Database Analysis : Java Database Connectivity

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Every application in the real world needs to interact with databases. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is the Application Programming Interface (API) used to build Java applications that can interact with relational databases. There are many relational databases such as Oracle, My SQL, DB2, Java DB, Dbase, Sybase, Ingress, Informix, FoxPro and so on. The researcher will be able to use the four types of JDBC drivers to interact with any kind of database in the world.
In this iteration, the researcher also learns Structured Query Language (SQL) which is the underlying language used long with JDBC API to get things done in backend (a term used to refer database).
The aim of this iteration is to improve me knowledge in JDBC which is essential to work with real time applications. JDBC is the API used to interact with relational databases. JDBC API is available in the form of java.sql and javax.sql packages. The former is known as core package while the latter is known as extension package. The JDBC material collected in the first iteration is used in this iteration. The topics to be learnt in this iteration include database concepts, creating a database, SQL, JDBC API such as Connection interface, DriverManager class, Statement interface, PreparedStatement interface and ResultSet interface. These topics are required to build applications that can connect and interact with relational databases. More applications in the real world need the knowledge of JDBC. The time allotted to learn this subject is 10 working days. This is for two weeks. I spend around 9 hour’s time on each day from Monday to Friday.
I learn prerequisites to JDBC such as database concepts and SQL first. Then I focus on the JDBC API to develop JDBC applications...

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...ove my knowledge. Action research helped me to track progress and gain knowledge in a systematic fashion.
In this iteration everything went well as per planning. I could spend 9 hours on each day. My learning continued for 10 working days. On every day I spent the allotted time and learned subject as planned. I also took the help of a known person to get my doubts clarified. Nevertheless, there are many observations I made with respect to improvements. First one is related to time. I could improve the usage of time. Second, I could gain more insights by studying topics based on their priority. Third, I could improve my learning with even different favorable timings. With the knowledge gained I can able to develop applications using JDBC and also perform different operations which can be used to execute SQL commands. I also got knowledge of data centric applications.
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