French Cuisine

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Style of Cuisine-They are famous for pastries such as macrons, éclair’s, and crepes. Most of their dishes consist mainly of vegetables and they are particularly famous for their wine and cheeses. They are also particularly famous for dishes such as French onion soup and escargot.
Cultural influences- many of their foods were influenced by Italy and Moorish cuisine. In the south most dishes are mainly fresh fruits and vegetables because that is what prospers there. While on the coasts there meals mainly consist of saltwater fish.
Effects of geography- France is located mid-way between the equator and the North Pole, thus this gives France a temperate climate. Because of this France was the largest agricultural producer which greatly influenced their.
Lifestyle and demands of typical French teenager- there is no set drinking age as long as an adult buys it. Therefore they tend to be more civilized in their drinking. They cannot get a driver’s license till the age of 18 but car insurance is cheaper than the USA. They do not have a prom night or graduation party they just graduate and go home. Girls don’t wear a lot of make-up on their face and don’t wash their hair every night. They use the make-up on their eyes, mostly. They don’t spend hours doing their hair. They almost never do their nails, and most of them don’t carry any make-up in their purse. Cell phones are allowed at school. They never have multiple choice tests all of them are handwritten.
Social greeting /business /dining etiquette-At a business or social meeting, shake hands with everyone present when arriving and leaving. A handshake may be quick with a light grip. Men may initiate handshakes with women it is not considered rude. When family and close friends greet one ...

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...eting or social meeting that you are not invited to. The French have a high regard for privacy therefore you will most likely never be invited into any room outside of the dining room and living room and should not ask to have a tour of their apartment or home.
Typical table settings in France- Forks to the left in order from which they are to be used facing down. Knives go to the left with the blade facing toward the plate. The dessert spoon and cheese knife go in front of the plate with the handle facing to the right. The spoon is facing down and the blade of the cheese knife is facing toward the plate. Glasses are arranged from left to right from biggest to smallest or water, then red wine, then white wine. Soup spoon is to the far right. The bread plate goes to the upper left of the dinner plate. No more than three plates should be present per person at a time.

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