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  • Hidden Faces of the Cube

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    Hidden Faces of the Cube Introduction: I am investigating the number of hidden faces for other cuboids made from cubes. I will use visual representation to display my results in the form of graphs. I will collect my results in a table. I will start to collect my information in my table starting with one cube and building them up into rows and different sized cuboids. At the end of my investigation I hope to have a formula worked out, and also I hope to be able to find the number of hidden

  • Cube Shaped Boxes and Supermarket Displays

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    Cube Shaped Boxes and Supermarket Displays Introduction The question: Boxes made in the shape of a cube are easy to stack to make displays in supermarkets. Investigate! Plan ==== I will carry out this investigation by following these points: 1. Simplify the question by using 2-d shapes. 2. Draw 2-d designs. 3. Draw 3-d designs. 4. Evaluate my work. Detailed Plan To investigate each shape I will follow a pattern: 1. I will state which shape I am investigating

  • Finding the Hidden Faces of a Cube

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    Hidden Faces of a Cube In order to find the number of hidden faces when eight cubes are placed on a table, in a row, I counted the total amount of faces (6%8), which added up to 48. I then counted the amount of visible faces (26) and subtracted it off the total amount of faces (48-26). This added up to 22 hidden sides. I then had to investigate the number of hidden faces for other rows of cubes. I started by drawing out the outcomes for the first nine rows of cubes (below): [IMAGE]

  • Math Investigation of Painted Cubes

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    Investigation of Painted Cubes Introduction ============ I was given a brief to investigate the number of faces on a cube, which measured 20 small cubes by 20 small cubes by 20 small cubes (20 x 20 x 20) To do this, I had to imagine that there was a very large cube, which had had its outer surface painted red. When it was dry, the large cube was cut up into the smaller cubes, all 8000 of them. From there, I had to answer the question, 'How many of the small cubes will have no red faces

  • Exotic Rubik's cubes

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    Exotic Rubik's cubes Everybody’s seen a Rubik’s cube before. An ordinary looking cube comprising of 27 smaller cubes and with 9 axes of rotation and a unique colour for each face. But below are five mind-blowing variations of the traditional Rubik’s cube that even cubists may fail to recognise: Dino cube Unlike the Rubik’s cube, the Dino cube has 8 axes of rotation. Rather than having pieces turn in layers, the pieces are moved by turning the corners of the cube. The dino cube appears as a

  • The History of the Rubik's Cube

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    The Rubik's cube has haunted peoples nightmares for decades. When it was first made, it was supposed to have “billions” of combinations though it actually has over 43 quintillion combinations (43,252,003,274,489,856,000 to be exact). Originally created to help students understand geometric concepts and 3D space the first wooden model was made in 1974 by Ernö Rubik and a couple of friends. After some time playing with it, Ernö realized he didn't know how to get it back to its original form. He reportedly

  • Rubik's Cube Research Paper

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    in society, but a major one, is the Rubik’s Cube. Yep, that colorful puzzle that seemingly no one can figure out. That brings me to the first step; identifying the problem. The Rubik’s cube, the easily messed up colorful puzzle, that is not-so-easily put back together. The Rubik’s Cube was very popular in the 80’s, when the puzzle started appearing in stores across America. But there are some things about the Rubik’s Cube that you may not know.

  • Attenuation Effects on Data Transmitted through Cable

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    describing how well that material inhibits current flow. This is slightly different from resistance, which is not a physical property. If one considers current flowing through a unit cube of material (say, a solid metal cube that measures 1 meter on each side), resistivity is defined as the voltage measured across the unit cube length (V/m) divided by the current flowing through the unit cube's cross sectional area (I/m2). This results in units of Ohm m2/m or Ohm-m." [University of British Columbia Geophysical

  • Math Fencing Project

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    (most things use rectangles for design- basic cube .etc). To start with what type of rectangle gives the best result. A regular square or an irregular oblong? I start by having 4 individual squares. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE][IMAGE] Goes to [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Regular square irregular oblong Now look at how many sides are exposed on each shape- å sides of each cube internal1 å sides of each cube internal2 [IMAGE][IMAGE]Ratio for square

  • Hidden Faces Geometric Investigation

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    Hidden Faces Geometric Investigation A cube a total of 6 sides, when it is places on a surface only 5 of the 6 faces can be seen. However if you place 5 cubes side by side, there is a total of 30 faces, but out of this 30 only 17 can be seen. In this coursework I will be finding out the Hidden Faces Coursework A cube a total of 6 sides, when it is places on a surface only 5 of the 6 faces can be seen. However if you place 5 cubes side by side, there is a total of 30 faces, but out of

