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  • The McMahon-Hussein Correspondence

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    The McMahon-Hussein Correspondence Israel, slightly larger than Massachusetts, lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Egypt on the west, Syria and Jordan on the east, and Lebanon on the north. Its maritime plain is extremely fertile, but only 17% of the land is arable (Figure 1). The southern Negev region, which comprises almost half the total area, is largely a desert. The Jordan River flows from the north through Lake Hule and Lake Kinneret, finally entering the

  • Leibniz's Theory of Space in the Correspondence with Clarke and the Existence of Vacuums (1)

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    Leibniz's Theory of Space in the Correspondence with Clarke and the Existence of Vacuums (1) ABSTRACT: It is well known that a central issue in the famous debate between Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Samuel Clarke is the nature of space. They disagreed on the ontological status of space rather than on its geometrical or physical structure. Closely related is the disagreement on the existence of vacuums in nature: while Leibniz denies it, Clarke asserts it. In this paper, I shall focus on Leibniz's

  • Infinity

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    the bottom set is larger, but when we shift the bottom set over our initial statement is true again. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9     … 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16     … We again have achieved a one-to-one correspondence with the top row, this proves that the cardinality of both is the same being o. This correspondence leads to the conclusion that o+1=o. When we add two infinite sets together, we also get the sum of infinity; o+o=o. This being said we can try to find

  • The Inescapable Life Cycle of Dubliners

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    Dead we can see the theme of laciness, entertainment, work, and frustrated goals that lead to alcoholism. In "Counterparts" Joyce introduces us the story of a man named Farrington, which works at a clerking office, copying legal documents and correspondence by hand. Farrington lives an awful and frustrating life were alcoholism seems to help him escape the sad reality that he is living. Then in an "Encounter" we can see the reality of two kids, Mahoney and Leo. They represent what a kid life is.

  • Electronic Communication and the Negative Impact of Miscommunication

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    misunderstandings and the possible loss of business. A chain reaction of emails or letters will occur, questioning the next course of action and clients will undoubtedly believe that we will treat them with the same carelessness we took in creating that correspondence. Case in point, a letter was recently sent to one of our clients misquoting our fees, a second letter was sent to the client correcting the fee, but was addressed to the wrong person. We have since lost this client. Jonathan Hershberg, president

  • Distance Learning

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    Distance Learning Distance education can trace its roots to 1840 when Sir Isaac Pitman, the English inventor of shorthand, came up with an idea for delivering instruction to a potentially limitless audience: correspondence courses by mail. By the 1900s, the first department of correspondence teaching was established at the University of Chicago. The founding of the United Kingdom’s Open University in 1969 marked a significant development of the newest phase of distance learning involving a mixed-media

  • Heidegger's Critique of Cartesianism

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    in its all-encompassing penetration of the foundations of modern philosophy, running through both the ontological and epistemological channels. Ontologically, Heidegger presents a critique of subjectivism; epistemologically, he discredits the correspondence conception of truth and its underlying visual metaphor. I will then look at his view of history and the meaning of his concept of "overcoming" in order to show that his aim is not to destroy the tradition, but to provide a wider basis for it by

  • Love

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    Love Anyone who has been in love, especially if the love object is scornful or infidelitous, has been able to turn to any station and say “every pop song on the radio is suddenly speaking to me,” as Ani DiFranco sings in her song “Superhero”. 1 Petrarchan love sonnets, the antiquated predecessors of the modern “pop love song”, depict love with some sense of perfection, sweetness, and chastity, with the beautiful, infallible blonde as the love object, however both with a sense of unattainability

  • Love and Emily Dickinson

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    And, in part, this predictable public response motivated Susan Gilbert's reluctance to release Dickinson's poems and letters after the poet's death. Emily Dickinson's life has been thoroughly explored by scholars and critics. Her extensive correspondence with all of her family and frien... ... middle of paper ... ... longing for another, which transcend physical intimacy. Emily Dickinson's eloquent, overwhelming, consuming desire for a true companion is expressed as intensely in her words

  • Personal Privacy in a Technologically Public World

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    Personal Privacy in a Technologically Public World "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks."1 So states Article 12 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, enacted in 1948 after 20 years of debate and refinement among member nations. Furthermore, the United Nations Commissioner on Human

  • nature of ligic and perception

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    before the best. This is something that I work on and have come far, but in the situation I am about to tell you about had happened you will be able to see this trait in me. At my current workplace we were just starting to do all of our work and correspondence to our client’s via-email, since all of our clients were requesting this. So we decided to use it among each other in the office as well. My boss informed me that there was an email that had been sent to me and it was cruci...

