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  • David Cronenberg

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    David Cronenberg The director I chose to do my Analysis/Research paper on is was David Cronenberg. After screening The Dead Zone, Cronenberg’s work impressed me. Prior to this class I had never heard his name, even though I had seen previous works such as The Fly. Since I had already viewed this movie I resorted to alternate movies he had directed. I was able to locate The Brood and Videodrome. The main reason I chose Cronenberg for my director had to do with his style. His movies are not the

  • Cronenberg’s Videodrome and the Post-Modern Condition

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    technology's siege on reality, few media are as powerful as cinema (after all, film provides a uniquely accessible and intense vehicle for ideas), and few film-makers are as adept at dissecting the concept of post-modernity as the Canadian author David Cronenberg. In an age where every passing moment constitutes a further obscuring of the boundary between reality and image, this prophetic director clarifies, cuts through, and captures the very essence of post-modernity, through masterfully done pieces

  • Collaborative Processes Between Directors and Composers

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    give examples of the European collaboration of Theo Angelopoulos and Eleni Karaindrou, focusing on their approach of using music in new ways, as well as examples from the more known collaborations between Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann and David Cronenberg’s collaboration with Howard Shore. Furthermore, I am going to include conclusions from my personal experience I have had with my friend and director Nuno Miguel Wong. Concurrently this Essay is not an analysis of the music in the films

  • Comparisons and Contrasts between Kefka’s “Metamorphosis” and Cronenberg’s The Fly

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    family in a hotel; and Lord of the Flies, where a group of kids trapped on an island start to fight among themselves while waiting for rescue. These are just some examples of stories that show this question, and Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” and David Cronenberg’s The Fly illustrate this point further. The main similarity between the two stories is that the main character in each character in each story is transformed into a giant insect. Seth Brundle in The Fly becomes a giant fly/human hybrid

  • Comparing The Films Of David Cronenberg And Gilliam

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    David Cronenberg and Terry Gilliam are both famously talented directors who have created numerous films that are thought provoking and ingenious. They continue to inspire discussions on political and social issues, while added humor and/or horror to every scene. Videodrome and Brazil, for example, are two very important films in these directors’ careers in terms of making a statement and continuing their careers as renowned filmmakers. We should consider these two films when approaching themes of

  • The Psalm 59

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    Many moments in life, whether moments of joy, grief, awe, strength, wisdom, worship, or petition, require a means of communication that is beyond normal, day-to-day means. Poetry uses imagery, repetition, contrast, structure, and thought to become more meaningful and powerful than can be expressed any other way. Psalms, which are defined as sacred songs sung to musical accompaniment (Vines 497), are fascinating to us, and use elements of poetry to help us learn moral lessons and grow closer to God

  • Comparing the Three Statues of David

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    Comparing the Three Statues of David The pieces of art I will be comparing and contrasting are the three statues of David, by Donatello (Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi), Michelangelo (Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni), and Bernini (Gian Lorenzo Bernini). The statues are modeled after the biblical David, who was destined to become the second king of Israel. Also most famously known as the slayer of the Philistine giant Goliath with a stone and a sling. The sculptures are all based

  • McKay's America

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    McKay's America 1)”America” is written in a Public voice. McKay writes this poem as though it is meant to be heard by all. However, there are some parts in “America” where it takes a more personal approach. For example, when McKay states “Stealing my breath of life, I will confess I love this cultured hell that tests my youth.” and also when he mentions how he gazes into the days ahead. I find in those sections of the poem McKay takes a more personal approach because of the specifics mentioned solely

  • King David in the Bible

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    The biblical King David of Israel was known for his diverse skills as both a warrior and a writer of psalms. In his 40 years as ruler, between approximately 1010 and 970 B.C.E., he united the people of Israel, led them to victory in battle, conquered land and paved the way for his son, Solomon, to build the Holy Temple. Almost all knowledge of him is derived from the books of the Prophets and Writings: Samuel I and II, Kings I and Chronicles I. David was the eighth and youngest son of Jesse from

  • 2 Samuel 11-13

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    The book of 2 Samuel tells the story of King David and his rise to power, as well as reign- the good and the bad. The focus here will be on 2 Samuel, chapters eleven through thirteen, which depict some of the darker times in David’s rule. The theme of these three chapters is God’s modeling of King David. This theme develops throughout the three chapters with the disobedience and punishment of David. God creates laws for His children not because he wants to restrict us, but because he desires a

