Near Death Experiences

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Near Death Experiences

There is a great deal of skepticism about near-death experiences. While there are many written accounts available in medical and scientific journals, which describe near-death experiences, the phenomenon still raises questions. Some think that they are merely dreams, while others believe that they are actual windows showing them of what is to come in the after life. In this essay, I will try to provide positive evidence to suggest that they are indeed real, through facts, polls, scientific studies and personal stories from near-death experiences.

To begin, I would like to define a near-death experience. It is a time when the body shuts down. The lungs stop breathing, the heart stops beating, and blood ceases to reach the brain and other parts of the body. It’s when your body is physically dead. This can occur from numerous things. It can occur during surgery, cardiac arrest, anaphylactic shock, coma, fever, anesthesia, seizures, unconsciousness, severe allergic reactions, suicide attempts or other physical trauma caused to the body (Morrissey, Journey into Consciousness). During this time of death, many people claim be passing through a tunnel toward a bright light and meeting people who have died earlier in time (Mosby, The Mosby Medical Encyclopedia 100). Upon awakening from the near-death experience, the subject may return with unusual abilities previously unknown to them. Some people find themselves seeing auras and other related paranormal abilities, awareness of science and other technologies regarding time and space, and transformations in spirit and personality (Morrissey, Journey into Consciousness).

Polls and scientific studies offer some support concerning the reality of near-death experi...

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...ated fifteen million who have encountered near-death experiences, have seen the light and felt the presence of the afterlife.

In conclusion, while research on the subject of near-death experiences is ongoing, I have tried to present a persuasive argument to show that they in fact do exist. The subject of life after death is one that should be viewed in the context of faith or religion, but the proof I have provided is primarily scientific in nature. Whether one believes in the concept of life after death or not, near-death experiences do occur, perhaps more often than any of us realize. There is simply too much research available to ignore this phenomenon, and there are too many personal accounts written to conclude it is mere coincidence. I truly believe that there are such things as near-death experiences, and I hope that I have shed some light on this subject.

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