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  • Hernando Cortez

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    Hernando Cortez was one of the bravest military leaders of all time. Born in Medellin, Spain, he was a Spanish Conquistador who conquered most of Central America. He explored to find riches and conquered by being observant of the natives. As a result, with a small army, he conquered the Aztec Empire. In 1519, Cortez explored the Yucatan coastline. Landing in Tabasco, Cortez captured the natives. These natives wore bright colored clothing. Although, Tabasco people possessed little of value

  • Hernando Cortez

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    Hernando Cortez was one of the bravest military leaders of all time. Born in Medellin, Spain, he was a Spanish Conquistador who conquered most of Central America. He also gave Spain three-hundred years of control over Mexico. Cortez started exploring in the early 1500’s. He explored to find riches and conquered by being observant of the natives. With a small army, he conquered the Aztec Empire. Cortez went to the university in Salamanca, Spain. He attended the university to study Latin and Law.

  • Hernando Cortez

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    Hernando Cortes was a man that was born in Medellin Spain, and was born in 1485. Hernando was always rich and was born into royalty. He was a very exciting man; at the age of 19 he joined Diego Velazquez and Nicola de Ovando on their voyages to the new world. He also conquered the Aztec civilization. His father was in the military and he followed in his father’s footsteps. Hernando lived an average life, dying at the age of 62 in 1547. Cortes being born into nobility meant that he got trained in

  • Jonathan Cortez Analysis

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    “Born in Laguna Niguel, California; a sunny resort to most, a grateful privilege to Jonathan Cortez. An American by birth with a heart deeply tied to his Filipino heritage, Jonathan lives a life with dual cultures. For his family, leaving their community in the Philippines was their hardest decision to make, but the chance of giving their children a better life through the American dream made it worth it. Jonathan’s grandfather and his oldest sons were the first of their large family to embark the

  • Gregorio Cortez: A Hero or A Rebel?

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    falls Romaldo Cortez, Brother of Gregorio Cortez, thanks to Sheriff Morris. The day is June 12th of 1901 and Sheriff Morris shows up to Gregorio Cortez’s home. Sheriff Morris along side with Boone Choate (who was supposed to be an expert in the Mexican language) were both in search of a horse thief, start asking questions immediately when they see Gregorio Cortez and Romaldo Cortez. Choate asked Cortez “, did you trade a house with Andres Villarreal?” Cortez answered solidly “No”. Cortez had traded

  • In The Corrido, The Ballard Of Gregorio Cortez

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    play in the Chicano experience because the conflict takes place in the county near the border of Mexico and United States called El Carmen. The corrido helps us understand the difficult of being a Mexican American in the United States when Gregorio Cortez says, “‘I’m not sorry I killed him, My brother’s death I would not stand…Self-defense is my rightful claim’” (133).The new boundaries created by the acquisition of Mexico’s land results in laws that only protected white United State citizens. The

  • Film Analysis: 120 Days By Miguel Cortez

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    120 Days: Film Analysis On the class discussion board, I gave a little background of the “120 Days” film. Miguel Cortez was treated unfairly by a policeman who stopped them for being the people they are. The policeman assumed that Miguel was a criminal and simply didn’t do anything wrong. He was ordered to leave within 120 days. If he didn’t leave then he would receive a fine and jail time. Miguel is fully focused and more worried about his family before himself. This man was determined to do all

  • Victors and Vanquished

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    the extent of native assistance given to Cortez in his fight with the Aztecs, a reader would be grossly uniformed. The Spanish conquest was closer to a civil war than an actual conquest. Until reading detailed personal accounts of the fighting it is difficult to judge the deadly effectiveness of the Spaniards technological superiority. Without it is difficult to imagine 500 conquistadors holding thousands of native warriors at bay. Once the greed of Cortez and greed in general of the Europeans one

  • The Aztecs

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    The Aztecs culture was one of many amazing discoveries. Archeologists have found many interesting tools, ruins, and codices that were left behind in Mexico City. The Aztecs were a powerful tribe. They called themselves the Mexicas and spoke the Nahuatl language. Since they came from a land called Aztlan, people named them the Aztecs. Because the Aztecs were very rich, the Spaniards wanted to take control of their territory by destroying their empire. The Aztecs migrated to the valley of Mexico

  • Farming the Home Place, by Valerie J. Matsumoto

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    Farming the Home Place: A Japanese American community in California 1919-1982 by Valerie J. Matsumoto presents a close and in-depth study of social and culture history of Cortez, a small agricultural settlement located in San Joaquin valley in California. Divided into six chapter, the book is based primarily on the oral interviews responses from eighty three members of Issei, Nisei, and Sansei generations. However, many information are also obtained from the local newspapers, community records, and