Classroom Reflection

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I had the privilege of observing Mrs. Cahalin’s 6th and 7th grade class. Mrs. Cahalin’s strategies were very similar for both. For her sixth grade class I observed topics such as characterization, point of view and grammar lesson. In all three, Mrs. Cahalin strategically used graphic organizers that tied the individual lessons together. I truly enjoyed seeing how creative the graphic organizers were. Mrs. Cahalin’s 7th grade class focused on the book “Peter and the Starcatcher.” Students were responsible for reading at home, in addition to reading in the classroom. To wrap up the book, students saw the movie and compared the reading to the film. I believe Mrs. Cahalin consistently remained creative with her lessons and allowed for it all to…show more content…
Cahalin’s graphic organizers were extremely effective and creative. I enjoyed her lesson on characterization so much, it inspired be to do something very similar using the graphic organizer. The graphic organizer for characterization included the most important concept to grasp the lesson. The graphic organizer was creative and interactive. Students had the opportunity to cut and color. The organizer opened up in a way that opened up a person and we got to know their personality traits. The students were excited to begin and come up with ideas amongst each other. In an education course, we learned about the importance of music, movement, and art. We learned these aspects can enhance learning for the better of the students. The art aspect of the lesson kept the students motivated and engaged. As a teacher, I physically see how creativity can allow for a lesson to be intriguing. In my lessons, I hope to incorporate art with reading. We learned that incorporating an image to a concept can enhance understanding. In this graphic organizer, students were able to use character description to paint a picture of the characters. As a teacher, I hope to provide this platform to my students, making their reading come alive before their