Analysis Of The Modified Suggestopedia Classroom

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Plate 1. The Modified Suggestopedia Classroom
To maximize student’s participation, modified suggestopedia made use of multi-media in the teaching-learning process especially in creating a sensory rich and relaxing classroom atmosphere. Schunk (2012) mentioned that the use of video clips, projectors or even social media in the teaching- learning process helps achieve students’ maximum participation. In connection to this, Sivakumaran (2012) found out that students perceived that incorporating technology on a higher level in their classrooms would make them more engaged and excited to learn.
Modified Suggestopedia also incorporated napping and relaxation as essentials in the reading instruction. This gave them opportunity to break free from the stressful tasks in the classroom. Power nap also improves brains functioning like creative problem solving, verbal memory, perceptual learning, object learning, and statistical learning (Dvorsky,2013).This means that one can think better if napping is included in their daily routine.
Modified suggestopedia
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This version was established based on which one of the features of K-12 Curriculum localization and contextualization. Localization and contextualization is also embedded in the Dep Ed mission on culture-based basic education and in local planning of the development of educational policies and programs as mandated Article XIV, Section 5 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. The localized or contextualized curriculum is to focus on the local needs of the learners where there is flexibility and resourcefulness in the lessons. Localization capitalizes on materials that are locally available while contextualization uses authentic materials, activities, interests, issues, and needs from learners’ lives (Pecson,

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