Destruction of Jerusalem in the Book of Lamentations

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Lamentations Research Paper

The book of Lamentations is a book about the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C, Jeremiah the weeping prophet is the person that has written this book in the bible as an eyewitness of Jerusalem's fall. Jeremiah was a Prophet that was instructed by the lord to go and tell the people of Jerusalem that it will fall to the Babylonians, due to there sinful ways and the worshiping of false gods. He was to tell them to leave and go start over as there was nothing there for them anymore, and if they stayed they would be killed. Jeremiah became a prophet for this reason because of what he saw and how he saw things in the site of the lord. When he had a vision from the lord to go to the temple and here his message. Lamentations is a very important book that shows the power of good and the message that comes out of it.

The kingdom of Jerusalem is one of the most important Kingdoms in the bible, thats why it was so important when it fell to the Babylonians. The beginning of the book is describing in first person from Jeremiah the prophet the destruction of Jerusalem and how sad it is of a site to see. In chapter two of the book Jeremiah is talking about the how mad the lord is at his people, and how he brought judgement to the wicked land. God is showing in chapter two how mad he is and he cut off the power of Israel, but in chapter three he Jeremiah tells us that he is faithful to us and he will restore the land. Even though he to is very sad from his city being taken and destroyed he remembers what the lord has told him. He then explains that the people of the kingdom of judah and the kingdom of Jerusalem need to fall back to the lord and get rid of those false gods. For the love and kindness of the lo...

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...incredible beautiful things he creates for us, we can either take advantage of those things or we can share them with people that might not understand this or see it in there lives. The last thing i learned was that life can show the worst things, such as death, or destruction to your life. The lose of a job or anything bad that might happen, we can blame it on God or we can pray to him to help you work through hard times like those. In chapter 4 it talked it about how God was going to still be faithful to them and the kingdom will still be restored and brought back to power. We need to be faithful to God even though something bad could happen. Lamentations teaches us about the hard times if we don’t repent and things can build up. There is a lot of grief in the book but if you trust in God the his plan go and follow and that whats most important.

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