Ethical Case Of Mrs. Cortez

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Marmar Tavasol
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Morality of Deception
Based on the class discussion on truthfulness and paternalism, I believe that hiding the full truth from Mrs. Cortez is the most ethical act to take. The reading on the book and discussions on patient autonomy include the premise that the patient is mentally stable and able to understand and exercise free will as a result of the honesty that they were given. However, in Mrs. Cortez’s case, a patient with dementia, being honest only causes emotional harm and does not give her any long term understanding of the objective world. Furthermore, she is fragile and ill and most likely not able to handle being told such tragic news over and over again. The doctors and nurses at Grove Manor should keep the truth regarding George from Mrs. Cortez. …show more content…

Utilitarians believe that if an action results in the maximum happiness for the greatest amount of people and the least amount of pain, it is ethical. In this case, the utility of Mrs. Cortez, someone that is not autonomous due to dementia, shall be prioritized by keeping the truth from her if the truth causes grievances. The death of George is an intensely sad happening for Mrs. Cortez and therefore, the news of it shall be kept from her. Initially, the doctors and nurses gave her the news that her son has passed away; relieving them from their duty of honesty. At this point, their duty is not to tell the whole truth, but to ensure the overall well-being of Mrs.

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