  • Investigating the Effect of Concentration on the Rate of Diffusion

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    diffuses into the gelatine cube of which contains Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), which is an alkali. When the Hydrochloric acid combines with the Sodium Hydroxide they form salt and water, which is neutral therefore turning the pink cube to clear. Dependent variable: We are measuring the time taken for the pink indicator to turn clear when hydrochloric acid is added to it. Independent variable: We are changing the molar of hydrochloric acid we are adding to the gelatine cubes. The molars range from

  • Which Paper Towel Works Best

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    and tell you not only which brand is not lying to you but also which brand you are getting your money’s worth and if paying that extra dollar is worth the name brand I think that the most expensive paper towel will be the strongest based on an ice cube suspended over a paper towel over a bowl held by a rubber band. The materials that I used in this experiment were six different bands of paper towels; Scott, Giant Eagles “Clean and Tuff”, So- Dri, Brawny, Viva, and Bounty. I also used twelve 88

  • Rap Music and its Bad Influence

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    that listen to rap has run into the law that been influence by listening to music.That in order to stop all this violence that involves rap we must learn to understand were their coming from why the offending lyrics. 2 years ago a rapper named Ice Cube(O'shea Jackson) sang at a concert where he had to take violence towards a korean This started a riot after his concert,that resulted in a dozen of burned korean shops. This was a big misunderstanding, so is peoples view on rap music. What we must

  • What is a technical language

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    third dimension was based on expressions and communication, oral as well as written. The dimension dealing with communication is frequently used to find out whether a text should be classified as technical language or not. The result can be seen as a cube. A negative aspect when studying this model is that it can easily be misunderstood. When a sender and a receiver are experts in the subject discussed, they will probably use technical language. On the other hand, they might have different knowledge

  • Maxwell's Demon - Not a Perpetual Motion Machine

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    some background must be given such as the first and second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics states that any event that occurs spontaneously must result in an increase in the randomness of lhe syslem. This means that as an ice cube melts the water molecules that it is composed of will progress toward a less ordered arrangement. The leaves that fall from the trees do nol arrange themselves in a pile on the ground because the second law of thermodynamics is against it. Entropy

  • Hajj.

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    traders decided to settle in the little valley, and eventually the settlement grew into the city of Makkah. Abraham returned from time to time to visit, and when Ishma'il was about thirteen years old, he and Ishma'il constructed the Kabah, an empty cube-shaped building, as a place dedicated for the worship of the One God. Eventually, Makkah became an important trading post by the time of Prophet Muhammad. THE HAJJ In commemoration of the trials of Abraham and his family in Makkah,

  • Satan in Paradise Lost and The Myth of Sisyphus

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    Satan's predicament after he falls in Paradise Lost is utterly hopeless, yet he chooses to persevere. He reasons that he should continue to struggle, even though he is aware that it is entirely in vain. The process he follows to arrive at this choice is similar to the process Albert Camus will use to justify the unrelenting toil of his 'absurd man.' Before this becomes apparent, portions of Satan as a character must be eliminated from consideration, because they present an intractable set of problems

  • Investigating the Amount of Oxygen Given Off When Catalase Reacts with Hydrogen Peroxide

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    product of metabolism. Catalase speeds up the decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide into oxygen and water. Variables I will make sure I keep the following variables the same. Size of potato: The Size of a potato cube would effect the investigation because the size of the cube would effect the number of cells in contact with the hydrogen peroxide. Temperature: Temperature can increase and decrease the rate of reaction. Concentration: The concentration of the hydrogen peroxide would effect

  • Speed of Dissolving Jelly

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    As in the collision theory, it says that when increasing a surface area more collissions will happen. This is why I feel my prediction is correct. During this experiment I will be changing only one thing which will be the suface area of the cube of jelly. I will be keeping the temperature the same all throughout the experiment it will stay at 600c, the weight of the jelly will also stay the same, every piece of jelly will be 9 grams. Keeping all of these the same will ensure that it

  • False Memories in the Courtroom

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    Imagine spending twenty-four years in prison for a crime you did not commit. Furthermore, imagine that conviction is based on witness testimony and no valid forensic evidence. This is the case for Texas resident Steven Phillips and countless others whose unfortunate circumstances stem from the fallacious nature of human memory. Phillips was wrongly convicted in 1982 based on a few of the many inadequacies of human memory (“Know the Cases”). Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common occurrence due