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  • Cuisine

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    A cuisine cannot simply be defined as a particular group of food associated with a geographic location. To understand a cuisine equal understanding of the culture to which it belongs must exist. A culture, such as the population of Italy, manipulates the presentation and substances of a cuisine to something representative of that culture. This makes a cuisine much more than food on a plate; a cuisine includes history, both of those making the dish and the ingredients and cooking styles that form

  • Cuban Cuisine

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    Cuban Cuisine Cuban cuisine has been influenced by Spanish, French, African, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese cultures. Traditional Cuban cooking is primarily peasant cuisine that has little concern with measurements, order and timing. Most of the food is sauteed or slow-cooked over a low flame. Very little is deep-fried and there are no heavy or creamy sauces. Most Cuban cooking relies on a few basic spices, such as garlic, cumin, oregano, and bay laurel leaves. Many dishes use a sofrito

  • The Scottish Cuisine

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    modern Australian cuisine. To reflect this, Scottish cuisine has had some influences in the Australian cuisine. Scotland has one of the best natural larders in the world and it is known for its miracles cuisines. This essay will be discussing typical ingredients used, culture- specific equipment and cookery methods and eating customs and rituals. The Scottish cuisine has a long and stimulating history, and many would be shocked to hear where some of the most popular modern Scottish cuisine originated from

  • British Cuisine

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    and food has become very important in British culture. Not only TV cooks are more famous than writers, but also their recipes and books are well-known across the Europe. The New British cuisine' is changing the fish and chips' image and has become multicultural. There are about 80 different international cuisines and British restaurants may compete with those anywhere in the world in terms of price and quality. In the majority of European countries it is normal to have a long break in eating in

  • California Cuisine

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    of Californian cuisine is based on the fact that California has lots of agricultural products from which a variety of fresh ingredients are made. The foundation of today’s Californian cuisine and how it has flourished in to its current style can be considered very subjective or can be defined as individual’s opinion based on their own experiences .In general, Californian cuisine is characterized by different combinations of local cuisine of California. Today, in California cuisine, food is prepared

  • French Cuisine

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    French cuisine dates back to the Middle Ages. During the middle ages French cuisine was similar Moorish cuisine (Manero). French cuisine was similar to Moorish cuisine because upon the arrival of moors in 711 A.D., smoked and spiced meats were introduced to the French as well as the appearance of food was influenced because, Moors often altered the appearance of foods with ingredients such as saffron, egg yolks, and sunflowers (Manero). The altering of the food’s color can be seen in modern day French

  • Four Major Cuisine

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    Major Cuisine in China China is a huge country of food culture, a long time in a certain area because of the geographical environment, climate, natural resources, cultural traditions and national customs and other factors, some genetic inheritance relationship is formed, similar flavor dishes, high visibility, and is a favorite of some people the well-known genre called local flavor cuisine. Among them, Shandong, Sichuan, Jiangsu cuisine and Cantonese cuisine, enjoy called "Four Major Cuisine” in China

  • French Cuisine

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    Style of Cuisine-They are famous for pastries such as macrons, éclair’s, and crepes. Most of their dishes consist mainly of vegetables and they are particularly famous for their wine and cheeses. They are also particularly famous for dishes such as French onion soup and escargot. Cultural influences- many of their foods were influenced by Italy and Moorish cuisine. In the south most dishes are mainly fresh fruits and vegetables because that is what prospers there. While on the coasts there meals

  • Austrian Cuisine Essay

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    Austrian cuisine is strongly influenced by its neighboring countries Italy, Hungary, Bohemia, Germany, the Balkans, as well as the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and wars in the Austrian regions. While most people only think of Viennese food when thinking of Austrian food as a whole, there are distinct differences in the different region’s traditional dishes. The following will explore the popular dishes of these regions, as well as their influences. Austria's Historical Influences Before going

  • Japanese Cuisine Essay

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    food. The Japanese cuisine is made up of many different foods that are good and healthy for the Australian diet. The multiculturalism in Australia has a big impact on the diet of Australians and Japanese cuisine can play a big part in that. Japanese cuisine can also have some ways of cooking foods that can be unhealthy if eating in great quantity. This can have huge impact on individuals, families and communities. Annie Corapi ( has said, “Traditional Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest

