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  • School Design

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    ... middle of paper ... ...rms of technology, classrooms will have a Smart Board, whiteboards, and netbooks for students. These resources will support the intellectual development of students, while serving as means of attracting students to learning. Finally, every classroom in a team block will have a class library and curriculum closet. These areas will provide additional academic resources for students. The design of team classrooms in New Spring Middle School will support its holistic

  • Classroom Reflection

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    the planning process he mentioned on a few occasions not to let the students get out of hand. I want their full and undivided attention at all times. When one student starts talking, it’s a lost cause. This really put a lot of pressure on me to be creative enough to keep all the

  • The Experiences of a Young Heroine at Gateshead and Lowood in Bronte's Jane Eyre

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    the overhead speakers are blasting out. It's my morning wake up call, or not. Our morning wake up call. We're all going to jump out of our beds whether we like it or not. But it's not my wake up call. Instead it's a warming 'contamination in classroom four'. After all these years I still can't get used to that falsified, tuned-up voice. The re-created polite, English man's voice from god knows when. Little - - - - - -, can't come to terms with her way of life. Everyone's way of life. This

  • Is Technology a Boost to Life or an Obstacle?

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    average person realizes. Technology has developed the learning environment but it has brought difficulties that are making more harm than good. Technology has played an important role in the development of the learning environment. Ninety years ago classrooms had a chalkboard, chalks, and erasers... ... middle of paper ... ...r lives, however we cannot forget where everything comes from because if that happens we would have lost track of all mankind development. Words Cited Harris, Shon. Technology

  • Classroom Observation Report

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    Exploration, into the workings of a classroom, always provides a unique experience. Each teacher does her class a little different. There are so many different standards that must be reached and so many different opinions on the best way to meet the requirements. Experiencing the differences in each class helps me to develop my opinion and ideas on what I want to see in my classroom and how I want to handle my students. I work at United Methodist Church’s child development center/ preschool. I did

  • Classroom Reflection

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    truly enjoyed seeing how creative the graphic organizers were. Mrs. Cahalin’s 7th grade class focused on the book “Peter and the Starcatcher.” Students were responsible for reading at home, in addition to reading in the classroom. To wrap up the book, students saw the movie and compared the reading to the film. I believe Mrs. Cahalin consistently remained creative with her lessons and allowed for it all to

  • Journal

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    day for my future students, however, with your ideas and projects I can now see my classroom becoming a great environment for the children. Also, through the other students’ work, I can visualize certain ideas from their attitude and culture that I may be able to apply to my own, constructing a type of oasis for all students to learn and thrive in. I have never had the freedom to do what I wanted to do in any classroom setting, rather it was always what the teacher wanted me to do. Consequently, because

  • Classroom Observation Report

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    Classroom Observation Memphis Intermediate School is located in the city of Memphis, TN. It is comprised of grades 3-5 with a total enrollment of 464 students and a student/teacher ratio of 20. Memphis has been in operation for only seven years and is a public school. The ethnicity of the student body is largely White at 86%, followed by Hispanic 6%, Multi-racial 2%, Asian 2%, Native American 2%, and Black 1%, “not provided” and Pacific Islander are both less than 1%. There is prevalence of students

  • Effective Use of Artforms in the Classroom

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    safe, positive learning environment. They can also help create an outage for students with behavior problems by allowing them to openly explore social, emotional, and intellectual issues inside the classroom. This is what Evan Hasting discusses in chapter nine, which is called “Creativity as Classroom Management.” She focuses on effective ways to use drama and hip-hop in a class room to provide the safe, manageable, positive class. Hastings starts the chapter off with her class role-playing a bullying

  • Learning Environment

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    elementary classroom is necessary for learning and rules help implement structure and balance. The classroom would be chaotic, messy and unsusceptible to learning without rules. As teacher, we must create an environment that promotes learning, prevents stress and enable the teacher to have control during the day. Safety is the most important job of a teacher and rules are necessary in keeping students safe throughout the day. Rule-making can and should involve the students in the classroom. The students