Five layers of Deception that Marked the Beginning of an End

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The deception operation of D-Day was an endeavor that ensured the victory of World War II with the greatest seaborne invasion force the world has ever known. By this time in 1944, Hitler’s forces had gained all of Europe and began to invade Russia. The invasion of D-Day was the decisive battle for the Allies to liberate Europe by creating the second front. The Germans expected this invasion. However, the idea of deception from the Allies was to make the Germans believe the Allies were taking the shortest distance to Pas de Calais when they were truly landing along the Normandy beaches. “Operation Overlord” landed a physical and psychological blow in which the Germans would never recover. The amphibious landing along the beaches of Normandy known as “Operation Overlord” was one of the most complex and precarious undertakings in the history of warfare. Before “Operation Overlord,” the German army firmly occupied France with access to the industrial capacity of Western Europe. In anticipation of an Allied invasion, the Germans had built a series of heavily armed fortifications along the French coast known as the Atlantic Wall. Invaders would face three football fields of death and destruction crawling through barbed wire fences as Axis powers bore down from inland inflicting appalling casualties. The initial defensive of the Atlantic wall began at the water’s edge with obstructions to keep landing craft from approaching the beach. The outer barrier consisted of a string of steel obstructions called Cointet Gates. The next line of barriers positioned wooden stakes in the formation of tripods with the purpose of blowing holes in the bottom of landing craft. Omaha Beach had the highest density of any of the D-Day beaches with a total... ... middle of paper ... ... once the Americans could establish a beachhead, they would be able to reduce fatalities when bringing more troops ashore. The Allies expanded the beachheads and by July 25th, they became strong enough to launch “Operation Cobra” to begin the liberation of France. Once the Allies had captured Normandy, they vastly expanded the duration and range of aerial attacks on Germany by launching bomber raids from Britain, Italy, and France. If the Allies had been unsuccessful in the invasion of Normandy, they would have potentially lost World War II. The invasion represented the cutting edge of making the Allies on the offensive and marked the beginning of an end. Through bravery, trickery, and small unit campaigns fighting side by side, the troops were able to successfully invade and liberate Europe in one of the most deceptively layered battles in the history of warfare.

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