  • Spanish Cuisine Essay

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    Spanish cuisine is very popular in many places all over the world. There are so many different Spanish dishes made with ingredients from all over the world like fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood and meats. The traditions shared by generations of families still live on today and are celebrated in many Spanish homes on a daily basis. Food is an important part of every culture and gives other countries and places an opportunity to experience a little part of theirs. Breakfast is usually the lightest

  • Effects on the Cuisine of India

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    Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of foods from all over. Given the range of diversity in soil type and climate, these cuisines vary significantly from each other. They also try and use locally available spices, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices and traditions. In Western India the climate is tropical wet and dry, and has a lot of deserts and coast lines. This region produces barley, wheat, corn, fish and coconut milk

  • New Cuban Cuisine

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    Includes Recipes New Cuban Cuisine The Cuban style of cooking is simple in concept but complex in flavor. Much Cuban food owes its heritage and tradition from Africa and neighboring, Caribbean cultures. However, there are two distinctive styles of cooking: "the classic" whose techniques and ingredients have been in use for a long time across the island, and "the new," labeled nuevo Cubano, which adds a variety of herbs and spices from other cuisine and emphasizes presentation. For example, the

  • History Of Moroccan Cuisine

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    Moroccan cuisine takes on a new meaning. TAGINE The most famous and main dish in the country, tagine, always and wins the hearts of many. Pronounced as [tæˈʒiːn].It is actually a special food which is named alongside the cookware used to make this astounding dish. The best part is the red meat or chicken and also involves a wide variety of green vegetables of one’s preference. Moreover, the tagine of olives and fries are also highly appreciated. The ingredients that mostly make up the wide range

  • Hawaiian Cuisine In Hawaii

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    Kahoolawe, Maui and the Island of Hawaii. The language that spoken in this state are mainly English and Hawaiian. There are multiple reasons why Hawaii is very diverse, from the cuisine to culture than other states in the United States. There are various types of ingredients use in Hawaiian cuisine. However, Hawaiian cuisine is

  • Fusion Cuisines in America

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    A mix of different regional culinary traditions on a plate, fusion cuisines are the innovative and approachable versions of traditional and regional dishes. Today, America has become a multitude of racial groups, where a fusion movement has emerged. The concept of fusion cooking became popularized in America during the 1970’s due to a steady influx of immigrants in the Progressive Era. Fusion food gained societal acceptance in America during World War II when overseas service introduced it to American

  • Importance Of Chinese Cuisine

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    Chinese cuisine is widely seen as representing one of the richest and most diverse culinary heritages in the world. It originated in different regions of China and has been introduced to other parts of the world- from Southeast Asia to North America and Western Europe. A meal in Chinese culture is typically seen as consisting of two general components: (1) a carbohydrate source or starch, known as 主食 in the Chinese language (Pinyin: zhǔshí; lit. "main food", staple)- typically rice, noodles, or mantou

  • Importance Of My Favorite Cuisine

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    My favorite cuisine Cathy S. Truett once said, “Food is essential to life, therefore make it good.” Eating is one of our daily activities, we don’t think about it but when you are eating good life is good. There are hundreds of different cuisines in the world today. I have tried some, like Mexican, Italian, and Chinese. However, my favorite is hands down African cuisine, especially Congolese cuisine that my mom majored in cooking. I love Congolese cuisines because I grew up eating it, it doesn’t

  • Japanese Cuisine In Japanese Food

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    Japanese Cuisines Japanese food is a very refined food and it is also a healthy, it is basically a traditional food of japan, all the dishes of japan is based on rice and fermented Soya bean with other seasonal ingredients. In Japanese Fish is the very common cuisine which is prepared with almost every dish. In Japanese cuisine, there is mostly all seafood is used, staple food and they cook each and every dish with different ways, some are steam cooked and some are deep fried in the olive oil which

  • History Of Cajun Cuisine

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    History of Cajun Cuisine Cajun cuisine is a fusion of food from different regions with very rich histories, such as France, Canada, and the southern U.S. It was originated by peasants of French ancestry. These immigrants settled in the "Acadian" region of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia from 1604 to 1654. By 1755, the population of these settlers had grown to about 15,000. They survived on cereal crops such as wheat, barley and oats, and garden vegetables including field peas, cabbage, and turnips