  • The Daimon and Anti-Self Concepts in Per Amica Silentia Lunae by William Yeats

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    of the medium, Yeats began a written correspondence in which he would write questions and observations to Leo, and Leo would answer through Yeats's hand. This correspondence would prove influential in Yeats's evolving concept of the sources of artistic inspiration as emanating from the interaction between the physical and the spiritual worlds. This paper will explore the growth of the daimon concept out of Yeats's divided-self theory during his correspondence with Leo Africanus and then its explication

  • Emma - Romantic Imagination

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    easily enhanced by the imagination, more easily given life than Blake’s abstract vision of the great in the small because Emma is more aesthetically realistic. However, both rely on the fact that "[t]he correspondence of world and subject is at the center of any sensibility story, yet that correspondence is often twisted in unusual and terrifying shapes," (Edward Young, 1741). The heroine of Austen’s novel, Emma Woodhouse, a girl of immense imagination, maintains it by keeping up with her reading and

  • Hemingway and Fitzgerald

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    in Europe in 1925; Chaplin never met Hemingway.”(1) He goes on to raise the point that has somewhat frustrated scholars and students of the duo for the past half a century: that much of what is “known” about their relationship is through their correspondence and Hemingway’s writing, both of which are ... ... middle of paper ... ...ngway vs. Fitzgerald: The Rise and Fall of a Literary Friendship. Woodstock, New York: Overlook, 1999. Hemingway, Ernest. A Moveable Feast. New York: Simon and

  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

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    Ben and Jerry relocated to Saratoga Springs, New York. Where they both decided to pursue their dream of starting a food business together. They decided to go with ice cream and began researching the industry. They both enrolled in a five dollar correspondence course in ice cream making at Penn State and soon after they set up their first Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor in Burlington Vermont.(1) Like Ben and Jerry’s South West to began with two friends coming together with a vision. Rollin King and herb

  • The Ethics of Belief

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    theory says that a 'proposition p is true if and only if the belief that 'p is true' works'; (Voices of Wisdom, 346). In order to get a better understanding of the pragmatic theory of truth, the theory is contrasted against two other theories, the correspondence theory of truth and the coherence theory of truth. James disagreed with these theories because 'they present truth as a static property existing prior to and independent of human experience and investigation';. James viewed truth as a constant

  • Emperor K’ang-hsi

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    Jonathan D. Spence’s book Emperor of China. The different chapters of the book deal with certain aspects of the Emperors life. Aspects that the history books to normally deal with. The information in Spence’s book is based on Emperor K’ang-hsi’s correspondence, his own writings. This writing maybe biased towards himself, but no other piece of information could provide insight into his mind. The book is divided into six parts; In motion, Ruling, Thinking, Growing Old, Sons, Valedictory. The book follows

  • Internet Privacy Laws in China

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    its citizens have limited rights to privacy: Freedom and privacy of correspondence of citizens of the People’s Republic of China are protected by law. No organization or individual may, on any ground, infringe on citizens’ freedom of privacy of correspondence, except in cases where to meet the needs of state security or of criminal investigation, public security or prosecutorial organs are permitted to censor correspondence in accordance with procedures prescribed by law (Article 40). The “need

  • The Dynamic Friendship of Ernest Hemingway and Fitzgerald

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    aside his novel writing and write several short stories which would be sold to cover the cost of Zelda's medical treatment. Hemingway was residing in the United States during this time but also traveled to Spain during this period. There was no correspondence between the two about Zelda's illness until April, 1931, almost a year after her hospitalization. In October, 1931 Hemingway and Fitzgerald met but scholars are unclear as to the circumstances surrounding this meeting. Around this time however

  • Truth, Knowledge, and Opinion

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    hard problem is the mind trying to know reality. So we see ¡§truth is connected to knowledge¡¨. True ideas are those that we can corroborate and verify. Truth works in way of our thinking. So you see to achieve complete truth there must be correspondence between our mind and reality and to know exactly what reality really is. For example If we say ¡§ the Auckland blues are going to win the super 12¡¨ and later on they actually win, therefore your mind did indeed correspond with reality. Through