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  • David Cronenberg

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    David Cronenberg The director I chose to do my Analysis/Research paper on is was David Cronenberg. After screening The Dead Zone, Cronenberg’s work impressed me. Prior to this class I had never heard his name, even though I had seen previous works such as The Fly. Since I had already viewed this movie I resorted to alternate movies he had directed. I was able to locate The Brood and Videodrome. The main reason I chose Cronenberg for my director had to do with his style. His movies are not the

  • David Cronenberg

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    David Cronenberg People can interpret different things in different ways. Some people look at the Eiffel Tower and say that it is a work of genius. Others may look at it as if it were the ugliest thing in Europe. Two opposing views creates controversy. People look at the work of the well known director, David Cronenberg, the same way. In my essay, I will not take a side, but I will clearly and concisely outline and detail both sides of his work. David Cronenberg was born May 15, 1943 in Toronto

  • Cronenberg’s Videodrome and the Post-Modern Condition

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    technology's siege on reality, few media are as powerful as cinema (after all, film provides a uniquely accessible and intense vehicle for ideas), and few film-makers are as adept at dissecting the concept of post-modernity as the Canadian author David Cronenberg. In an age where every passing moment constitutes a further obscuring of the boundary between reality and image, this prophetic director clarifies, cuts through, and captures the very essence of post-modernity, through masterfully done pieces

  • Violence on Film

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    examination is the “Gunfighter” Western, which centers the focus of the genre to a more individualized and intimate perspective. Accordingly, films such as Henry King’s The Gunfighter (1950) and David Cronanberg’s A History Of Violence (2004) can be observed as examples of this focus. However, while both King and Cronenberg successfully explore the concepts of violence and aggression within their time periods, when examined in terms of their overall effectiveness in exploring the necessity, and ambiguity of

  • Comparisons and Contrasts between Kefka’s “Metamorphosis” and Cronenberg’s The Fly

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    family in a hotel; and Lord of the Flies, where a group of kids trapped on an island start to fight among themselves while waiting for rescue. These are just some examples of stories that show this question, and Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” and David Cronenberg’s The Fly illustrate this point further. The main similarity between the two stories is that the main character in each character in each story is transformed into a giant insect. Seth Brundle in The Fly becomes a giant fly/human hybrid

  • Collaborative Processes Between Directors and Composers

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    give examples of the European collaboration of Theo Angelopoulos and Eleni Karaindrou, focusing on their approach of using music in new ways, as well as examples from the more known collaborations between Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann and David Cronenberg’s collaboration with Howard Shore. Furthermore, I am going to include conclusions from my personal experience I have had with my friend and director Nuno Miguel Wong. Concurrently this Essay is not an analysis of the music in the films

  • A History of Violence

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    comprehensive review of 20 years of research (pp. 6-11). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Rizzo, Tony. "At Least 14 Have Died in the KC Area from Domestic Violence." The Kansas City Star, 4 Dec. 2012. Web. 02 Nov. 2013. A History of Violence. Dir. David Cronenberg. Prod. Chris Bender. By Josh Olson. Perf. Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, William Hurt, and Ed Harris. New Line Cinema, 2005.

  • A Dangerous Method

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    A DANGEROUS METHOD (Name) (Institutional Affiliation) (Date) This paper looks at the movie; A Dangerous Method directed by David Cronenberge is based on true life events that happened on the eve of the World War 1. This movie brings out the theories, techniques, and the central characters in the early history of psychoanalysis. It brings out the effectiveness of psychoanalysis method and shows the risks and dangers encountered when entering the unconscious mind. This movie takes a look at

  • Freud And Jung A Dangerous Method

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    Rebecca Hearst N676 Theoretical Mental Health Models Reflection on Freud and Jung, “A Dangerous Method” Introduction In the movie “A Dangerous Method”, this film accounts the relationship two of the most famous psychologists in history, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. They both were known to have had very different methods to psychology, but are both considered to be the authors of the modern psychoanalytic movement. The opening scene starts in 1904, with a Russian woman, Sabrina Spielrein as she

  • American Cinema VIolence

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    Director David Cronenberg’s movie “A History of Violence” brings a little known graphic novel to life. The main character, Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen), seems to be living the idyllic life when it suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Two robbers attempt to hold up his diner in a little town in Indiana until Tom (protagonist) stops them by slamming a hot glass coffee pot into the face of one and three gunshots into the chest of the other. The scene’s carnage is heightened as bits of flesh dangle off