Deductive Database Systems

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Description about the database:-
Deductive database systems are database management systems which are basically designed around a logical model of data. In this type of database systems deductions are made based on the rules and facts stored in the database. We use a language called Datalog which are typically used to specify facts,rules and queries in database. Deductive Database is an advanced form of relational database. When we compare deductive database with relational database we can find that deductive database is more expressive than relational database but, when it is compared to logic programming system it is less expressive. These type of databases use many of the concepts which are specified in logic programming; rules and facts specified in the deductive database language. Deductive database have the additional feature of storing rules that enable inferences based on the stored data to be made. The explicit information is stored in the same manner as that of a relational database. So, deductive are mainly useful and more capable of storing large amounts of information and also perform reasoning based on the acquired information. Deductive has an additional i.e. it is declarative too. Instead of showing how to perform the operation it allows the user to query or update by saying what he or she wants.

Database Management Systems supporting Deductive Database
One of the Database Management Systems that uses deductive database is:- SQUALID. The SQUALID database management system uses squalid query language. This is an extension to SQL query language. The reason for this extension is SQL query language is not efficient enough from deductive point of view and lacks the capacity to manipulate/create rules.For this purpose...

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...rm. For this deductive database is used.
Natural language parsing system AMOS uses Deductive Database LOLA. With the help of SQL interface automatic access is provided to external relational database system by LOLA.
Apart from these it is also used in
• Artificial Intelligence
• Semantic networks
• Frames
• Production systems
• Rules for capturing domain-specific knowledge

Market share of deductive databases:
Market share of these databases is not very high. The reason for it is this type of database is a bit complicated to implement. Most of the market share is being occupied by MySql database making it the most popular database with approximately more than 65000 downloads per day. The use of Deductive database is very limited till now so it is unable to occupy any huge market share. Still new advances need to be embodied to make it a successful database system.
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