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  • The D-Day Landings

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    The D-Day Landings The Allied landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944 were among the most desperate undertakings in the history of war. Amphibious operations against an enemy in a strong defensive position will almost always lead to heavy casualties. In November 1943, the United States Marine Corps' capture of the tiny atoll of Tarawa in the central Pacific had cost more than 3,000 casualties. American censors banned a public screening of the US Navy film of this event, arguing that its shocking

  • D-Day, the Normandy Landings

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    world are upon you… I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full victory!” (Dwight D Eisenhower from "General Eisenhower’s Message Sent Just Prior to the Invasion"). This was what you would’ve heard if you were an American soldier preparing for what would later be called D-Day. D-Day is argued to be one of the most ambitious plans of attack ever used; it was a plan that took a lot of preparation and forever changed the course of World

  • D-Day Landing and Capturing Pointe-du-Hoc

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    It was cold and windy on the morning of June 6th ("The Weather on D-Day."). The allied nations of Great Britain, Canada and the United States finally had made the preparations for a massive amphibious assault on a portion of the beaches of Normandy, France. Tens of thousands of soldiers were aboard the hundreds of landing craft en route to France. Today could be the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany; but first, we must take the beaches. As the boat I was on approached the shore, it began

  • The Media Techniques Used to Produce D-day Landing on the Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day

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    The Media Techniques Used to Produce D-day Landing on the Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day The D-Day landing must have been one of the most brutal battles between the Americans and the Germans during the World War 2. Both "Saving Private Ryan" and "The Longest Day" were produced as films to represent the brutality of what the D-Day was like. However, although both films were similar in the perspective of the factual storyline, their standards of filming and production were different

  • Comparing The Media Techniques Used to Present the D-Day Landings in the Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan

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    Present the D-Day Landings in the Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan The heroism and bravery of those who took part in the D-Day has been brought to the big screen from several perspectives. 1939-1945 were some of the most horrific times in the broad spectrum of human conflict ever seen by mankind with unmatched weapons of devastation and the senseless slaughter of millions of lives both on and off the fields of battle. The Longest Day (1962) is a brilliant rendition of the famous D-Day invasion

  • Examining the Different Ways in Which D-day Landing at Omaha Beach is Depicted in Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day

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    the Different Ways in Which D-day Landing at Omaha Beach is Depicted in Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day ‘ Saving Private Ryan’ was made in 1998 by Stephen Spielberg and gives a graphic depiction of the events at Omaha beach on D-day, focusing on a small section of the army and portrays it on a more personal level. ‘The Longest Day’ was made 17 years after the war in 1963 by director Darryl Zannuck. This gives us more of an overview of the entirety of D-Day depicting army, navy and air

  • D-day

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    D-day One of the most important days during World War II was D-day, it became a “day” so important it changed a continent. Don't be mistaken by the word D-day it did not all happens in just one day but many days. D-day was just a code name for the day that Operation Overload started. D-day is very well known for the beginning of the end of the war in Europe and Hitler's rule over most of the ruined continent of Europe. Many say that if it were not for D-day Europe would have definitely fell to Hitler

  • D-Day and its Victory

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    known as D-day, one of the biggest victories against Nazi Germany occupation in World War II. Many important events and battles occurred in order for D –day to be as successful as it was however, if D-day hadn’t happened or failed, the end of World War 2 would’ve been further delayed date and a completely different outcome of the war however, what were the key things that made allied victory on D-Day possible? In my opinion, the keys to allied victory on D-day were the Omaha beach landing, operation

  • The Invasion of D-Day

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    Introduction The invasion of D-Day is the largest joint sea born invasion in the history of the world. Although very well planned, the amphibious landings were a gamble made by the Allied forces to gain foothold in Europe. Every American has heard about the Allied invasion of German-occupied Western Europe on D-Day. However, how many Americans stop and think about how much planning, preparation and luck that went into making it the success that it is remembered for? I will attempt to depict what

  • D-Day

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    The deception operation of D-Day was an endeavor that ensured the victory of World War II with the greatest invasion force the world has ever known. By this time in 1944, Hitler’s forces had gained all of Europe and began to invade Russia. The invasion of D-Day was the decisive battle for the Allies to liberate Europe by creating the second front. The Germans expected this invasion. However, the idea of deception from the Allies was to make the Germans believe the Allies were taking the shortest