or through using simple search engine

  • Final Gifts a Book by Maggie Callahan and Patrician Kelly

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    be guided through this experience. The different stories in this book provide insight into the experiences of the dying as well as how their loved ones cope with their loss. The authors Maggie Callahan and Patrician Kelly, experienced hospice nurses who have extensive exposure to dying patients and their families, through their shared stories, paint a picture of what the dying want. To many, death is a difficult concept. As a nursing student, I have had some exposure to death during patient care. My

  • Dr. Moody's Life After Life

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    Life After Life, by Raymond A Moody Jr, M.D., is an account of Dr. Moody’s research of near death experiences (NDE). Dr. Moody has a Ph.D. in philosophy and a medical degree. This scientific discipline provided a path for him to document his findings. His intent was to draw attention to a phenomenon of NDE. He accounts it was “very widespread and very well-hidden, and at the same time, help create a more receptive public attitude toward it” (Moody Jr, MD, 2015, p. xix). As the modern Western

  • Moral Restraint and Thought in "Heart of Darkness"

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    the reader in the position of his shipmates who listen as he recounts his experiences as a young man, traveling up the Congo. With great accuracy we are able to get into the young Marlow's mind, and experience all that he feels, hears, and fears during his time in the heart of the jungle. Conrad's use of metaphors and imagery are what makes this relationship With Marlow possible. The imagery of darkness, gloom, and death are present in every aspect of the story from the start of this novella to

  • Death: The End or a New Beginning

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    What is death? Looking up the meaning in the dictionary would probably read “the loss of life” or “ceasing of all vital functions”. As human beings the word could mean one of many things depending on what you believe in. To most of humanity throughout history it meant the end of a life, to others a shortcut to avoid the inevitable, or even what might be the beginning of something new. Unfortunately, today in our modern time our conception of death has changed drastically throughout history. Many

  • Paranormal

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    world of fiction, but the paranormal is a rather broad category. Perhaps the monsters under the bed are not real, but what about ghosts, near death experiences, precognition, and the mind body connection? Those topics of the paranormal are very different. They are a studied matter, and much more realistic. Everyday people claim to have paranormal experiences like these, and they are becoming increasingly mentioned in the media. This may leave many people wondering if the existence of the paranormal

  • Modern era of Science and Technology

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    carried on across the globe right now. The drive behind communication is understanding, and understanding is not always universal from person to person. In light of the research around explanations of Near Death Experiences, it is clear that there is no consensus on what these experiences mean, yet the conversation is one that is relevant to every person. The desire behind discussing this topic is the root of every existential crisis, the answer to the question, “What happens when we die?” The

  • Analysis of Do not go Gentle into that Good Night

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    The poem is written by Dylan Thomas who is expressing his thought’s and experiences of death. The title disclosed the poet’s thoughts about death and the importance of fighting to live life to the fullest. The poem speaks of different views of death from different people who all demonstrated one common struggle - to hold on to life. The poem is fairly short and the language is figurative. The poet uses simile to compare death to a good nigh. There is also foreshadowing is the first verse. The poet

  • Life And Death In Steve Jobs's 2005 Commencement Address At Stanford University

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    extremely limited. Just think about it, we are only around for such a microscopic portion of the world’s existence. Therefore, one must live every day as if it was our last since our life has tremendous value. Steve Jobs discusses the idea of life and death in his brilliant 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford University, in which he presents these ideas in a clear, organized way by sharing three personal stories. The first story is about connecting the dots. The dots story concludes by saying that

  • Paper About Life

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    in my eyes is the interval of time between birth and death. Throughout life you will be placed in situations, and put to the test of time. There will be times when you are joyous, and times when you are sorrowful. This is the period of trial and tribulation. Face the fact life is hard. Being an adolescent, a person is premature to the world. The value of an inexperienced adolescent is meaningless, compared to a person who has more experience in life. When I was younger, I payed very little attention