  • The Boy Who Fell Out Of The Sky by Ken Dornstein

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    This is precisely what happened to David Dornstein before he fell, already dead, 6 miles to the ground in Ella Ramsden’s front yard, the landing site for about 60 other individuals when the plane exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. The Boy Who Fell out of the Sky by Ken Dornstein is a true story about David Dornstein’s life and how his brother Ken searches through his numerous letters, manuscripts, notebooks, and journals and interviews the friends of David to find out all that he can about his

  • Psalm

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    president, but what people fail to realize is what else David is actually praying. This paper is going to go through Psalms 109 and unpack it verse by verse to show the true meaning of what David was praying and to give us a new look at how to pray. Psalm 109 begins with a superscription that we have seen several times before, “A Psalm of David” (Bible 873). David is believed to be the author of this Psalm. Psalms 109 though is not a usual Psalm by David; this particular Psalm is classified as an Imprecatory

  • A Narrative Criticism of 1 Samuel 9:1-21

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    Literary Study of Comparative Structures, Analogies and Parallels. Jerusalem: Rubin Mass Ltd, 1990. Gilmour, Rachelle. "Suspense and Anticipation in 1 Samuel 9:1-14." The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 9 (January 2009). LaSor, William Sanford, David Allan Hubbard, and Frederic William Bush. Old Testament Survey: The Message, Form, and Background of the Old Testament. 2nd Edition. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans Publishing co., 1996. Mark, Strom. The Symphony of Scripture: Making sense of the Bible's

  • Father And Son

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    through the land. (l. 1-10) The association between God and David is made through the clever comparison of divine and human fertility. There is some irony in seeing God's abundant creation reflected in the king's sexual extravagances, but the irony doesn't reduce the status of the king. It serves, at the beginning of the poem, to separate the person of the king from the office of the king. The opening scenes emphasize David as an indulgent father, not as head of the country. David's pleasure

  • Destruction of Jerusalem in the Book of Lamentations

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    Lamentations Research Paper The book of Lamentations is a book about the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C, Jeremiah the weeping prophet is the person that has written this book in the bible as an eyewitness of Jerusalem's fall. Jeremiah was a Prophet that was instructed by the lord to go and tell the people of Jerusalem that it will fall to the Babylonians, due to there sinful ways and the worshiping of false gods. He was to tell them to leave and go start over as there was nothing there for

  • Comparing “David and Goliath” and The Basketball Underdog” by Malcolm Gladwell

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    The stories of “David and Goliath” and “The Basketball Underdog” are similar and different in many ways. These stories are both in the same book David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell’s book talks about underdogs, misfits, and the advantages of these people. Both of these stories have an overlying theme of the advantages of an underdog. The stories “David and Goliath” and “The Basketball Underdog” have many similarities and differences between the two of them. “David and Goliath” is a biblical

  • Samuel Psalm Analysis

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    18, and 63 have headings that are related to the historical event described in the books of Samuel. The headings in the passages in each Psalms have similar themes to the passages related in 1 and 2 Samuel. They portray the mood and feelings that David would have felt while encountering those events. Although it is difficult to identify if these headings were specifically related to the Psalms, it is clear that readers are able to understand the psalm better with these headings. According to Nogalski

  • Historical Events In Psalm

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    The headings in Psalms 3, 18, and 63 relate to the historical event described in the books of Samuel. They have similar themes to the passages that portray the mood and feelings that David would have felt while encountering these events. According to Nogalski, the connections of the headings in each Psalms “suggests that the psalms clarify and sharpen the narrative or David’s character” (2001, p. 169). The title of a Psalm, however, does not create a perfect harmony with the psalm and its historical

  • David and the Five Loaves

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    INTRODUCTION In 1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22 King David was called a man after God’s own heart, but even he did things contrary to God’s Law. When David ate the Shrewbread of the Temple in Samuel 21:1-6 he broke the law and yet in Matthew 12:3-4, Mark 2:25-26, and Luke 6:1-5 Jesus uses David’s example of eating the shrewbread to justify his disciples. This paper is going to show how David’s actions compare to the Law, how Jesus describes David’s actions, and how David’s actions compare to the kings

  • Judges 1 Samuel Theme

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    1) In what way does 1 Samuel pick up the themes from Judges and carry them forward? The overall theme from Judges is that of disobedience on behalf of the Israelites and the consequences from God that follow, which carries on into 1 Samuel. One particular instance of disobedience lies in Judges 1:27-2:3. In this excerpt, the Israelites disobey God by not totally annihilating the Canaanites as they are spreading out to conquer the land and God punishes them for their disobedience. The consequences